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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teaching in Spanish for the First Time

Letter Received October 28, 2009:

dear family

how is everything going at home? well i got you package the other day which was awesome! thank you so much for the stuff! we are going to have a halloween party in our room on halloween so all that stuff works out really well and it was good to get more salsa and stuff. my district is pouring over it and much love sent from them for the stuff. those cake things were awesome that was a good idea and they were awesome. any who, thanks. it was good to here about your fun time carving pumpkins. that's good for jace that he has found a girl to start dating. she looks really cute. ya i can look at the pictures but they do take along time to look at . but o well i just sent home a bunch of pictures today. i cant send them through email. one, i don't think that they will let me and two, i don't have the cord to connect to the computer. its in the box that my camera came in which i don't know where it is.

but everything here is going good. i went to the trc and taught my first lesson and the first lesson in spanish and it went amazing. i don't even know what i said but i know that it was amazing cause the lady thought that it was our like fifth time teaching in spanish and ya so that was good. your quotes that you sent were really good lex thank you. last night was awesome! we had a devo with an apostle, L. Tom Perry came and it was the most spiritual meeting. i was like forty feet from him, it was amazing. i took like four pages of notes.

tyson leaves on tuesday which makes me sad but o well. class is going really good. i have still been going to the tutor and working hard on spanish. i can't believe that i only have three weeks left! thats nuts! but two things that i need are i need money so i don't have to keep using my card cause it is for emergencies and i need a phone card so that i can call you when i am at the airport i should have a couple hours because i should have a couple layovers. i dont know what times yet but i will let you know.

class and everything here is pretty much the same. i told you all the big news. i don't know what else to say here. what's all been going on at home with everyone? how is riding going? have you put the street bikes away yet? we got snow down here but nothing stuck. what has been going on with everyone? that sucks that craig has been sick. how are lyndsay and justin doing? it has been good to here from you all. i love you and willl write letters. how has jace, mom, and dad? i miss you all so much can't wait to talk to you. love you and miss you all.

love your
elder austin

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