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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Few Pictures and Phone Call Prep

Letter Received December 20, 2010:
Ray Bans
I just got news that we can Skype and now we can use the camera! So now we can chat for free so that kinda sucks for the Magic Jack. I am out of time. I love you and hope that everything works on Saturday. If not, I will have to call and at the minimum you can call me through the Magic Jack if we have problems, but it should work. I love you.

Elder Nelson
Me and Palta Haws

Monday, December 13, 2010

Golden Investigators!

Letter Received December 13, 2010:


Yeah, so I got my package. Thank you so much for sending me all that stuff! I really don't know what you are going to send me in that package that was sent for Christmas. It seemed like everything that I asked for was in this package. I was really excited to see all that stuff. I am guessing that you guys bought a hot dog rolling machine. Ha, ha, ha! (His package was sent in a box for a hot dog rolling machine.) Everyone was like, "What the heck?" Ha, ha, ha. I was like, yeah, my parents sent me a hot dog machine ha, ha, ha.

I got it at Conference last week which went really well. It seemed that the President's talk was like directed right at me and I was like that is exactly what I need to hear. I was like wondering where all my time goes. It seems like the day goes by so fast. Then, I look back at the numbers that I have for the day of like lessons that I did and all and then I am like what did I do? But I feel that we do have a lot of people progressing and that they are all pretty well progressing, but I am going to have to have some miracles this week because every one of these people have kinda weird doubts and they are really hard to plan for but I know that if I pray and stay close to the Spirit that I will know what I need to say.

We found a guy that told me that he would read the Book of Mormon in a week and we had an amazing lesson with him. We talked to a girl that has been attending church for a while and from the begining she has been reading the Book of Mormon and now she is in Alma! She is amazing! I was able to verify everything with her in one appointment and she is going to be getting baptized on the 26th so be praying for a girl named, Darlin and that she can get permissison from her parents. She is 16 and she is awesome!

But as for Tiare, she seems that she is having some opposition so I wasn't able to go back to baptise her yet but we are going to have to see. It really bums me out that she is having such a hard time with everything. I know that she knows that it is true but Satan doesn't take vacations and he knows all of our weaknesses and plays on them and she is fighting hard but we will have to see with her.

I will take care of all of my phone call stuff this week so I will be able to let you know. I think that we are going to be able to talk for like two hours or more because we are as a mission changing our P-day to Christmas so yeah, make sure that you have a lot of time on the magic jack so that we don't lose contact.

Me and my comp are getting along really well. I really love Elder Haws. We are getting along really well. He said in the little time that we have been together that he has learned more from me than he did from his trainer. I like that. Me and companion are thinkin that we are going to need to get bikes because our sector is massive, so I don't know how that is going to work but we want to get bikes that don't have gears so that we don't have problems but the ones that don't have gears are the beach cruisers. That would be sick! I dont know if you were planning on money for Christmas but that would be what I would use it for but I don't know or think that you were planning on doing that again? Let me know. Thanks. I will send some pics next week of me and my companion so that you can see him. I've got to go. I will have all of the info for the phone call next week so that everything will be ready.

Elder Nelson

Monday, December 6, 2010

Goal of 26 Baptisms!

Letter Received December 6, 2010:

Well, I have already told the most of you about my new sector and companion so I am guessing that this one is going to be another short little week of writting this week because it is starting to get late and I would like to catch a nap before I need to go to work. That is something that I thought that I would never say! I want to nap. But, here it does a lot for you. This whole week, I don't know why, but for some reason I have been so tired.

Now, I am with Elder Palta or "Guacamole Haws"! He is from Arizona and he loves boating.  Me and my comp are getting along really well. He is really good but just wants to learn Spanish. He was with a comp from Peru but didn't learn a lot from him and so he really wants my help. It is really different but he is really awesome. We just need to work out how we want to teach together. Really, my comp said to me that he feels that I am like his second trainer. I think that he in a way is relieved because I know how stressful it can be to be with a Latin compaion without knowing any of the language. He is awesome! He just wants to work hard. His name is Elder Haws but we call him Palta becaus that means guacamole but the reason is because they have a type of palta here named haws and no one can say his name right so he just says like the palta. Ha, ha, ha!

My sector is kinda like our house, it isn't really country, but it is ha, ha, ha. If you know what I mean. But there are parts of my sector that are really country. Something that is amazing about this sector is that the food is the best in my mission. The food is so good here! All the people actually ask us what we want and they give us so much! But it does seem that there are a lot of rich people here and that they have cars so that is nice. But, the people that are here seem to be a lot nicer and a lot more accepting of the gospel.

Something that is kind of out of the normal is us as a zone have made a goal of 26 baptisms and that is like unheard of. All the other Zone Leaders were looking at us like, "What!" and President about jumped out of his seat and he was looking at them because they were talking about possibilities for baptism this month and goals and they said 26 and they are like possibilities that are good. The Zone Leaders were like, no its the goal and President at first said if we get it he will take all of us golfing and then he said, "I will take you on a trip to somewhere cool as a zone." And we were like, "We want to go to the temple." So, we are working really hard to get the goal because there are 41 people that could get baptized in our zone and so yeah we're going to rock it! It would be so legit if we could do it! I want to go to the temple so bad! That would be so tight to go to Santiago, but we will have to see. Not much else new that i haven't told you already in other emails but we will talk more next week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, November 29, 2010

Transferred! Going to the Country

Letter Received November 29, 2010:


So, yeah, I'm getting transferred out of Chillan now and I am going to Parral. I am going to be with a kid named Elder Haws. He only has one transfer here in Chile. So, that is going to be an interesting experience. I feel that my Spanish is getting better but I don't think that it is good enough to teach someone how to speak it! I don't know where this kid is from yet. I am also another time going to be living in a house of four. I am going to be living with the Zone Leaders. So, that is going to be an interesting experience and not only that, but I think that Parral is kind of country.

I have always been scared that I am going to get a country sector because of the food and not only that but the attendance in church would be really low. But, I will have to get there to be able to tell you really how it is. This is really unexpected and me and my comp are really sad that this change happened because we have so little time together. It seems that it is just like you told me, Lex, that it seems that when ever everything is going good there always is a change. 

