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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baptism Fell Through and Lots of Service

Letter Received March 15, 2010:

Hey everyone,

Well, I am sad to say, that the baptism didn’t happen because he didn’t show up, and we have been told it is because his evangelical sister was giving him crap about it and it’s weird because she has a Mormon daughter, so we are going to figure it out and see what we can do. We are doing good and just going to keep working and the Lord is going to bless us. I know that Emanuel is going to be baptized because he knows that it is true and he just needs some push.

This week has been kind of weird and crazy, because we haven’t really been able to get any of our investigators to progress. We have been doing a lot of service, so it is hard to consistently be able to see our investigators. We are working hard to get our investigators, but the thing is that next week is changes and I think that there is a pretty good chance of one of me or my companion leaving, but I don’t know.

We have been working really hard to get more people and have been doing tons of contacts, because like 80 percent of our people have like moved or aren’t there for some reason, but that is mission work for you. On Saturday, we went to Constitution where the tsunami hit and started to build some temp houses so that the people would have a roof over their heads. Each missionary built a house that was like a shed in one day. There were 16 missionaries and maybe around five hundred Chilean people from all over there. I am so tired and sore, but it felt good to really help some people out. I have been working really hard and working for the lord to bless these people, because they need the gospel in there lives, especially since this earthquake. We have some people that are really good but just need to take some steps that are little, but important.

It sounds like everything seems to be really busy there but sounds like everything is going good and everyone seems to have so much stuff going on. Sounds like everything is going good for Dad and that he is going to be a lot more happy with being back at Gardner Denver, also sounds like it is warming up there, and that everyone is doing well but I’ve got go I miss and love you all, cant wait to hear back from you all next week

Love your son and brother,

Elder Austin Nelson

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