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Monday, November 29, 2010

Investigators at Church

Letter Received November 22, 2010:

Hey Hey:

So, this week went a little better than the week before. That's because we were able to find some girls that are really really awesome and they are friends and they both came to church.  Not only the three hours but a ward baptism too! So, they are just super awesome! They both are 17, one is named Tiare and the other one is named Paula and they are awesome because we were like we are going to come and look for them to take them to church and they went and searched for one with each other and were already on their way to church. I was like, "I know that today was really long but next week won't be quite as long" and they were like, "The only thing is that we're hungry now." But, they really liked it and they were like, "I am going to come back next week."

So, we are definitely getting blessed and we are starting to find people and now we really can teach and I definitely feel a difference in how we teach and how we go about our work. It seems like I feel a lot more comfortable with how I carry myself with the people, not only the people that are members but just with people in general. I definitely think that having a Chileano comp helps with that. He knows what the people are like and how to teach them and talk to them so that they understand and he always knows what to say right at the right moment. So, now we are progressing but we definitely have some stuff that we need to work on but we are slowly making progress. 

This week went by really really fast. We had some setbacks but I am taking the punches as they come and moving forward and it seems that I kind of have a new outlook on my mission. Me and my comp are still really getting along really well. Us as a house are getting along better, we talked about some stuff that we needed to because there was some contention in the house so we took care of that. 

We played soccer today. It was fun! I made three goals, two of them being headers! It was awesome! I definitely have upped my soccer skills a lot, ha, ha, ha. I can't wait to get back and see how I compare with some of the guys that I used to play with. As for me, I don't know that Elder, Lex, but it seems that my companion does. Apparently, he was the boyfriend of someone in the ward or stake of my companion. But, I haven't heard of him being in my mission. 

How was the pie party? I miss the pie party so much. I love that every year. I definitely miss you guys more and more during the holidays. It really makes you remmember your family alot when you are not with them. But, before you know it, we will be talking on the phone another time. That comes so fast. I will have to keep my mind open for stuff for Christmas. The package still hasn't got here but I am sure that next week it will get here. Well, that is about it for me this week. Love you guys, miss you tons. Send me some picks of the house and what not so I can see what it is like.

Elder Nelson

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