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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fasting, Praying, and Bearing Testimony

Letter Received September 30, 2009:

hola mi familia!
how has everything been going? goin pretty good here. spanish is not coming very easy and it will come though but i am learning a lot about the gospel and about myself and my comp. pretty much class is about all we do and then we have teaching appointments that we have with teachers and vollenters (i don't know how to spell it o well ha ha). i'm starting to get used to it here i am definitely lookin forward to the 16th of Nov. though. guess what, i can call you guys from the airport so yeah i will tell you when my flight and that is when i find out but if i get to pay phone i can call! i haven't ran out of money i just thought it would be smart to try my card before i got to chile you know. ha ha. i don't any more shots right now but i do have to get one more hep shot for the last one but no on the swine flu they didn't say anything about one yet. that's cool i am so glad to hear about lyndsay and justin's experience and stuff like that i will fast and pray for them this week. the food here is starting to make me sick every time i eat so please send lots of cups of noodles cause that sounds golden to me here anything that can be microwaved is awesome thanks for the package i just picked it up. i think that's cool that lyns and justin might be moving. those rice crispies with the caramel and chocolate are divine and are from the gods please send much more of those please!;) how are things going at home and stuff like that. i miss you guys so much i cant stop thinkin about you guys! i joined the choir but were not singing in conference. bummer, huh, that would have been so tight! thats cool for lexie that you have been having some good luck with the job situation and all i hope everything goes well  i know they will things will pick up for you lexie cause i fasted and pray for you to get a job every day i fasted for you last fast sunday that was one of the few things that i fasted for.  i will right down my testimony sometime this week and send it off too you all along with some pics. please send me some of the family pictures that we took that would be awesome what's going on with all the people in the family? it would be awesome to hear what's going on with each person. i am so happy with all the letters and stuff i have been getting. my comp and i had a really good teaching appointment and i felt the spirit work through me and it was amazing. then we had a devo (devotional) and it was amazing after cause we had district meeting after and we all made comments and i felt the spirit stronger than i have ever before. i was testifying and i started to ball like a baby. i couldn't hold it back. it was bad but it was good. what's going on with craig and justin? i have been having my good days and my bad but everyone does. tell taylor that i got his picture and its up in my room i will send a pic of it with me. i wish i had time to nap but o well that sucks. well i will right more in letters but i am out of time. love all you, can't wait to hear from you.

things i would like:
dp or mt dew
please send my b ball shoes so i have them for here then i will send them back or i will just give them away
more salsa my district ate all of it so fast it was bomb
please please send my adtr shirt along with my villopoto shirt and like five other shirts and please send lots more ankle socks
but that's pretty much it k

amor mi familia
love elder nelson

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