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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Really, Really, Really Great Week!

Letter Received June 28, 2010:

Hey My Family:

Well I have been super busy this week really trying to focus on finding new people with my new companion and it has seemed to be workin' out really well.  We have found about six new people that should be good, but we will see.  This week seemed to go by really quickly and we have had a good week because we have been preparing some people to get baptized in a couple of weeks and it seems to all be going really well for me and my companion.  I am very happy with this companion because it really seems that we are getting a lot done and make steps forward and it is really nice to work with someone that really has the same vision as you do and really just wants to find people and teach the word.  That is the whole reason why we are here, right?

Today, I got to play soccer for about three hours this week and it was awesome!  It was so fun!  It felt good to do something physical. But, I have been really a lot more focused this week and it seems that everything is going a lot better with our investigators. 

This week we had our last conference with President Chavez it was a really aweseome conference and I really got a lot out of it.  It also was really sad because President is leaving, but I am excited for the new president to come.  We will see the changes that he has for us, hopefully, for the better.

It is good to  hear that everyone is doing really well and that everything is moving forward and that you are all doing well I love you all and this letter is kinda short but that is really what has been going on.  Before my time is up, I will try and send some pictures.  So yeah, that is why its kinda short.

I forgot to tell you, but my new comp loves movies and we quote movies all day long.  I love it, ha, ha.  Jace you know when you say, "oi" that is actually a word in Spanish but it is spelled h-o-y, ha, ha.  It means today, ha, ha.  I just thought that I would tell you and that you would get a kick out of that ha, ha.  Well, I am going to get some pictures off, okay?  I miss you all and love you tons.

Elder Nelson

Hey, I am going to have to send the pictures next week because I had other things I had to take care of with the changing of the president. I will send them off to you next week.

I love you all!
Elder Nelson 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tearing It Up with My New Comp!

Letter Received June 21, 2010:


First off, I would really like to wish Dad a really Happy Father's Day and that I love you very much and I couldn't ask for a better dad because one doesnt exist! Dad, I hope that your Father's Day was really special and I love and miss you a lot and I wish you a very Happy Father's Day.

This week was a little interesting for me because I said last week that we had transfers and I got a new companion, his name is Elder Clark and he is really cool.  I really like him. It is really good and we already found more people in this one week than me and Rubilar did in a whole cambio. This week has been nuts with Chile playing in the World Cup and all, actually really nuts! But should be having a good solid two or three baptisms within the next three weeks.  I am really excited to really work hard and teach the crap out of this Sector. 

This week it has been raining so much! It just hasn't stopped, so I am going to be really excited to receive those rain pants.  I had to go to the doctor and I had to use my card so it was really expensive, like forty bucks or more, so sorry about that.  I had a problem with my feet because I had some sort of fungus type deal on my feet so I got that taken care of.  Other than that, it was a really good week and we have been teaching some really good people that really seem to be progressing. 

I am not senior comp but I am really feeling like I am showing my comp everthing and taking charge on all our lessons and what not. But its all good, because I don't really care if I am senor comp or district leader or any of that.  That is so cool that Brach is getting going this week, I am so excited for him. I wish him the best of luck and I hope that he works hard because I know that he will.  That sucks for Jace, how did he wreck?

For the package, if you could find something that I could put on the outside of my bag to keep the water from coming through, that would be awesome! So yeah, there is one idea but I can't really think of anything else. But I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  I am really worried for Kyle, give him a really big hug for me and tell him that I love him and the Lord does everything for a purpose, also the same with Chandler, please please do this for me.  But that is really all that I cant think of for now.  I love and miss you all and hope all is well with you all.

Your Elder

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Companion Coming and A Happy Birthday

Letter Received June 14, 2010:

Yo tengo algo cosas loco para decir a ustedes! (That means:  I have some crazy things or suff to tell you guys.)  I am sure that dad is understanding that because he has beeen studying his Spanish, ha, ha.  This week went okay but it could have gone better because we need to find some new people.  But, we also did some stuff that we have needed to do for a while. 

I also have some crazy news!  Well, tomorrow is changes again and I am going to be getting a new companion.  My companion is going to be Zone Leader in another sector and that will be where he will finish his mission.  I have kinda been praying for a change because I have learned a lot from him but I feel that we didn't really teach all that well together.  I do love him, I just needed to learn to have more patience.  But, everything is all good with me and my companion.  I am sad that he is leaving but I am also excited for the change.

This week went okay.  I am going to try to find a ton of people this week with my new companion.  As for my birthday, I haven't really found a ton of stuff that I would like to buy with the money for my birthday, but I have some ideas and I think that I am going to pick up a couple things this week.  I am really happy, my birthday was awesome!  This week I had 4 cakes just for me and 2 bbqs just for me.  Each one had 5 diffferent kinds of meat! 

This week, Diego got confirmed and it was awesome, he is so happy! It is so awesome to see the change in him.  I have really found that I am becoming a lot more in tune with the Spirit and that the Lord is really putting the people in my way.  I just need to do my part.