I am going to have to be kinda short today because I have a bunch of stuff to do before tomorrow. This week went really good, I have had some really awesome experiences this week. I will write them next week. I am still waiting on that package, but I am sure that it will get here soon. I was thinking of somethings but I will write a list later because I forgot it at the house. I will write it later. I am okay, I just am kinda bummed. Well, I will write more next week, but don't worry, I will be fine in my new sector. I am just kinda bummed. Love you all and miss you tons!
Elder Nelson

Investigators at Church

Letter Received November 22, 2010:

Hey Hey:

So, this week went a little better than the week before. That's because we were able to find some girls that are really really awesome and they are friends and they both came to church.  Not only the three hours but a ward baptism too! So, they are just super awesome! They both are 17, one is named Tiare and the other one is named Paula and they are awesome because we were like we are going to come and look for them to take them to church and they went and searched for one with each other and were already on their way to church. I was like, "I know that today was really long but next week won't be quite as long" and they were like, "The only thing is that we're hungry now." But, they really liked it and they were like, "I am going to come back next week."

So, we are definitely getting blessed and we are starting to find people and now we really can teach and I definitely feel a difference in how we teach and how we go about our work. It seems like I feel a lot more comfortable with how I carry myself with the people, not only the people that are members but just with people in general. I definitely think that having a Chileano comp helps with that. He knows what the people are like and how to teach them and talk to them so that they understand and he always knows what to say right at the right moment. So, now we are progressing but we definitely have some stuff that we need to work on but we are slowly making progress. 

This week went by really really fast. We had some setbacks but I am taking the punches as they come and moving forward and it seems that I kind of have a new outlook on my mission. Me and my comp are still really getting along really well. Us as a house are getting along better, we talked about some stuff that we needed to because there was some contention in the house so we took care of that. 

We played soccer today. It was fun! I made three goals, two of them being headers! It was awesome! I definitely have upped my soccer skills a lot, ha, ha, ha. I can't wait to get back and see how I compare with some of the guys that I used to play with. As for me, I don't know that Elder, Lex, but it seems that my companion does. Apparently, he was the boyfriend of someone in the ward or stake of my companion. But, I haven't heard of him being in my mission. 

How was the pie party? I miss the pie party so much. I love that every year. I definitely miss you guys more and more during the holidays. It really makes you remmember your family alot when you are not with them. But, before you know it, we will be talking on the phone another time. That comes so fast. I will have to keep my mind open for stuff for Christmas. The package still hasn't got here but I am sure that next week it will get here. Well, that is about it for me this week. Love you guys, miss you tons. Send me some picks of the house and what not so I can see what it is like.

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting to Find People to Teach

Letter Received November 16, 2010:

Hey Hey My Family:

Well, this week went better than last week. It seems that we are starting to find some people to teach so now we aren't just doing straight up contacts. Now it seems that we are able to teach some lessons. Now the goal is to get those people to church. It seems that all the people that we are teaching all have some problem with getting to church because they are all living in situations where it doesn't permit them to get to church. I know that will all go away because it is obvious that they are not accustomed to going to church. It seems that there is a lot of opposition for all of them. I know that the Lord is going to provide the way for them to get there.

We are still lacking a lot of people to teach. We are always needing to find because if we don't find while we are teaching we will be back to square one again. It sucks, so I don't want to do this again. We had a really awesome idea and that was to take our forms of old investigators to a member that knows a lot of them. He and his wife are returned missionaries and he was assistant so I know that he has a ton of ideas for us and we are putting together a plan so that we will be so busy that we won't know what to do. So, I am super excited for this week. I know that within the next month that we are going to be so busy and that we are going to find so many people to teach and baptize. I know that my sector is one of gold, I just have to dig for it. Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are both on the same page. We can baptize because I know that we teach well but we just have to do some tweaks and find and we will be loaded with people to teach.

That is tight that it is cooling down there. Here it is getting hotter everyday. I am so burnt right now. I am puttting on sunblock but it doesn't seem to do anything because I still get fried. It sure seems that Dad is always out of town now. I hope that it isn't going to be like that because that would suck to spend your whole life away from home. This week is going to be a good one, I have a feeling. I will keep my eyes open for that package. I have been super good this week we didn't have anyone in church but I would consider it a good week other than that. Well, I don't really have much more to tell but everything is going well. Good to hear that every one is staying busy. Love you all.

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plugging Away at the Work

Letter Received November 8, 2010:

Well, I am running super late so this letter is going to be really short. It seems that a lot has happened this week at home and I have been busy but not really been finding as many people as I would like. But, I have been workin' hard and me and my comp are getting along really well. I know that we are going to find someone really special this week. I know that I just need to be patient because sometimes we are out doing contacts and I just am like, "I am sick of having doors get slammed in my face" and I just want to have people to teach and baptize and sometimes it is hard but I know that if I just keep up what I am doing that I will find those that have been prepared for me. There are a lot of new converts here that I can ask references from and I know that this week that Ii am going to try and work with them.

I have been good though, I just need to keep myself focused and keep my eye on the prize. Me and my companion have some cool ideas that should be fun to try. I know that we will have some fun this week. It seems that everything is going really fast and that everyone is changing and looks different than I rememeber them. I don't even know Wyatt, but I already love him. I love you guys so much.Well, sorry this one is super short but I have to be to work at six. So yeah, love you, miss you a ton. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

Learning from a Member of the 70

Me, Elder Diaz, and Alexis
Letter Received November 1, 2010:


So this week I have been really busy. It seemed that a lot of time got wasted because of a lot of dumb reasons but we did find two new people that are really good. So, that is a start but I know that there is a lot of stuff that I need to do. I just need to take it one step at a time. I feel that I know that my comp will do everything that I want to try and he will run with me and I know that I just have to take the objective and just do the work and I know that the Lord will bless me with the people that I know will progress.

Me and Elder Zeballos
Me and my comp are getting along so well. I know that the Lord has blessed me with a really awesome companion and I know that I just need to push and I know that we are going to baptize. The Lord really couldn't have given me a better situation to work. I am super excited for all the new news that you have told me. I hope that everything goes well with Lexie and the baby. I am glad that you all had a good time for Halloween. Well, I am running late and don't really have a whole lot of time to talk but this week was pretty casual. We had a conference with Elder Zaballos from the First Quorum of the Seventy. He is really awesome and has a freakin' awesome sense of humor. I was the only one that got a personal picture with him. I learned a ton from what he said to us. He came and talked to the missionaries from the city of Chillan. It was really awesome! Love you all, g2g. Sorry this one is so short.

