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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teaching in Spanish for the First Time

Letter Received October 28, 2009:

dear family

how is everything going at home? well i got you package the other day which was awesome! thank you so much for the stuff! we are going to have a halloween party in our room on halloween so all that stuff works out really well and it was good to get more salsa and stuff. my district is pouring over it and much love sent from them for the stuff. those cake things were awesome that was a good idea and they were awesome. any who, thanks. it was good to here about your fun time carving pumpkins. that's good for jace that he has found a girl to start dating. she looks really cute. ya i can look at the pictures but they do take along time to look at . but o well i just sent home a bunch of pictures today. i cant send them through email. one, i don't think that they will let me and two, i don't have the cord to connect to the computer. its in the box that my camera came in which i don't know where it is.

but everything here is going good. i went to the trc and taught my first lesson and the first lesson in spanish and it went amazing. i don't even know what i said but i know that it was amazing cause the lady thought that it was our like fifth time teaching in spanish and ya so that was good. your quotes that you sent were really good lex thank you. last night was awesome! we had a devo with an apostle, L. Tom Perry came and it was the most spiritual meeting. i was like forty feet from him, it was amazing. i took like four pages of notes.

tyson leaves on tuesday which makes me sad but o well. class is going really good. i have still been going to the tutor and working hard on spanish. i can't believe that i only have three weeks left! thats nuts! but two things that i need are i need money so i don't have to keep using my card cause it is for emergencies and i need a phone card so that i can call you when i am at the airport i should have a couple hours because i should have a couple layovers. i dont know what times yet but i will let you know.

class and everything here is pretty much the same. i told you all the big news. i don't know what else to say here. what's all been going on at home with everyone? how is riding going? have you put the street bikes away yet? we got snow down here but nothing stuck. what has been going on with everyone? that sucks that craig has been sick. how are lyndsay and justin doing? it has been good to here from you all. i love you and willl write letters. how has jace, mom, and dad? i miss you all so much can't wait to talk to you. love you and miss you all.

love your
elder austin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching Up and Doing Great

Letter Received October 21, 2009:

dear family

thats cool about rudi and kyler. i knew that brit would realize that he likes 450s. anyway, whos did he ride? i knew that he liked them. what made rudi and kyler start asking about the church? but any who, that sucks the track was bad. its no good to hear about that guy. i don't remember him, but that still is no good. but i miss riding so bad but, o well, it will be there when i get back. surprisingly, i am missing snowboarding like way bad. it just seems like time to start getting ready for that time of year, even though in chile i will be going right back to spring. but ya everything sounds good at home. i hope that everything is going well at home. i am praying for you guys alot, everyday here, muliple times a day. but that's cool that lyndsay is doin really good. it is good to hear from everyone. thanks for all the packages and stuff.

everything here is pretty much the same here. i have had a lot of spiritual expeiriences here, especially on tuesdays. we always have devotional district review that ends up turning into a testimony meeting. they are awesome and my district is tight now. i talked to that kid in my district about music and what not and now we're tight and we switched dl's (district leaders) and the new one is my roomate. he is way chill. spanish is starting to come a little cause i have been going to the tutor like crazy and they have been helping me a lot and its been good. my teachers have noticed the difference and keep setting me up times and so its kinda working out even though it gets kinda stressed at times. but oh well, everything else is kinda the same here, not much new to report. i have pictures to send home and i will send those home this week but ya i am out of cash, so i had to get some money out for food at the temple today. so ya i thought well i still have my atm card from america first so you could just put some money on that instead of sending it through the mail and it would be secure but let me know what you want to do. but ya i would like some salsa, a calendar, and just what ever you can think of that you would want to send and it will be fine mom. i will write letters to people cause its hard to get everyone in one letter. oh, preferably a motocross calendar. thanks. but have you got those family pics? if you do that would be dandy. ok, well i got to go, but i love you all. i will write as soon as i can.

