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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Really, Really, Really Great Week!

Letter Received June 28, 2010:

Hey My Family:

Well I have been super busy this week really trying to focus on finding new people with my new companion and it has seemed to be workin' out really well.  We have found about six new people that should be good, but we will see.  This week seemed to go by really quickly and we have had a good week because we have been preparing some people to get baptized in a couple of weeks and it seems to all be going really well for me and my companion.  I am very happy with this companion because it really seems that we are getting a lot done and make steps forward and it is really nice to work with someone that really has the same vision as you do and really just wants to find people and teach the word.  That is the whole reason why we are here, right?

Today, I got to play soccer for about three hours this week and it was awesome!  It was so fun!  It felt good to do something physical. But, I have been really a lot more focused this week and it seems that everything is going a lot better with our investigators. 

This week we had our last conference with President Chavez it was a really aweseome conference and I really got a lot out of it.  It also was really sad because President is leaving, but I am excited for the new president to come.  We will see the changes that he has for us, hopefully, for the better.

It is good to  hear that everyone is doing really well and that everything is moving forward and that you are all doing well I love you all and this letter is kinda short but that is really what has been going on.  Before my time is up, I will try and send some pictures.  So yeah, that is why its kinda short.

I forgot to tell you, but my new comp loves movies and we quote movies all day long.  I love it, ha, ha.  Jace you know when you say, "oi" that is actually a word in Spanish but it is spelled h-o-y, ha, ha.  It means today, ha, ha.  I just thought that I would tell you and that you would get a kick out of that ha, ha.  Well, I am going to get some pictures off, okay?  I miss you all and love you tons.

Elder Nelson

Hey, I am going to have to send the pictures next week because I had other things I had to take care of with the changing of the president. I will send them off to you next week.

I love you all!
Elder Nelson 

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