My New Zone in Chillan
Love You,
Elder Nelson

Love My New Companion

Letter Received October 25, 2010:


So, first off, I will tell you all about my new companion. I freaking love my new companion! He is so tight! I was so wrong to say that I didn't want a Latino. He is from Viña del Mar and he is so awesome. He is so much like me and we get along so well. He loves sports and motorcycles just like me and music and all that what not. He likes to say the things straight how they are and I like that because that is how I am. I love to say the things how they really are. He is something that you would call a buena onda! Which means a relaxed and cool person that everyone likes. He has a lot of talents. He is someone that I really want to invite to the house after the mission to stay for a bit. He is one of my latino comps that I think that would actually be able to do it. He is really tight! He loves sports and motorcycles just like me. He has a girlfriend that is on a mission and she is in Argentina and so that is some thing really cool.

This week, as in for the work, was pretty much my comp getting to know all the people. We get along super well and it seems that everyone loves him and I know that this sector is going to change a lot in the next little bit. We are out of people to teach, so we have to find people this week.

We have been working hard and it seems now being senior comp that people give me a little bit more respect because they need to talk to me to make things work. Not only that, but everything seems to be more chill. All the people seem to be showing more love to me for some reason and I really like it. I really feel that there is a lot of work that needs to be done here and that me and my companion are going to get it all done.

As for me, mom, I think that would be just fine about the shoes if you wanted to send them this week and send the other ones later, I think that I would want the slip-ons. I can't believe that it is Halloween already. That is so nuts think about that it is going to be Christmas in just a little bit and we are going to be talking on the phone. I thought of something that Dad said to me while I was in the MTC that he thought that he could send me that little white printer to print photos that would be really awesome if i could get that. Just an idea. Sorry that this one is so short but yeah, I am doing good. Everyone sounds really good. Hope everything goes well, Lex, and I want to see pics later. I love you all and I will talk to you next week.


Elder Nelson

Friday, October 22, 2010

Now I'm Senior Companion

Letter Received October 18, 2010:
Enrique Bautismo
Elder Nelson y Elder Findlay Mas Cerca
Hey Hey Everyone:
So yeah, here is the deal with this week and all the new stuff. My comp has left now so now I am on a mini transfer with Elder Aldana. I live with him and he is from Peru. But yeah, Elder Findlay has left and I sent you his homecoming stuff so I hope that you all got that worked out. I found out when my Trainer's homecoming is and it is on the 31st and it is in Logan, his name is Elder Murillo. I will give you some more info on that later in the email.
Elder Nelson y Elder Findlay
As for this week, it seems that we did a lot of saying goodbyes and baptisms with other missionaries and interveiws for baptisms and so we didn't really get to teach all that much, but we did do some really good lessons with people. Everyone is really sad because Elder Findlay is going home and so it seems that the work wasn't able to move forward all that quickly this week. Something that is awesome that you are all going to love is that last week we baptized Enrique and so that makes his family a complete family of new converts and he got confirmed yesterday and so a year from yesterday they are going to be able to go to the temple and seal themselves together forever and I have never seen any family so happy together and such a big of a change in someone. He is so happy and next week he is going to be ordained to the priesthood. 
Elders and Enrique, Blanca, and Estefinia
 This week we also ordained a new convert to the office of Teacher. Also, I was able to participate in Jesus, one of my converts, to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and now he is a Deacon! I am so pumped for those guys. I just know that they are going to be future missionaries.
Enrique Bautismo
But as for me, I have been doing really good and I am kinda excited for this new change that I have. I am now Senior Companion and I am going to be with another Chileano, so now I am going to be living with two Latinos. It should be all good, I have met my comp a couple times and he seems really cool and I think that we are going to get along well. I feel kinda sad though to see Elder Findlay go. I am, in a way, relieved, because we can really start to get some more work done. It has been really hard to focus for my comp, with him all goin' home and all. I think that I am really going to be able to progress some more with my Spanish. Something that I realized with Elder Rubilar, my first latino comp, is that my Spanish proggressed a lot. 
Enrique y su Familia y Chicas en sus Bautismos
I have been really trying to get my self refocused on what I am doing and really try and find some people. It is going to be weird that I am not going to be a companion of a District Leader or not be a District Leader because that is how it has always been, always a different schedule. I guess that is cool with me. I am really happy with the change because a lot of my friends in the mish are coming to my zone. It should be just dandy! For ideas in a package, I really need another jump drive because mine has become all infected with viruses and stuff so I need to fix that. Also, some Flaming Hot Cheetos, a book called A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, that is from the church library. Some t-shirts, somehow I have just been left with jerseys so just some of my t shirts. Some more garments, all Corbans. Other than that, not really much that I can think of except a belt like the one with the buckle. Thanks. I love you so much, all of you, and I miss you everyday.

Elder Nelson
Enrique Bautismo

Stranded in Talca

Letter Received October 11, 2010:

Hey My Family:
Well, this is an interesting experience, being stranded, ha, ha, ha. I am in Talca, where my first sector was sitting in the bus terminal waiting to get on a bus so that I can go back to my sector and that is why I am writing late. We came here so that my comp could say bye to his sector here and so we got up early so that we could go and I could say hi to some people that are in my old sector in Talca. But, then we went to his so that he could do his thing then we came back to try and get a bus to go back to our sector and we found out that there is nothing going south. So, now were screwed waiting for a bus and so here I am. But, what can I do? The only thing that I can do is wait. I can't change what I didn't do before. I think that I should have checked on the bus, but what can you do? It is a holiday here and it isn't really a big one, but yeah, so all the busses are full because everyone, if they are going anywhere, they go by bus. Nobody has cars, only the people that have money. But, we now have a bus so it is all good. I haven't told the president, but I did call my zone leaders like they tell us to. I hope that he doesn't get mad at me but what can you do? The only thing that you can do is try and do your best to get done what you have to.

