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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Homesick and Frustrated

Letter Received October 14, 2009:

hey, whats up everybody? just to let you all know i can print off your letters so you can make emails as long as you want cause it wont take my time on the compy.

so every thing here is kinda stressful cause i am super behind on all my spanish classes. gospel stuff is really good but, yeah, spanish is not going well at all and i had like the worst day ever this week. i wanted to come home so bad i was getting frustrated with spanish and my teachers cause i couldn't get them to help me. but then i forgot to put the cap back on my pen and i put it in my shirt pocket and it was a fountain pen and it totally ruined my shirt so ya i am down a long sleeved shirt. then i had a teaching appointment that i wasn't ready for and so it didn't go well. i was feeling really sick so that day was horrible and i wanted to come home so bad . i have been sincerely humbled. but i am doing better now but my homesickness has kicked back in. it has been good to hear from home. i got your packages today thank you so much for them i loved them.

other classes have been good. i went to the phone call referral center and i called a guy and got him to accept the book of mormon and to get discussions from the missionaries. cool huh. dad, what have you been up to lately? what bike are you going to get if this one sells? what have you been doin' other than work? i have been praying to get a letter soon from you cause i have been way home sick. it really helps to hear from home.

hello, rest of the family. spanish is really hard and i am falling behind but gospel classes are really good and i am sure that dad will tell everyone about the guy in the reference center but thank you so much for the packages! how is everyone doing? what have lexie and craig been up too? did lexie sell her car? everything is hopefully going to pick up here its been kinda hard but i have been spending a lot of time on my knees. that's cool for jace that he won battle of the bands and that you are recording and it would be awesome if you could look out for a cheap zune. that's awesome though i want to hear the new stuff when it comes out for sure. mom, how has everything been going for you? what have you been up to? thanks for the packages. don't have much time left if you have anything that you want to know write me and i will answer them. but did lyndsay and justin get that place? how has everything been going with them? how did the trade show go? but i have to go, my time is up. i love you all.

love elder nelson

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