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Monday, November 29, 2010

Transferred! Going to the Country

Letter Received November 29, 2010:


So, yeah, I'm getting transferred out of Chillan now and I am going to Parral. I am going to be with a kid named Elder Haws. He only has one transfer here in Chile. So, that is going to be an interesting experience. I feel that my Spanish is getting better but I don't think that it is good enough to teach someone how to speak it! I don't know where this kid is from yet. I am also another time going to be living in a house of four. I am going to be living with the Zone Leaders. So, that is going to be an interesting experience and not only that, but I think that Parral is kind of country.

I have always been scared that I am going to get a country sector because of the food and not only that but the attendance in church would be really low. But, I will have to get there to be able to tell you really how it is. This is really unexpected and me and my comp are really sad that this change happened because we have so little time together. It seems that it is just like you told me, Lex, that it seems that when ever everything is going good there always is a change. 

I am going to have to be kinda short today because I have a bunch of stuff to do before tomorrow. This week went really good, I have had some really awesome experiences this week. I will write them next week. I am still waiting on that package, but I am sure that it will get here soon. I was thinking of somethings but I will write a list later because I forgot it at the house. I will write it later. I am okay, I just am kinda bummed. Well, I will write more next week, but don't worry, I will be fine in my new sector. I am just kinda bummed. Love you all and miss you tons!
Elder Nelson

Investigators at Church

Letter Received November 22, 2010:

Hey Hey:

So, this week went a little better than the week before. That's because we were able to find some girls that are really really awesome and they are friends and they both came to church.  Not only the three hours but a ward baptism too! So, they are just super awesome! They both are 17, one is named Tiare and the other one is named Paula and they are awesome because we were like we are going to come and look for them to take them to church and they went and searched for one with each other and were already on their way to church. I was like, "I know that today was really long but next week won't be quite as long" and they were like, "The only thing is that we're hungry now." But, they really liked it and they were like, "I am going to come back next week."

So, we are definitely getting blessed and we are starting to find people and now we really can teach and I definitely feel a difference in how we teach and how we go about our work. It seems like I feel a lot more comfortable with how I carry myself with the people, not only the people that are members but just with people in general. I definitely think that having a Chileano comp helps with that. He knows what the people are like and how to teach them and talk to them so that they understand and he always knows what to say right at the right moment. So, now we are progressing but we definitely have some stuff that we need to work on but we are slowly making progress. 

This week went by really really fast. We had some setbacks but I am taking the punches as they come and moving forward and it seems that I kind of have a new outlook on my mission. Me and my comp are still really getting along really well. Us as a house are getting along better, we talked about some stuff that we needed to because there was some contention in the house so we took care of that. 

We played soccer today. It was fun! I made three goals, two of them being headers! It was awesome! I definitely have upped my soccer skills a lot, ha, ha, ha. I can't wait to get back and see how I compare with some of the guys that I used to play with. As for me, I don't know that Elder, Lex, but it seems that my companion does. Apparently, he was the boyfriend of someone in the ward or stake of my companion. But, I haven't heard of him being in my mission. 

How was the pie party? I miss the pie party so much. I love that every year. I definitely miss you guys more and more during the holidays. It really makes you remmember your family alot when you are not with them. But, before you know it, we will be talking on the phone another time. That comes so fast. I will have to keep my mind open for stuff for Christmas. The package still hasn't got here but I am sure that next week it will get here. Well, that is about it for me this week. Love you guys, miss you tons. Send me some picks of the house and what not so I can see what it is like.

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting to Find People to Teach

Letter Received November 16, 2010:

Hey Hey My Family:

Well, this week went better than last week. It seems that we are starting to find some people to teach so now we aren't just doing straight up contacts. Now it seems that we are able to teach some lessons. Now the goal is to get those people to church. It seems that all the people that we are teaching all have some problem with getting to church because they are all living in situations where it doesn't permit them to get to church. I know that will all go away because it is obvious that they are not accustomed to going to church. It seems that there is a lot of opposition for all of them. I know that the Lord is going to provide the way for them to get there.

We are still lacking a lot of people to teach. We are always needing to find because if we don't find while we are teaching we will be back to square one again. It sucks, so I don't want to do this again. We had a really awesome idea and that was to take our forms of old investigators to a member that knows a lot of them. He and his wife are returned missionaries and he was assistant so I know that he has a ton of ideas for us and we are putting together a plan so that we will be so busy that we won't know what to do. So, I am super excited for this week. I know that within the next month that we are going to be so busy and that we are going to find so many people to teach and baptize. I know that my sector is one of gold, I just have to dig for it. Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are both on the same page. We can baptize because I know that we teach well but we just have to do some tweaks and find and we will be loaded with people to teach.

