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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching Up and Doing Great

Letter Received October 21, 2009:

dear family

thats cool about rudi and kyler. i knew that brit would realize that he likes 450s. anyway, whos did he ride? i knew that he liked them. what made rudi and kyler start asking about the church? but any who, that sucks the track was bad. its no good to hear about that guy. i don't remember him, but that still is no good. but i miss riding so bad but, o well, it will be there when i get back. surprisingly, i am missing snowboarding like way bad. it just seems like time to start getting ready for that time of year, even though in chile i will be going right back to spring. but ya everything sounds good at home. i hope that everything is going well at home. i am praying for you guys alot, everyday here, muliple times a day. but that's cool that lyndsay is doin really good. it is good to hear from everyone. thanks for all the packages and stuff.

everything here is pretty much the same here. i have had a lot of spiritual expeiriences here, especially on tuesdays. we always have devotional district review that ends up turning into a testimony meeting. they are awesome and my district is tight now. i talked to that kid in my district about music and what not and now we're tight and we switched dl's (district leaders) and the new one is my roomate. he is way chill. spanish is starting to come a little cause i have been going to the tutor like crazy and they have been helping me a lot and its been good. my teachers have noticed the difference and keep setting me up times and so its kinda working out even though it gets kinda stressed at times. but oh well, everything else is kinda the same here, not much new to report. i have pictures to send home and i will send those home this week but ya i am out of cash, so i had to get some money out for food at the temple today. so ya i thought well i still have my atm card from america first so you could just put some money on that instead of sending it through the mail and it would be secure but let me know what you want to do. but ya i would like some salsa, a calendar, and just what ever you can think of that you would want to send and it will be fine mom. i will write letters to people cause its hard to get everyone in one letter. oh, preferably a motocross calendar. thanks. but have you got those family pics? if you do that would be dandy. ok, well i got to go, but i love you all. i will write as soon as i can.

 love elder nelson

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