 love elder nelson

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Homesick and Frustrated

Letter Received October 14, 2009:

hey, whats up everybody? just to let you all know i can print off your letters so you can make emails as long as you want cause it wont take my time on the compy.

so every thing here is kinda stressful cause i am super behind on all my spanish classes. gospel stuff is really good but, yeah, spanish is not going well at all and i had like the worst day ever this week. i wanted to come home so bad i was getting frustrated with spanish and my teachers cause i couldn't get them to help me. but then i forgot to put the cap back on my pen and i put it in my shirt pocket and it was a fountain pen and it totally ruined my shirt so ya i am down a long sleeved shirt. then i had a teaching appointment that i wasn't ready for and so it didn't go well. i was feeling really sick so that day was horrible and i wanted to come home so bad . i have been sincerely humbled. but i am doing better now but my homesickness has kicked back in. it has been good to hear from home. i got your packages today thank you so much for them i loved them.

other classes have been good. i went to the phone call referral center and i called a guy and got him to accept the book of mormon and to get discussions from the missionaries. cool huh. dad, what have you been up to lately? what bike are you going to get if this one sells? what have you been doin' other than work? i have been praying to get a letter soon from you cause i have been way home sick. it really helps to hear from home.

hello, rest of the family. spanish is really hard and i am falling behind but gospel classes are really good and i am sure that dad will tell everyone about the guy in the reference center but thank you so much for the packages! how is everyone doing? what have lexie and craig been up too? did lexie sell her car? everything is hopefully going to pick up here its been kinda hard but i have been spending a lot of time on my knees. that's cool for jace that he won battle of the bands and that you are recording and it would be awesome if you could look out for a cheap zune. that's awesome though i want to hear the new stuff when it comes out for sure. mom, how has everything been going for you? what have you been up to? thanks for the packages. don't have much time left if you have anything that you want to know write me and i will answer them. but did lyndsay and justin get that place? how has everything been going with them? how did the trade show go? but i have to go, my time is up. i love you all.

love elder nelson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mi Testimonio/My Testimony

Letter Received 13 October 2009:

En Enspanol:

Yo se que Jesu Cristo vive.  Yo se que Jose Smith es una profeta verdad.  Yo se que dios amo mi.  Yo se que yo tiene la evangelio.  Yo se que Thomas S. Monson es una profeta de dios.  Yo se que arrepentirse es parte de plan de dios.  Yo se que la iglesia de Jesu Cristo es verdad.  En el nombre de Jesu Cristo.  Amen.

(Apenado es mui poquito)

In English:

I know that this church is true.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true man of God.  He leads and guides us today.  He received revelation for the Church.

I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.  I know that Heavenly Father loves us, that he knows each of us personally.

I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and the Son, that Joseph Smith was a man of unquestionable faith and wisdom. That I am thankful for the trials he went through, for without Joseph Smith there would be no Church.

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that if any book on earth is true, the Book of Mormon would be the one.

I have a testimony of prayer.  I know that if we ask in prayer to our Heavenly Father with a sincere heart and have faith that he will help and bless us.

I know that God has sent me on a mission for people that need the gospel in their life.  I know that the Lord will bless me with the gift of tongues and I will take the gospel to them.

I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

General Conference was Great!

Letter Received October 7, 2009:

hey family

everything is going ok here. i got sick this week though, it was no good, when i say sick i mean i got a migraine. it was scary. i don't know why i got one. i haven't even been doin' anything that would bring one on. thanks for the package. it was awesome and i love the pics that taylor and hailey sent, however, they were the wrong shoes. ha, ha, so i will send them back, ha, ha. i need the white and orange toed ones, these ones are two sizes to big. ha ha thanks though. i am glad for the shirts.

conference here was really cool i got a lot more out of it here than i usually do. elder holland's talk was awesome! it did not however feel the same going to priesthood with out all you guys and going to dinner afterwords. i definitely missed that for sure but its all good it was a good weekend think its weird i have already almost been out a month and there is so much work to be done. but my spanish is starting to come a little better. the devotional was really good last night we had ben b banks come and speak to us. he was really good. it seems like everything is changing rapidly at home. i'm not going to recognize anything when i get home. my classes are going good. sorry i haven't written my testimony down yet but i will and i will print out some pics to send home with it in a letter. i am going to send some individual letters.