As for this week, it went really awesome because finally Enrique got baptized and it was such an awesome baptismal service! He bore his tesitmony and I did two musical numbers with a sister missionary and it all turned out really awesome and not only that but the other two elders that live with us had two baptisms, too, and so we did them together. It was really awesome! That made his family complete now. They are a family of straight up new converts, so it made me so happy.
But as for this week, it seemed that we just made sure that we took care of him so that we could make sure that everything was good for baptism and then also we went out to San Carlos so that we could help out the Hermanas (sisters, so that you now know what that means). They have some really awesome investigators and they are all going to be getting baptized on either the 17th or the 24th. 
The thing is, that we are going to have cambios (transfers) next monday so we are hoping to get some more baptisms before then so that the missionaries can see there investigators get baptized before they leave. But as for me, I know that I am not going anywhere and I know for sure that I am going to become senior companion because the President told me so in my interview that I had with him. He is kinda putting me in the dark because he is like, I talked with Zone Leaders to work with you so that you can prepare yourself. He is like, they will help you become a better missionary not that you are a bad missionary but the fact is that we all can become better. And then he says to me, are you ready for some more responsibility? I was thinking to myself, no, but then my mouth without thinking about it was like, yes. So, we are going to have to see what comes.
Still, I don't know what is going to happen with cambios. We are going to work hard until Findlay leaves trying to find people, but we are also going to be doing some saying goodbye for him so it will be an interesting week.  This week went really well in preparing for the baptism. o and my comps home coming is going to be on the 24th at 9 am.  So yeah ,hope that you could go, that would be really awesome. Well, that is about it for this week. This compy sucks so I will have to send you pics next week. I love and miss you lots.
Love You,
Elder Nelson

Monday, October 11, 2010

Conference Was Inspiring

Letter Received October 4, 2010:

Hey My Family That I Love So Very Much and Missed a Lot This Weekend:
Well, this week went a lot better than last week. We still didn't have an amazing week but definitely better. This week we were able to find some really new awesome people that are really curious about the church and it also seems that we are going to recieve some references this week and that we are going to end up doing some really awesome family home evenings and that we should find some new investigators. I am actually really excited about this week. I don't know why but I am really excited to work this week. I feel like it is going to be so cool. 
I do have some really really amazing news, Enrique, a guy that we have been sharing with since I got here is going to be baptized on Sunday! Finally! He is the dad of a family of straight up new converts. He has been able to get baptized for the last three months and now he is finally going to take the step and do it, he said. I think that what really put him over the edge was that we did something in our zone, we are fasting for one another's investigators and the Sister missionaries were fasting for him one day and we told him that and he was like, "Wow!" Then it was time for Priesthood and I took one of the Zone Leaders with me and the Sister Missionaries with me and I went to look for him and I took him to the church and he got to meet the Sisters and he felt that he really was able to recieve his answer in Conference and he loved it. So, thank you Thomas S. Monson! Another life saved by a prophet of God! 
It was so awesome last weekend, the whole time it was like everything that Conference said seemed like it applied to me and it was all stuff that I really needed to hear, especially the Priesthood Session. I loved it! The prophet seemed like he took a caffeine pill right before he was supposed to talk or some thing. He had so much energy. Also, it was awesome to be able to watch something in English. Sometimes, to watch everything in Spanish gets old. It seemed like something that was completely set apart for missionaries. I really could pay attention and it helped me get refoucused on the stuff that I need to do. 
It seems like I have a lot on my mind. I think that in the last little while I have kinda felt a little disanimated because we really didn't have any people that were progressing and it has been kind of hard to find people to teach. Sometimes it is hard to want to go out to work when you know that all that you are going to do is knock doors. But, also that the people that you do have really aren't progressing. You are really worried about them and their problems, so that is weighing on your mind. It seems that this week that a lot of stuff seemed to work out and people are doing good now and that I feel like I have more ganas to do the work. Then, today we had a really cool zone activity where we had a bbq and got to play some Chilean games. They have one that is kinda like horseshoes and it was really fun and I started to get pretty good it really seemed to relax me and I was able to get my mind off some stuff. 
This week went well. I really loved Conference! I am really sad that it is over, I just felt that I really got so much out of it and I feel renewed. I am starting to get bummed that my comp is leaving. It seems like the time is going by so fast and when your comp is going home it seems that the time goes even faster. I am really just looking at it and I am like, where is the time going? I am working hard, so I think that makes the time go by a lot faster. Everyone keeps telling me that I am going to be training but I am really hoping that I don't, because I really don't think that I am ready for that. There is something that is going to go on this week, actually tomorrow. We are going to have interviews with the President tomorrow so we are going to have to see how it goes tomorrow and see what the President acts like. 
That is tight that you are probably going to be going Disneyland. Yeah, no problem Lexie, about the room thing. Its not like I am going to be sleeping there for a while, ha ha ha ha. Sounds like everyone is sure staying busy. I am thinking that the time is going as fast for you guys as it is for me. I really got homesick at Conference thinking about you guys watching Conference the same time as me. Not only that, but I really missed going with everyone to priesthood and going to dinner with everyone afterward, but its all good. You got to go with what you got where you are at. I love and miss you all so much! I forgot, did Lyndsay and Justin ever find a car to replace the Explorer? But anywho, well that is about it me this week. I love you all and I will talk to you all next week.
Elder Nelson

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Slow Week

Letter Received September 27, 2010:

Hey My Family:

Well, I already talked to some of you guys earlier today, but I thought that I would write a family letter anyway.  So, this week was kind of a rough one because it just seemed like we were working hard but nothing was workin' out and when we got to the end of the week and looked at our numbers we were like, "What did we do this week?"  But, I know that this weeek is going to be a lot better because we are a little bit more motivated and not only that but we are really going to be working to have like 4 baptisms on the 10 because this weekend is General Conference and it seems like we could really have a good chance to have three but we will have to see.

It seems like Javier isn't really interested because we set appointments with him and then he isn't there for them, so I don't know if he is going to work out.  I am going to keep trying with him because I know that he can really progress if we have a really awesome lesson with him because he is a good kid and he seems interested when we do get to talk to him.

This last week I think that everything seemed like it all got kinda thrown off because we had our Zone Conference in Talca where I started my mission.  I think that the Zone Conference just really kinda messed everything up.  I think that it kinda screws up your focus because the President keeps changing all the time the way that he wants to do things, so as soon as you get the hang of what he wants you do, he changes it again and it seems that you can never really fulfill what President wants you to do because everything is always changing.  Also, his Assistants seem to be saying something different than President so you really don't know who you are supposed to follow.  So, this time it was a little stressful but that is okay.  I am going to keep working how I know how to and I know that the Lord will bless me in the work that I am doing because I can really only teach in the way that I know because that is me.  I think that if I keep changing my teaching I am going to become a robot and not be able put my personality into it.

