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Monday, December 6, 2010

Goal of 26 Baptisms!

Letter Received December 6, 2010:

Well, I have already told the most of you about my new sector and companion so I am guessing that this one is going to be another short little week of writting this week because it is starting to get late and I would like to catch a nap before I need to go to work. That is something that I thought that I would never say! I want to nap. But, here it does a lot for you. This whole week, I don't know why, but for some reason I have been so tired.

Now, I am with Elder Palta or "Guacamole Haws"! He is from Arizona and he loves boating.  Me and my comp are getting along really well. He is really good but just wants to learn Spanish. He was with a comp from Peru but didn't learn a lot from him and so he really wants my help. It is really different but he is really awesome. We just need to work out how we want to teach together. Really, my comp said to me that he feels that I am like his second trainer. I think that he in a way is relieved because I know how stressful it can be to be with a Latin compaion without knowing any of the language. He is awesome! He just wants to work hard. His name is Elder Haws but we call him Palta becaus that means guacamole but the reason is because they have a type of palta here named haws and no one can say his name right so he just says like the palta. Ha, ha, ha!

My sector is kinda like our house, it isn't really country, but it is ha, ha, ha. If you know what I mean. But there are parts of my sector that are really country. Something that is amazing about this sector is that the food is the best in my mission. The food is so good here! All the people actually ask us what we want and they give us so much! But it does seem that there are a lot of rich people here and that they have cars so that is nice. But, the people that are here seem to be a lot nicer and a lot more accepting of the gospel.

Something that is kind of out of the normal is us as a zone have made a goal of 26 baptisms and that is like unheard of. All the other Zone Leaders were looking at us like, "What!" and President about jumped out of his seat and he was looking at them because they were talking about possibilities for baptism this month and goals and they said 26 and they are like possibilities that are good. The Zone Leaders were like, no its the goal and President at first said if we get it he will take all of us golfing and then he said, "I will take you on a trip to somewhere cool as a zone." And we were like, "We want to go to the temple." So, we are working really hard to get the goal because there are 41 people that could get baptized in our zone and so yeah we're going to rock it! It would be so legit if we could do it! I want to go to the temple so bad! That would be so tight to go to Santiago, but we will have to see. Not much else new that i haven't told you already in other emails but we will talk more next week.

Elder Nelson

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