but the food is still horrible here and i definitely wish we had more gym time. i don't remember if i told you that i get to call home on the 16th of november when i get to the airport if i can get to a pay phone it will be awesome. even though i don't know what time the flight will be so it could be at like three in the morning. classes here are getting kinda stressed here but they will be fine. me and my comp and most of my district are getting along really well. however, there are two of the kids in my district that i want to ring their necks and one got in my face yesterday but i kept my calm. so that's something that i will have to work out. its good to hear from everyone and i love to get the letters and packages.

i cant wait for a apostle to come here and speak to us that would be awesome. i have ten minutes left but i have to switch my laundry i will get on in just a bit...

...but any who everything is going good here and i am miss you all. not really other than conference to report here pretty basic stuff. just class. one thing that i can tell brit and brach is to tell them to help them prepare for their missions is to study the crap out of preach my gospel and the book of mormon and they will for ever be grateful! but not really much to report here i will write more letters to each of you. love you all.

sincerly austin wayne nelson
elder nelson

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fasting, Praying, and Bearing Testimony

Letter Received September 30, 2009:

hola mi familia!
how has everything been going? goin pretty good here. spanish is not coming very easy and it will come though but i am learning a lot about the gospel and about myself and my comp. pretty much class is about all we do and then we have teaching appointments that we have with teachers and vollenters (i don't know how to spell it o well ha ha). i'm starting to get used to it here i am definitely lookin forward to the 16th of Nov. though. guess what, i can call you guys from the airport so yeah i will tell you when my flight and that is when i find out but if i get to pay phone i can call! i haven't ran out of money i just thought it would be smart to try my card before i got to chile you know. ha ha. i don't any more shots right now but i do have to get one more hep shot for the last one but no on the swine flu they didn't say anything about one yet. that's cool i am so glad to hear about lyndsay and justin's experience and stuff like that i will fast and pray for them this week. the food here is starting to make me sick every time i eat so please send lots of cups of noodles cause that sounds golden to me here anything that can be microwaved is awesome thanks for the package i just picked it up. i think that's cool that lyns and justin might be moving. those rice crispies with the caramel and chocolate are divine and are from the gods please send much more of those please!;) how are things going at home and stuff like that. i miss you guys so much i cant stop thinkin about you guys! i joined the choir but were not singing in conference. bummer, huh, that would have been so tight! thats cool for lexie that you have been having some good luck with the job situation and all i hope everything goes well  i know they will things will pick up for you lexie cause i fasted and pray for you to get a job every day i fasted for you last fast sunday that was one of the few things that i fasted for.  i will right down my testimony sometime this week and send it off too you all along with some pics. please send me some of the family pictures that we took that would be awesome what's going on with all the people in the family? it would be awesome to hear what's going on with each person. i am so happy with all the letters and stuff i have been getting. my comp and i had a really good teaching appointment and i felt the spirit work through me and it was amazing. then we had a devo (devotional) and it was amazing after cause we had district meeting after and we all made comments and i felt the spirit stronger than i have ever before. i was testifying and i started to ball like a baby. i couldn't hold it back. it was bad but it was good. what's going on with craig and justin? i have been having my good days and my bad but everyone does. tell taylor that i got his picture and its up in my room i will send a pic of it with me. i wish i had time to nap but o well that sucks. well i will right more in letters but i am out of time. love all you, can't wait to hear from you.

things i would like:
dp or mt dew
please send my b ball shoes so i have them for here then i will send them back or i will just give them away
more salsa my district ate all of it so fast it was bomb
please please send my adtr shirt along with my villopoto shirt and like five other shirts and please send lots more ankle socks
but that's pretty much it k

amor mi familia
love elder nelson
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