Me and my comp got a little disanimated but we are all good now and just looking forward to this next week.  It is starting to warm up here except for yesterday and today.  We found a new lady that is really good and I am excited to teach her tonight.  It seems like the harder that I work the faster the time goes and  I don't want it to go so fast.  It seems like I just got put with Elder Findlay and before I know it he is going to be going home.  This week was just a lot of Conference stuff and trying to find people.  Really not much new to tell.  It seems I have been saying that lately, but it just seems to be the same old stuff for the last like three weeeks.  Well, I don't really have much to say but I love all a lot and miss you tons.  Well, talk to you next week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating in Chile

Letter Received September 20, 2010:

Us With Some of Our Investigators

First off, I want to tell Mom and Taylor happy birthdays!  I hope that they all went well.  This week it sure sounds like you all have been really busy doing stuff.  Sounds like everything is moving along really fast.  The same thing seems to be doing the same here and the time seems to be going by really fast.  My comp goes home in a month!  That is so nuts for me to think about because its like I just feel like we just got put together and work so well together and now he is going to be leaving.  Poopy!  But it is just life, tough, that is how it goes sometimes. 

This week it didn't really seem like we got a whole lot done because of the 18th of September.  It isn't as big as the 4th of July, pretty much the difference is that everyone has the day off, there is a parade, and everyone eats empanadas and they have BBQ.   Pretty much we had a day off because we couldn't really work.  We just got to play soccer for like threee hours and go eat BBQ.  It was awesome, it was fun.  Also, we didn't really get to do any work this week because my comp is District Leader.  We had to do a bunch of mini transfers for the days and so we were like out of our sector the whole week.  I am pretty sure they are going to look at our numbers and be what the heck!  But then we will explain what happened and everything will be all good. 

Some Chilean Cowboys with Nicole

It is all good, we found 2 really good people that I know were gifts from the heavens that the Lord blessed us.  We found this kid named Javier and he is awesome he is reading and he also accepted a baptism date but the thing is that we have to wait till all the holidays are over because he is super busy with all the 18th of September stuff.  When it ends it is going to be super tight.  I really do think that he could get baptised in like three weeks and I am hoping so because I want him to get baptised befor Elder Findlay goes home.  I know that he really deserves it because he really isn't trunky at all.  He is working so hard. 

Everything is going good, we still need to find peoeple but whatever we are doing is working and the Lord is blessing us.  We are really loving the results that we are starting to recieve.  The time has been flying by, I feel like we just leave the house and like we go to work and before I know it the week is over and here I am sitting telling you about the week and feel like I really don't have much to tell you.

Two Gringo Wannabes and a Real Chilean Cowboy

Well, it is good to hear about the house and that the painting is coming along and that Lyndsay is doing really well with her business and that the kids are doing really well.  That is cool that Lexie's baby is doing well and is going to come early.  Seems like everyone is doing really well and that things are moving right along.  The 18th of September was cool but I am ready to get back to work.  I miss you all and love you tons.


Elder Nelson

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over 300 Contacts in a Week

Letter Received September 13, 2010:

The Labor of 300 Contacts in a Week for 35 Possibilities

Hey My Family:

How is everyone doing?  I am doing well.  We have really been trying hard this week to find people because it seems that we are out of people to teach.  We did over 300 contacts this week, it was insane!  We were talking to everyone.  No one could walk past us without getting contacted.  So, now we have bunch of addressses and names that we can look up to try and find some people to teach.  It seemed like this week went by pretty fast for me and that time is cruising right along.  I can't believe it!

Me, Fin, and Benja

I want to wish Miley a happy late birthday and to wish Taylor and Mom a happy birthday for next week.  I love you guys.  Well, this week went really fast and I am going to complete a year in the mission this week.   That is so nuts man! I can't believe it!  The time is going by so fast and i don't know what I am going to do because I have so much to do and so little time to do it.  I really feel like I am just starting my mission and now it is half over. 

Me and Denis

This week we didn't really have all that much happpen, it just seemed to me that we were doing an awful lot of contacts.  But, that is okay, they were fun.  I really like doing them actually because me and my comp were really pumped and we made them like a game, it was cool.  It didn't seem like we were teaching a whole lot of lessons, but it's okay.  It is what you need to do to find people.

Me and my comp are getting along really well and I got to play soccer for three hours today and it was so fun, I miss playing sports so bad.  It is getting so hot here again and it is starting to make me miss the rain. Its all good you got to go with what you got where you're at. 

Last Pic with Wilde

We have been making some progress with like two people. We got a new cool zone leader that I knew when I was down in Collao and it seems that he has really seemed to change some stuff around.  It seems that the whole zone is doing better since he got here.  It is crazy how much one missionary can change a whole zone.  It is all going good and it seems that we just need to work some stuff out in my sector and we will be back on track.  I am really enjoying my time here.  I still miss Collao a lot but everything is going on here and am really starting to figure out how this sector works. 

Those Things are Called A--, I Don't Know Why

I am really enjoying living in four.  It makes the house a lot more of a fun place to be.  I am really going to be bummed when my comp and one of the other elders leaves, because we have a cool group of elders that live with me.  Well, something that is going to be cool also is that the 18th of September is like the 4th of July here and we get to hang out with the memebers a lot that day and we get to do some bbq.  It is going to be so cool.  I am really excited.  Well, for this week not much else is new.  I love you and miss you all so much.  Glad to hear that everything is going well, hope you all have a good week.

Elder Nelson

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Good Companion

Letter Received September 6, 2010:


So everything is going a little better this week than the week before and this week went by really fast with the training that we had and all that jazz. We also had Stake Conference here and I am not going to lie, it was really sucky and boring.  Sorry, but true.  We have just been working really hard and trying to find some more people and it seems that we have found some good possibilities.  So, we will see. 

Me and my comp are getting along really well.  He is such an amazing missionary and he always is positive and he has been such an awesome companion.  I am sad that he is going home in six weeks but he has done his time and he is still working hard.  That is something that I really admire about him.  He doesn't want to become trunky and he just wants to do his job.  I have been really trying to follow his example and it has been awesome because he knows how to have success.  So, we are going to do better this week.

The truth is that I don't really have a lot of news for you all this week because not a whole lot of stuff has happened this week.  It was just kind of a normal week here.  It is starting to become really hot here and I am now sunburned and it hurts, ha, ha, ha.  Oh well, that is just the way that it is, ha, ha, ha.  All of the investigators that I have seem to be really grasping the gospel and we are really trying to find people this week because we lack a lot of people.  I know that I just need to be patient and work hard and the Lord will pick up the rest.

Sounds like everyone is doing really well there.  Sounds like everyone is staying really busy.  I'm sorry that this letter is really boring and that there is not much but there is not really much new and not much to say.  I love and miss you all and am glad to hear that everyone is staying busy.

