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Monday, May 24, 2010

Working Hard and Another Baptism Scheduled

Letter Received May 24, 2010:

Well, this week I have been busy and we had the confirmation of Carmen to receive the Holy Ghost and all. The pictures are of me and my comp and the family, well, the sister of Carmen. It was really awesome. This week we put another date with one of our investigators. This is the guy that we had the lesson with that I wrote about last week. His name is Gonzalo and his date is for the 13th of June. He is really awesome and I think that he just needs a little time but he will get baptized. He just needs a little push.
 This week we had Ward Conference and it sucked! I am not going to lie, it did not go well. For one, our Bishop wasn’t there, and just as bad, the Stake President wasn’t there because they are both in the military and had to leave on Saturday. I am really getting to know the families here and I am really liking this ward, they all seem like they want to help us a lot.

This week was a basic week of lessons and not really anything super special but everything is going good here. This week we got some references and met some new people. It seems that we need to drop some people because they just really aren’t progressing and haven’t been for a while but my comp doesn’t want to drop them. I think that he just wants to use the time to tell you the truth. I hope that they will progress, but the thing is that we can’t use our time with someone that isn’t going to progress at all because there are people out there waiting for us. If we are using our time with people that aren’t going anywhere it isn’t doing us any good. My companion has become a little lazy and it’s because he is trunky. He goes home in September and he is thinking a lot about home. I tell him that he is trunky, but he is like, “I am not.” He doesn’t like to hear it, but he is. It is kind of frustrating, but it is all good, I can deal. But yeah, that is about the news for the week. I am doing well and I have been really praying hard for the people that I have to progress and I know that it is going to work.

Sounds like you are all doing really good. That is awesome Lex, that you guys think that it’s a boy! I would be happy either way, but that is awesome. I hope that everything really goes well with you guys and that Craig finds something that he really enjoys. What has he been up too? I haven’t heard from him in a bit but I imagine that he has been busy and doing well. That is kind of a bummer that Dad has been out of town so much. Dad what do you mean KTM 350 do you mean KTM 250? Jace sounds really busy with wedding stuff but sounds like it is going well with all planning and what not. Mom you sound good and seem to be staying really busy. Lyns and Just, I hope that all is going well with you guys. I have been thinking about you all a lot and hope that all is going well you. I have been especially been thinking about Justin a lot. How has he been doing? I miss you all a ton and think about you all the time.

As for my birthday, I think that I would like you guys to send my jacket and some long sleeve shirts because I think that is the thing that I need to the most, new white long sleeve shirts. The jacket that I would like is my brown liquid jacket it’s not really hefty but water resistant and perfect for what I want I would really like that. Also, some rain pants. You can get those at like golf stores I have heard. I think that it is an awesome idea a smaller package and some money because I think that I could find some stuff here that I would like. I can’t think of much in the moment, but that is my ideas.

Everyone here is seeing my EFX bracelet and wants some so if you could tell me how much they are and send me some of those I could sell about 8 of them right off the bat so I don’t know if that is feasible but let me know. Also one of my investigators has been asking me if I could get another watch like mine and he would pay for it and he just wanted me to ask and see but if not about the bracelets or watch its ok but let me know. But yeah, the things for the package my jacket, rain pants, shirts and money would be awesome but that is about it for now I love and miss you all a ton.

Elder Nelson

P.S. - Well I tried to send pictures but yeah, it doesn’t look like it is going to work, sorry.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spirit Whispers Needed Words

Letter Received May 18, 2010:

Well hey,

How’s it going family? It is awesome to hear from you guys!  I have a surprise for you guys so you need to look at the photos, so I won’t tell you what the pictures are, so that you can find out when you look at them.  Let’s just say that it was awesome!

Yes I did get my package and it was awesome and my shoes fit well.  Did you guys put my hat in there? Because it wasn’t there, if you did put it in there.  As for boots, I don’t think that I need to buy boots because I am going to try those new shoes first, because they look like they should do the job, so we will see.   I do think that I need to get a jacket that is not quite so hefty, something that is not so long but is warm, something smaller and cheaper so I am going to look around and see but I think that if I find one, it will only be around thirty dollars because they aren’t really that expensive here.  I should be able to find one at like their WalMart here.  But, as for my birthday I don’t really know, I think that I will need to think of something I really need but as for the moment I need to think about it.  I am not worried about getting it before my birthday. That sounds good a small package and some money.  I think that would be best, I will let you know next week of some stuff that I can think of for a package.

 This week went really well, I really like this sector so much better.  This week we received some really good references and our ward has asked me to sing for them in conference so we'll see ha, ha.  This week we were teaching one of our investigators and his name is Gonzalo and he is 26 and he really accepts everything that we teach. He really loves soccer and he likes to party so he needs to stop drinking with his buddies and he only smokes like three cigarettes a day so he is quitting.  We were teaching him and he had a lot of questions and I was teaching and underneath my shirt I was just shaking, like shivering, because I was feeling the Spirit so strong, and it was so crazy because the Spirit filled my mouth with the words because I had the answers to all his questions.  I never thought that I would have all the answers, but I did because I was blessed.  It was like a duck on the pond, on the surface I was calm as a summer’s day but underneath I was going a million miles an hour.  It was awesome! He came to church this week.  Something told me while we were in the lesson, something said, I am going to baptize you.  So, I know that he is going to get baptized.