It has been raining a ton and hasn't really stopped.  It is so crazy!  I have never seen so much rain in my life! It is so nuts! But it's cool because the lady that lives behind us has a wood burning stove to heat her house and I just put all my stuff next to that to dry out and it works miracles, ha, ha, ha.

That is so good that you all are doing so well. I have really been trying to find more people, I just need to be patient.  Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the updates.  Sounds like everyone is staying really really busy.  That is good, I guess.  I want to wish Grandpa a happy late birthday and Mom and Dad a happy anniversary (no broken backs this year, ha, ha. Yeah, sorry about that). I've got to go.  I love and miss you all.  I will talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

P.S. - Those shoes were from the Missionary Mall so they should be warrantied.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love the Mission and Diego's Baptism

Letter Received June 7, 2010:

Me with Elder Rubilar and Diego

Thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes! I really only remember my birthday on P-days, ha, ha. I forget it somehow. I think that it is just because I have been so busy. Thanks for the money and the package.  This week has been really busy, and yes, I do have good news about the baptism. It happened finally, after forever! He is really happy. All the family are members now except his dad, so we are going to start to work on him. It was really good to see how happy he is now.

Diego with his family

This week we have been really focusing on finding people and we haven’t had much luck. We just need to be patient and the Lord will put the people in our path. As for this week we are going to play soccer again today, so I am excited about that again. Everything is crazy here because all the people are talking about the South Africa tournament. 

Me and Elder Rubilar with Diego and his family

Everything has been good here. The weather hasn’t really changed much, but one day this week it poured rain and it was so cold! But it was all good. Other than that one day, not much changed as in weather. We have been working with the same people that we have been. We have had to drop some people because they just weren't progressing at all. We love them but we can’t use our time with them if they won’t do anything. We can only do so much,but ultimately they have to make the choice to change for themselves. That is life!Hopefully, they will accept the gospel later.

This week I really want to focus on doing contacts and being bold. So, I am really going to focus on talking to all the people that I can. I have really realized how much I really do love the mission and I have a testimony of serving a mission and I can’t believe that I even was thinking at any point that I wasn’t going to be here. I will be forever grateful that I served a mission because this is the best thing that I have done in my life.

Shoes Worn Out in the Service of the Lord

Well, this week other than the baptism this week it was pretty much just basic work. Savin' souls, you know that is how I do! Ha! Ha! That is tight that Corbit is almost done with his papers. Tell him hi for me and that I am so proud of him for serving because it will be the best two years of his life. Terica is going to be getting a little girl! I bet she is really excited. I am really excited for Brach to get going. I wish him the best and I want you all to tell him that I love him and to work hard because the time is short. I am glad that it is warming up there. I really miss you all and thank you for everything. I got to go, but I am going to send some pics in another email. I am also going to send some pictures of my shoes so that you guys can get them warranted at the Missionary Mall. So yeah, I love you all! That is so good that mom you got everything all worked out with your sisters with Grandpa’s stuff. What’s going to happen with his house? Well, got to go but talk to you next week.

Your Elder

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Letter Received May 31, 2010:

Hey, Hey My Family:

This week we got some really awesome news! We can now play soccer! And almost all the sports, so what is the first thing that we did today?... Played soccer, ha, ha!  It was awesome!  It was so fun; it felt so good to finally start doing something physical again and to actually do something that I enjoyed on a P-day.  I am actually better than I was when I left, I don’t know why.  I scored 4 goals and it was so awesome!

For this week we are planning on having a baptism on Saturday and I really feel that the Lord is guiding us more and that we are really starting to find those choice people for us. We are going to baptize this kid on Saturday.  We have been working with him forever and he just wouldn’t do what we told him.  He finally decided to do it and we were like, “When do you want to be baptized?”  When we put the date it didn’t work, so we asked him when he wanted to be baptized.  He said, “Tomorrow.”  That was yesterday, but he needs time for us to talk to his dad.  It should be good for Saturday. 

We should have four baptisms this month so it should be really good.  As for this last week, we really tried to focus on three key people and it is really working out well so we are going to do the same this week. 

It was crazy here this week because everyone is getting all excited about the World Soccer Tournament in South Africa and Chile is going and they are playing to prepare for that.  The main team for the World Tournament came to play Israel and the stadium where they played is in my sector. You could hear the cheers from miles away.  It was crazy and the people here are going crazy for the tournament to start.  

Everything is going good and I really like this ward. They really seem to love the missionaries and I don’t know why, but me in particular.  Time is going by so fast!  My comp and I will have a full change together on the fourteenth and it has gone by so fast and time is going crazy because it seems that I could do so much more than I have.  I am going to try and step it up a notch.

That is a bummer about the weather; I hope that it gets better.  It sounds like everyone is staying busy and that is good.  I’ve g2g but I love and miss you all.


Elder Nelson
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