Love You,
Elder Nelson

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready to Find a Lot of People

Letter Received August 30, 2010:

Hey Everyone:
Elder Findlay, Eva, Jesus, and Me

So this week was a little bitter sweet.  It seemed all week that we were really struggling and we were really trying to find people this week and all of my investigators that we had are really having a lot of opposition and we are having a hard time keeping up with it, but we are doing ok with it.  We have to help them and work it all out for them so that they can get baptized.  It seems like we knocked door after door and not anybody wanted to listen us. We did over a hundred contacts this weeek and the last contact that we did that night finally let us in the house.  We weren't even able to tell her who we were and she told us to come in.  Her name is Yolanda.  We started to share with her and she is awesome and she accepted a baptismal date for the 19th of September.  She is really cool.  She and her mom that is like over her seventies and she also accepted the date for baptism also.  It was really cool! So, I have really learned that you just need to be paitent in waiting for the Lord to bless you and do your part so that the Lord can bless you.

Hermano Silva, Eva, Jesus, Hermano Nelson

It seems that we need to find a different way to find because I am really getting sick of knocking doors for 5 hours on end.  When you don't have people to teach that is what you have to do to find people because your members only have so many references to give.  Only some families will take you seriously that you really need their help and that you are going to come back and verify if you have a reference for us, ha, ha, ha.  We are doing well I was just getting really sick of having a ton of contacts but not having any lessons and all the opposition that our investigators have been recieving.  I am doing well and we are going to have a training with our President tomorrow and the next day.  I have already done it but I am looking forward to being able to do it again.

We do have some good news, our baptisms went through this week and I really do think that these people are the most converted people that I have baptized because they have been waiting to be baptized for a long time but always lived in a situation that hasn't let them do it.  Especially Eva, the mom, has been waiting for almost twenty years.

Us and Eva and Her Family

Me and my comp are getting along really well.  I felt like this week went by really fast but also slow at the same time because the days seemed long but the week seems like it went by fast.  I don't know if that makes sense but that is how I feel, ha, ha.  Mom, now we can get the packages every two weeks when they get here now so its all good.  Yeah, the last shoes you sent me are really good they are kinda like boots so they have been goood for the cold. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and I miss and love you all very much. Sorry this letter is kinda short but I am kinda short on time but will write more next week.

Elder Nelson

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lots of Work to Do

Letter Received August 23, 2010:

Hey Family:

Well, this letter is going to be short because I don't have much time to write today.  I am doing really well this week I have been able to feel like we have been able to just do some normal work and that we have been able to just teach some lessons like we should be.  I don't really have to get to know more people because I have been able to get to know the basics on pretty much everybody here in the ward and it sems that we have like six people that are really progressing and making the steps towards baptism.

We are going to have two baptisms this coming week and they are golden and they are for sure going to get baptized this next week and we are going to try and have like three others in the next couple weeks.  My companion and I are getting along really well.  Its not that me and Elder Clark didn't work hard, but I am glad that even though that I really enjoyed my time with Clark, I am glad that with the change at least I got a comp that likes to work hard. 

I think that this week is going to be one of the best in my mission because we are looking at the goals that we have set and they are really high.  I know that they are reachable but we are going to have to work our butts off.  I am really doing well and I am enjoying my new sector.  It does seem though that the time is going by really fast but I guess that means that I have been busy so that is a good thing.  I am missing my sector still, but it is all good, I think that I will miss it for a while and I am doing well in my new sector and I really feel that there are a lot of people that are prepared to hear the message that I have for them. 

There are some people that have been waiting for some time to hear what we have to say because the ward here the attendance is really low and I really feel like we could really help that a lot and we need to baptize a lot.  There just is not people in the church and there are a lot of people here looking for the truth and I feel like we have found some of those people in just the little time that I have been here.  I am doing really good.  My comp and I have so much fun together.

That is so tight that Corbit is going to Tyson's mission.  Tell him that I am so proud of him and that I love him and I can't wait to spit Spanish with him when he gets home. When does he leave?  It sounds like you all had a good time in Bear Lake.  I miss Bear Lake, I love boating!  I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well. What is Lyndsay going to do without the kids there?  Ha, ha, ha. Well, I don't have a whole lot of time.  That is really cool that Lexie and Craig have been able to find a car.  I love you all and miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sudden Transfer to New Area - Chillan Nuble

Letter Received August 16, 2010:
Momita and Our House in Collao
Well, I guess I will talk about some of the stuff that has happened this week that is kinda sad that I kinda have mixed feelings about. Well, they did an emergency transfer because a missionary in Chillan, which is my new sector, was having some problems ùp here and the President called me after I got of a mini change with one of my Zone Leaders.
 One of the Few Hugs I Gave On My Mission
It is weird because the President doesn't call unless he is going to be making a change in leadership or if you did something really bad because he usually just tells the leaders to talk to you if there really is a problem that is not so big.  Since he was calling, I thought that we did something wrong on the mini change that we did, but the President started talking to my companion, Elder Clark, and I was like, what is going on?  Then the President asked to talk to me. So, I was thinking to myself, what did I do!?  I answered the phone and the President was asking me how am I doing and I was like, I am good just really enjoying the sector and working hard.  He asked me about the change that we did and I was like, it went really well because it really did and I knew that I wasn't doing anything wrong and he was like that is good. He said to me, "Well, Elder Nelson, we have a new assignment for you.  I need you to go to Chillan and change places with an Elder there. You will be in Chillan Nuble and  the missionary there is going to go to your sector."
 Me and My Comp Elder Findlay
 Me and Fins

He said that when I finish with my new comp, Elder Findlay, who is going home in October, that I am going to be Senior Companion.  The thing is, once again I am comp with a District Leader.  Every comp that I have had in Chile has been District Leader.  The President told me that I need to prepare myself to become Senior Companion.  He keeps dropping little hints that I might be getting a leadership position and that my companion right now is going to help me become more ready for more responsibility.
 Me and Moss, We Lived Together in My First Sector

I talked to my Zone Leaders and they said that the President told them that I am preparing for a leadership position, so, we are going to see in October what happens.  The President has definitely been hinting to me about it.  It is weird that out of 156 missionaries that he could have picked, that he could have done this emergency change, he picked me.  I think that it is because we had a Zone Conference with him and it was just our Zone that was in training and I made a good amount of comments and what not and it really seems that the Mission President is happy with the way that things have been going  for us.

