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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Companion Coming and A Happy Birthday

Letter Received June 14, 2010:

Yo tengo algo cosas loco para decir a ustedes! (That means:  I have some crazy things or suff to tell you guys.)  I am sure that dad is understanding that because he has beeen studying his Spanish, ha, ha.  This week went okay but it could have gone better because we need to find some new people.  But, we also did some stuff that we have needed to do for a while. 

I also have some crazy news!  Well, tomorrow is changes again and I am going to be getting a new companion.  My companion is going to be Zone Leader in another sector and that will be where he will finish his mission.  I have kinda been praying for a change because I have learned a lot from him but I feel that we didn't really teach all that well together.  I do love him, I just needed to learn to have more patience.  But, everything is all good with me and my companion.  I am sad that he is leaving but I am also excited for the change.

This week went okay.  I am going to try to find a ton of people this week with my new companion.  As for my birthday, I haven't really found a ton of stuff that I would like to buy with the money for my birthday, but I have some ideas and I think that I am going to pick up a couple things this week.  I am really happy, my birthday was awesome!  This week I had 4 cakes just for me and 2 bbqs just for me.  Each one had 5 diffferent kinds of meat! 

This week, Diego got confirmed and it was awesome, he is so happy! It is so awesome to see the change in him.  I have really found that I am becoming a lot more in tune with the Spirit and that the Lord is really putting the people in my way.  I just need to do my part.

It has been raining a ton and hasn't really stopped.  It is so crazy!  I have never seen so much rain in my life! It is so nuts! But it's cool because the lady that lives behind us has a wood burning stove to heat her house and I just put all my stuff next to that to dry out and it works miracles, ha, ha, ha.

That is so good that you all are doing so well. I have really been trying to find more people, I just need to be patient.  Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the updates.  Sounds like everyone is staying really really busy.  That is good, I guess.  I want to wish Grandpa a happy late birthday and Mom and Dad a happy anniversary (no broken backs this year, ha, ha. Yeah, sorry about that). I've got to go.  I love and miss you all.  I will talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

P.S. - Those shoes were from the Missionary Mall so they should be warrantied.

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