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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day Chat

Conversation on May 9, 2010:

New Area

Cool Colo Grafitti

We talked to Elder Nelson on Mother's Day and had a wonderful chat with him about his work in his new area.  He is very excited to be closer to Concepcion.  He indicated that this area is much larger than his last area.  The people are a little richer than in Talca but seem more humble somehow.  He is having a lot of fun visiting with the people and finds that they are much more open to the message of the restored gospel.  He is also having a lot of fun with his new companion and thinks he will really enjoy their time together.  Elder Nelson also talked about how they have a lot more support from members of the ward he is now serving in.

My New Area

Sweet Chilean Sunset

The family is all impressed with how happy he sounds and how immersed he is in the work of sharing the gospel.  He said that even though he loves home, he has no desire to anywhere but out in the mission field and loves the work he is doing.

 Just Proselyting

His Spanish coming along even better.  He has started to think in Spanish instead of translating everything he says in his head from English to Spanish before he says it.  Communication with the people goes pretty well because between the English they know and the Spanish he knows they can share thoughts fairly easily.

Me and Snoopy

We are excited for the work that Austin is doing and can't wait to see what serving in this new area brings.  Elder Nelson sent a few photos the next day instead of a letter and these have been included in this post.

Looking for Food in the Back of a Meat Van After the Earthquake

Me and Emanuel My Sweet Convert

My New Best Friend

Another Sweet Chilean Sunset


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