 We All Came to Chile On the Same Flight
What makes it even more crappy is when he told me that I was leaving the sector it was noon and he said that you leave at four o'clock. So, that means that I had three hours to eat lunch, pack, and say goodbye to people.  It was really sad because I really didn't want to leave my sector and not only that but I didn't get to say goodbye to like anyone and so I really miss my old sector.  But it will be good.  We for sure have one baptism this week and we could have two more.
 On the Edge
 So Much Water in My Face

Me and my comp are getting along well.  He is from South Jordan and he has 22 months in the mission.  He is really smart and cool.  We get along great.  Now something that is really cool is that I live with four missionaries.  But, I really didn't want to leave the sister that lives behind us because she was so awesome.  I am going to try really hard to stay in touch with her.
Me and Harmer Waterfall
My new sector is like really ganster now and there are a lot of snakes.  (In other words, girls that want missionaries to kiss them and what not.)   It should be good but I just have to get used to it.  I need to buy some supplies, I used my card for lunch but I also need to pick up some things.  I still have some mission money, but sorry, I have been using a lot of money on my card lately.  I have been having a lot of random stuff happen, so I will need to pick up some stuff at the store with my card and I shouldn't have to use more for a while, I hope. I am kinda bummed that I had to leave some of my investigators and that I won't be able to see them baptized.  We will see what happens in this new sector.
 Me and the Whole Falls
 Waterfall Long Shot
Everyone is bummed that the other elder that was here left and so I haven't had all that awesome of a welcome but it should be good. Well, I will get those package ideas to you, but I don't really have very much more news other than that of the changes.  I need to send you some pictures of my other shoes so you can get the slip-on ones, too, because now they have a hole in them.  It seems that everything is going good for you all.  I love you and hope that everything goes good for you this week.  I will try and get you some news next week.  Love you all and I will talk to you all later.
Elder Nelson

Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning New Mission Techniques

Letter Received August 9, 2010:

Hey, Hey:

Well, I am not going to lie, I have been thinking a lot about Jace this week, with the wedding and all that.  I've been thinkin about how crazy it is that I am now the only single one in our family and that I am going to be the only one living at home when I get there.  That is going to be weird!  I think that the house for me is going to feel very weird now that Jace is out of the house.  I am super happy for him, though.  I do wish that I could have been there for it but now I guess I know how Lexie felt when Lyndsay got married when she was on her mission.

Lexie, I have a question:  what was your Chilena comps name and where does she live?  I might have a Hermana in my zone that may know her.  If I could, I would really like to meet her and I might be able to.

As for me, family, I am doing a lot better.  I have found out that I don't have a parasite.  I just have had a colon infection and I am getting better.  I feel a lot better, though not quite a hundred percent.  But, I am definitely getting there.  I am taking a pill for the next thirty days but I should be fine.

I need to send you some more pictures of my other shoes.  Now my slip-on ones are worn out, so I will send some pictures of those next week.  I think that I would like to still have a pair of slip-ons and a pair of lace ups, so yeah, I will send that next week. 

We had a crazy week because we spent two days doing training with the President and it was awesome!   We really didn't get to spend all that much time in our sector to work like normal.   We have been working with some key people and they really seem to be progressing and I'm super excited to try and do this new stuff that our President has seemed to be wanting us to work with.  We are one of the 114 missions that gets to preview this new plan for working that comes from the Apostles.  It should be super awesome!  My comp and I are getting along really well. 

I have been really good and been thinking how crazy it is that everyone is looking so diffferent especially in the pictures.  Mom you have changed your hair and the kids look so much bigger.  It is going to be crazy to come home because I think that everything is going to be so different when I get home.  Well, I don't really have that much to say, its all about the same.  I do have package ideas if you have to send the shoes yourselves but if the Missionary Mall will do it you don't have to worry about it because I just got a package not that long ago.  I am glad to hear everything went good at the wedding but I will talk to everyone later.  Love and miss you all.

Elder Nelson
Your son and brother on the mission!

Second Life Saved and Not Feeling Well

 Chilean Cowboys

Letter Received August 2, 2010:

Hey Fam:

Well I have told Dad already but I will tell everyone, I have been sick in my stomach for about three weeks now.  It has been worse within the last week and I have been having like stomach pains and they have told me that I have a colon infection and that I might have a parasite.  Yum, huh?  I will get better but I have to go to the doctor next week, too.  It should be all good.  I am losing weight now, ha,ha.  Well, kinda scary, I have lost about 18 pounds since Thursday, so yeah.

 So Fun

As for the week, other than being sick, I have been having a good week.  We had five people in church this week and we found some really good people that are really excited about the church and I think that they're going to get baptized in like three weeks.  They are solid.  They are really awesome!  Some people just showed up to church, so that was such a blessing for us that is for sure.  We have really been praying hard and working to find people and we have been receiving a lot of help.  We are getting better and now have a little bit to work with.

Everyone Wanted to Take Pictures with Me

Something really interesting, I was on a minitransfer with a Priest in our ward and we were knocking doors and found this guy that is less active.  We shared with him and we have reactivated him.  He, like, had nothing and now he has found work and his girlfriend and his little girl are going to come back and we're working on getting them married so that we can try and baptize his girlfriend.  Later, in another lesson, he told me that if we wouldn't have knocked his door that day that he probably was going to killl himself!  There is one life saved! Crazy, huh?

 Me and Freddy, the Inactive Member I Told You About

I will have to send you guys some pictures this week of an activity that we had the other week.  Also, we have been working super hard and we have been having luck with finding some people.  Me and Elder Clark are getting along great. He is from Mesa, Arizona.  We had changes and we stayed, so we are for sure together for another six weeks.  We are going to be trying some new stuff and it should work out really well.  We quote So I Married an Axe Murderer on a daily basis! Ha, ha, I love it.

Not Looking - Activity

I did get those pictures that you sent, they look awesome.  Those are some bomb Converse!  They are perfect for the colors for the wedding.  Sounds like everyone is really busy with the wedding.  Here it is really cold or pouríng rain or both. The rain gear is awesome!  I love it and it fits perfect. Thank you so much for that. I really love it.  As for this week, that is about it.  For Jace, tell him congrats for me and a big huge hug and that I love him and I would give anything to be there for his wedding.  I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Much Better Week!

Letter Received July 26, 2010:

Hey Family:

Well, first off, I wanted to thank everyone for the letters.  It is really awesome to hear from everyone.  I really needed that.  It sounds like everyone is doing so awesome and sounds like family parties are starting to quite down a little bit, ha, ha.  It seems like everyone is in different places and not in Utah in anymore. (I know for sure that I am not in Utah, ha, ha, ha!)