We had some awesome lessons this week and some other stuff happen. You will have to look at the pictures.  It sounds like you all are doing really well and are all having good times and staying busy.  Dad
that is crazy that Casey asked you if I was still riding ha ha, it is weird to think that some people don’t know about the fact that I’m here.  He probably recognized the fact that their number one customer for parts isn’t there anymore, because I break everything ha ha.  But, glad to hear that it is getting really warm there and I wish that it was warm like that here.  Good to hear that everything is going good there.  It sounds like everyone is staying busy.  What is a Rosetta Stone?  That is cool that Dad is learning Spanish, so I will have
someone to talk with when I get back ha ha.  I will let you know about the birthday stuff next week.  I love and miss you all a ton, it was so good to talk to all of  you  last week.

Elder Nelson

Mother's Day Chat

Conversation on May 9, 2010:

New Area

Cool Colo Grafitti

We talked to Elder Nelson on Mother's Day and had a wonderful chat with him about his work in his new area.  He is very excited to be closer to Concepcion.  He indicated that this area is much larger than his last area.  The people are a little richer than in Talca but seem more humble somehow.  He is having a lot of fun visiting with the people and finds that they are much more open to the message of the restored gospel.  He is also having a lot of fun with his new companion and thinks he will really enjoy their time together.  Elder Nelson also talked about how they have a lot more support from members of the ward he is now serving in.

My New Area

Sweet Chilean Sunset

The family is all impressed with how happy he sounds and how immersed he is in the work of sharing the gospel.  He said that even though he loves home, he has no desire to anywhere but out in the mission field and loves the work he is doing.

 Just Proselyting

His Spanish coming along even better.  He has started to think in Spanish instead of translating everything he says in his head from English to Spanish before he says it.  Communication with the people goes pretty well because between the English they know and the Spanish he knows they can share thoughts fairly easily.

Me and Snoopy

We are excited for the work that Austin is doing and can't wait to see what serving in this new area brings.  Elder Nelson sent a few photos the next day instead of a letter and these have been included in this post.

Looking for Food in the Back of a Meat Van After the Earthquake

Me and Emanuel My Sweet Convert

My New Best Friend

Another Sweet Chilean Sunset


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Transferred, Leaving Jardin del Valle

Letter Received May 3, 2010:

Hey, Hey My Family:

Well, I guess I will first start off with the fact that yes, I am going to change companions and sectors, which was weird!  I was sure that my companion was going to leave, but I guess that I was wrong.  It is kinda bitter sweet because I don't want to leave my investigators and also we have some people that are some for sure soon to be baptisms.  Finally, we are going to have some success here and I am leaving and another Elder that I came with that was in my District in the MTC is going to come and be the companion of Elder Murillo here. At least I know the Elder that is going to come here and baptize the people that we have.  I am also kinda sad that I am not going to be with my comp Elder Murillo for more time because we are getting along so well and teaching really well with each other. But, oh well, that is the mission!

My comp didn't want to stay in this sector, he wanted to leave so bad and he was so mad that he was staying when he found out. It was rather funny. but he is all good because we have some really good people but it just seems that he has been here so long and we have not had a whole lot of baptisms and he says that the people here are harder than his other Sectors. But it is all good.

I am going to be going to the other side of the mission.  I am going to a place called Collao, which is in the city of Concepcion itself so I am going to be right by the office and I can get my packages in like a week or two weeks! Sweet, huh? But I am glad for a change as well.  I kinda feel that it is time for me to go somewhere else. This is going to shock you, but let's just say that I am going to have no choice but to learn Spanish now because I am going to have a straight up Chileano! His name is Elder Rubilar.  I heard that he is really into music and likes English music so I will have something to talk about with him. My comp, Elder Murrillo, has lived with him before and said that he is a really cool, hard working, chill kid. So, that should be good.

I don't have much time today to write because I have to say goodbye to everyone so this letter is going to be kinda short but it is okay because I will be talking to you guys on Sunday. I am excited about the change and it should be really good.  I am kinda excited and really happy for a change.  I am going to run with the change and going to hit the ground running when I get there and try and learn all that I can from my new comp, especially my Spanish.  I don't know what to tell you about you guys calling on Sunday, because I will have to figure that out when I get there and I am sure that I will email you guys on like Wednesday or Thursday about it and you guys can call the person and I will give you more details about it.

This week was a really good one for us.  We really had some success because we had 10 people in church!  So, that was really good.  I don't have time to write but I will write you guys this week about Sunday and we will talk about everything.  Sounds like everyone seems to be doing well and loving life except Lexie with her tooth.  Sounds like everyone is doing well, kinda sucks that dad has had to go out of town so much I hope that he is going to be home to make sure that you guys can call but we will work that out.  I took some money out of the account to buy some memory stuff of Talca.

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good.  Sorry this letter is short and not real informative, but i love you guys and will let you guys know about Sunday. That is crazy about Jace proposing to Kat!  I am glad that he has finally found that someone. I also want to wish Jace a Happy Birthday and I love him.  Got to go, love and miss you all.  I will let you know about Mother's Day.

Elder Austin Nelson
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