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Monday, November 29, 2010

Transferred! Going to the Country

Letter Received November 29, 2010:


So, yeah, I'm getting transferred out of Chillan now and I am going to Parral. I am going to be with a kid named Elder Haws. He only has one transfer here in Chile. So, that is going to be an interesting experience. I feel that my Spanish is getting better but I don't think that it is good enough to teach someone how to speak it! I don't know where this kid is from yet. I am also another time going to be living in a house of four. I am going to be living with the Zone Leaders. So, that is going to be an interesting experience and not only that, but I think that Parral is kind of country.

I have always been scared that I am going to get a country sector because of the food and not only that but the attendance in church would be really low. But, I will have to get there to be able to tell you really how it is. This is really unexpected and me and my comp are really sad that this change happened because we have so little time together. It seems that it is just like you told me, Lex, that it seems that when ever everything is going good there always is a change. 

I am going to have to be kinda short today because I have a bunch of stuff to do before tomorrow. This week went really good, I have had some really awesome experiences this week. I will write them next week. I am still waiting on that package, but I am sure that it will get here soon. I was thinking of somethings but I will write a list later because I forgot it at the house. I will write it later. I am okay, I just am kinda bummed. Well, I will write more next week, but don't worry, I will be fine in my new sector. I am just kinda bummed. Love you all and miss you tons!
Elder Nelson

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