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Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating in Chile

Letter Received September 20, 2010:

Us With Some of Our Investigators

First off, I want to tell Mom and Taylor happy birthdays!  I hope that they all went well.  This week it sure sounds like you all have been really busy doing stuff.  Sounds like everything is moving along really fast.  The same thing seems to be doing the same here and the time seems to be going by really fast.  My comp goes home in a month!  That is so nuts for me to think about because its like I just feel like we just got put together and work so well together and now he is going to be leaving.  Poopy!  But it is just life, tough, that is how it goes sometimes. 

This week it didn't really seem like we got a whole lot done because of the 18th of September.  It isn't as big as the 4th of July, pretty much the difference is that everyone has the day off, there is a parade, and everyone eats empanadas and they have BBQ.   Pretty much we had a day off because we couldn't really work.  We just got to play soccer for like threee hours and go eat BBQ.  It was awesome, it was fun.  Also, we didn't really get to do any work this week because my comp is District Leader.  We had to do a bunch of mini transfers for the days and so we were like out of our sector the whole week.  I am pretty sure they are going to look at our numbers and be what the heck!  But then we will explain what happened and everything will be all good. 

Some Chilean Cowboys with Nicole

It is all good, we found 2 really good people that I know were gifts from the heavens that the Lord blessed us.  We found this kid named Javier and he is awesome he is reading and he also accepted a baptism date but the thing is that we have to wait till all the holidays are over because he is super busy with all the 18th of September stuff.  When it ends it is going to be super tight.  I really do think that he could get baptised in like three weeks and I am hoping so because I want him to get baptised befor Elder Findlay goes home.  I know that he really deserves it because he really isn't trunky at all.  He is working so hard. 

Everything is going good, we still need to find peoeple but whatever we are doing is working and the Lord is blessing us.  We are really loving the results that we are starting to recieve.  The time has been flying by, I feel like we just leave the house and like we go to work and before I know it the week is over and here I am sitting telling you about the week and feel like I really don't have much to tell you.

Two Gringo Wannabes and a Real Chilean Cowboy

Well, it is good to hear about the house and that the painting is coming along and that Lyndsay is doing really well with her business and that the kids are doing really well.  That is cool that Lexie's baby is doing well and is going to come early.  Seems like everyone is doing really well and that things are moving right along.  The 18th of September was cool but I am ready to get back to work.  I miss you all and love you tons.


Elder Nelson

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