That is tight that it is cooling down there. Here it is getting hotter everyday. I am so burnt right now. I am puttting on sunblock but it doesn't seem to do anything because I still get fried. It sure seems that Dad is always out of town now. I hope that it isn't going to be like that because that would suck to spend your whole life away from home. This week is going to be a good one, I have a feeling. I will keep my eyes open for that package. I have been super good this week we didn't have anyone in church but I would consider it a good week other than that. Well, I don't really have much more to tell but everything is going well. Good to hear that every one is staying busy. Love you all.

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plugging Away at the Work

Letter Received November 8, 2010:

Well, I am running super late so this letter is going to be really short. It seems that a lot has happened this week at home and I have been busy but not really been finding as many people as I would like. But, I have been workin' hard and me and my comp are getting along really well. I know that we are going to find someone really special this week. I know that I just need to be patient because sometimes we are out doing contacts and I just am like, "I am sick of having doors get slammed in my face" and I just want to have people to teach and baptize and sometimes it is hard but I know that if I just keep up what I am doing that I will find those that have been prepared for me. There are a lot of new converts here that I can ask references from and I know that this week that Ii am going to try and work with them.

I have been good though, I just need to keep myself focused and keep my eye on the prize. Me and my companion have some cool ideas that should be fun to try. I know that we will have some fun this week. It seems that everything is going really fast and that everyone is changing and looks different than I rememeber them. I don't even know Wyatt, but I already love him. I love you guys so much.Well, sorry this one is super short but I have to be to work at six. So yeah, love you, miss you a ton. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

Learning from a Member of the 70

Me, Elder Diaz, and Alexis
Letter Received November 1, 2010:


So this week I have been really busy. It seemed that a lot of time got wasted because of a lot of dumb reasons but we did find two new people that are really good. So, that is a start but I know that there is a lot of stuff that I need to do. I just need to take it one step at a time. I feel that I know that my comp will do everything that I want to try and he will run with me and I know that I just have to take the objective and just do the work and I know that the Lord will bless me with the people that I know will progress.

Me and Elder Zeballos
Me and my comp are getting along so well. I know that the Lord has blessed me with a really awesome companion and I know that I just need to push and I know that we are going to baptize. The Lord really couldn't have given me a better situation to work. I am super excited for all the new news that you have told me. I hope that everything goes well with Lexie and the baby. I am glad that you all had a good time for Halloween. Well, I am running late and don't really have a whole lot of time to talk but this week was pretty casual. We had a conference with Elder Zaballos from the First Quorum of the Seventy. He is really awesome and has a freakin' awesome sense of humor. I was the only one that got a personal picture with him. I learned a ton from what he said to us. He came and talked to the missionaries from the city of Chillan. It was really awesome! Love you all, g2g. Sorry this one is so short.

My New Zone in Chillan
Love You,
Elder Nelson

Love My New Companion

Letter Received October 25, 2010:


So, first off, I will tell you all about my new companion. I freaking love my new companion! He is so tight! I was so wrong to say that I didn't want a Latino. He is from Viña del Mar and he is so awesome. He is so much like me and we get along so well. He loves sports and motorcycles just like me and music and all that what not. He likes to say the things straight how they are and I like that because that is how I am. I love to say the things how they really are. He is something that you would call a buena onda! Which means a relaxed and cool person that everyone likes. He has a lot of talents. He is someone that I really want to invite to the house after the mission to stay for a bit. He is one of my latino comps that I think that would actually be able to do it. He is really tight! He loves sports and motorcycles just like me. He has a girlfriend that is on a mission and she is in Argentina and so that is some thing really cool.

This week, as in for the work, was pretty much my comp getting to know all the people. We get along super well and it seems that everyone loves him and I know that this sector is going to change a lot in the next little bit. We are out of people to teach, so we have to find people this week.

We have been working hard and it seems now being senior comp that people give me a little bit more respect because they need to talk to me to make things work. Not only that, but everything seems to be more chill. All the people seem to be showing more love to me for some reason and I really like it. I really feel that there is a lot of work that needs to be done here and that me and my companion are going to get it all done.

As for me, mom, I think that would be just fine about the shoes if you wanted to send them this week and send the other ones later, I think that I would want the slip-ons. I can't believe that it is Halloween already. That is so nuts think about that it is going to be Christmas in just a little bit and we are going to be talking on the phone. I thought of something that Dad said to me while I was in the MTC that he thought that he could send me that little white printer to print photos that would be really awesome if i could get that. Just an idea. Sorry that this one is so short but yeah, I am doing good. Everyone sounds really good. Hope everything goes well, Lex, and I want to see pics later. I love you all and I will talk to you next week.


Elder Nelson
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