I have had a better week this week, but it did seem a little long, though.  It seems that this week we have made some progress in finding some people and that we have bettered our teaching a little bit.  Especially me personally, because I really tried to focus on using my scriptures a lot more and it really seems that I have been able to connect a lot better with our investigators.  I have felt better about the work that me and my comp have been doing and he has been awesome and never gets disanimated and he has really put everything into perspective for me. He has been awesome to teach with and he has so much Spirit with him and he is so fun to be around because we are so much alike.

For this week it really seemed a lot better because we did an activity for our ward and it was awesome!  I am going to try and send some pics a little bit later.  It went really well and we had awesome numbers for attendance for the activity and it was cool because we were inviting everyone and it worked out really well.  Not only that, but we got some references, so that's cool, too. 

It was awesome to hear how everyone has been doing and that this week was so good for you guys.  I miss July time off year in Utah, that is for sure. But it is all good.  I think that I would like the lace-up Hush Puppies, but I am not hurting too bad for shoes.  I would love to get some more socks, because all of the ones that I had before you sent me more have holes in them now.  I don't really have much to say, but I love you all.  I would like to tell Jace how proud I of him and that I hope that he has a good time through the temple.  Love and miss you all!

Elder Nelson

A Discouraging Week

Letter Received July 19, 2010:


Well, this week was okay.  It didn't really go all that hot for us.  Don't worry, I am fine.  I am just a little disanimated.  Everyone has fallen this week and I haven't been able to find one person this week and this sector is super hard for contacts because everyone here is pretty well off and very prideful.  They don't want to listen to what we have to say to them because they feel like they are doing just fine on their own.  We tell them that they can be more happy, but they look at me like how can you possibly give me more than I already have?  You are just this 20 year old kid that is from a different country that doesn't know anything.  It gets kinda frustrating and I am just ready to start this new week because I am hoping that it is going to go a lot better this week than last.

I am just kinda tired so after internet I am going to take a nap because I feel like I need to rejuvenate my batteries.  One thing that I do know is that the mission is a lot of ups and downs and all I know is that my time is going to come back up when I am going to have success and I have to do all I can and the Lord will bless me with what I need.  This week it just seemed that everything has been falling, because our investigators haven't been keeping their commitments and we can't find anyone and I feel like I am wasting my time knocking doors.  I am hoping that we can kinda change the way that we are working a little bit, but we'll see.

It sounds like everyone is doing well.  I do have something that Dad can help me with and that is I would like to have my line of authority.  That would help me a ton!  So, if you could send me that through email that would be great.  I got my package last week.  Its awesome!  Thank you so much for that!  Iis that tie from Jace's wedding?  I really like that tie! 

I miss you all a ton! How is Kyle doing?  Well, I am pretty much done and I've got to go.  I love you all and miss you a ton

Elder Nelson

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lois' Baptism and More to Come

 Elder Clark, Lois, and Me

Received July 12, 2010:

Hey My Family:

 Elder Clark, _________, Lois, Renne and Me!

Tthis letter is going to be kinda short but I think that should be okay because you are all on vacation, ha, ha.  This week went really well.  My comp and I had our first baptism together, so it was all good.  We are so happy that he got baptized because he was ready to get baptized from the day that we met him.  He was something that you would call a golden investigator.  We are really getting on a roll here, hopefully we should have another one that should be getting baptized this week.  His name is Matias, but he is thirteen so he has to get permission and his mom is not all quick to let him get baptized.  We are going to work with him this week and we will see.

Lois and Renne

The kid that got baptized this week is named Lois and he is awesome!  We also helped teach this kid for a ward baptism so we technically should have two baptisms this week but he is only 8, so he is a ward baptism. Oh well, it is all good!  Mom the shoes that I need are the lace up ones.  I am going to go to the office right now to see if they will have my package so we will see.

 Elder Clark, Lois, Renne, and Me!

The kid that you are asking about, Lexie, I think, is named Gonzalo and he hasn't been baptised yet.  We had kind of a do or die lesson with him and I told him that I can't come back unless I see him making some proggress and it was really spiritual!  He is really animated and he came to church this week and so we are going to see if he can get baptized on the 25th.  He is awesome but we'll have to see.

Huge Completo that I Ate Today!

You all sound like you are having fun in Lava, I wish I was in Lava, ha, ha.  It's cold here! But, it's all good, that is the mission!  I am doing super good and I miss you all a ton and I will talk to you all next week.  Hope all is well. Love you all!

 First Conference with President Humphrey


Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Go America!

Letter Received July 5, 2010:

Feliz Dia de Indepèndencia o 4th of July!


Well first off, I would like to tell you all a Happy 4th of July.  It was not really a deal here, like nothing, ha ha.  But Oh well, the things of a mission right!

Last Photo with Old Mission President Chavez

And I want to wish Craig a happy late Birthday.  I was looking at my calendar and saw that.  So yeah, happy birthday Craig!  Remember holale from Gabriel Iglesias!  Ha, ha!  But, as for me, I am getting along really well and working super hard now that me and my comp have come together.  We have been just contacting machines.  This week we found nine new investigators and it has been awesome!  We were really needing to find people, so that is exactly what we have been doing.  It has been awesome to start out fresh here, and the members are all telling me that they have seen a change in me in the last few weeks, that I seem a lot more happy and animated and seem to be more myself.  I wouldn't disagree with them because I really do feel a lot more animated and feel a lot more like myself and I feel happier.  Me and Elder Clark are getting along so well and working hard and I really think that this trasfer is going really fast because we have been super busy and just loving the mission life and finding out what mission life is all about.  I have been really been feeling like I have the Spirit with me a lot more.  Clark and I are finding all the people that God has put in our way and it really seems like something that I was lacking we my other comp in this sector because we didn't do a whole lot of contacts.  It seems like we were really lazy but I have really gotten out of that faze and am super happy! 

New Compy Playing in the Woods 

I am really focusing on my Spanish and I really want to speak better because my comp has recognized some of the errors that I do often in my Spanish and so I am going to really try and focus in my Spanish study.  This week not a whole lot has happened, kinda boring but i have just been up to the normal missionary work.  I am really excited to get my package and I miss you all a ton!  Poor Hailey, she is always having accidents, but I am glad that she is okay.  What are they doing having chairs with wheels?  That is a horrible idea!

Elder Clark, "Freeze, Sucka!"

That is about it for this week but sorry this letter isn't too informative but yeah that's pretty much it for this week.  It sounds like you all have been really busy enjoying summer.  It is pouring rain here, the streets are like rivers and it is so nuts.  I have never seen anything like it.  That is about it, I miss you all a ton and love you and think about you everyday.

Elder Nelson
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