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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready for Zone Conference

Letter Received July 25, 2011:


I know that this email is going to be really really short. It is because we are really running late and we still have to go back to Bulnes and change because we are here in Chillan. Not only that but I really don’t have a whole lot of news.

It went pretty well this week. My new Branch President is bomb, and this week the Assistants to the President came out and did a mini transfer and one of my best buddies from the mission is Assistant and he came and taught me some things. So, it really helped me out a ton. We also have Conference with President tomorrow and it is going to be really cool. I am really excited.

I also have some bad news. I am completely out of money and I have to go to Concepcion tomorrow and I have to pay with my card because I don’t really have any choice. Sorry. Everything is good with me and my companion. We are working hard and doing well. Our time is getting short together, so we are enjoying it to the max.  I love you all, sorry this is so short, love you all, ciao!

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 18, 2011

God Does Exist and He Loves Me!

Letter Received July 18, 2011:

This week, I have absolutely amazing news! Ha, ha, ha! Are you ready yet? Are you sure? Yeah? Okay, I will tell you, ha, ha!! Well, they have now decided to change the Branch President and the Stake Presidency came last week and changed him out for a member of the High Counsel and it is going to be awesome! The guy is super excited and willing to help and I know that everything is going to turn around. He lives in Chillan but he has a car. It is like a twenty minute drive, if that. He is going to help so much and now I won't have to be babysitting anymore.

Not only that, but this week we found 10 new investigators! A lot of them are really good and some aren't so good, but God has all power and can do miracles and you never know.

I don't know why but I really do feel like a new man and feel like renewed and I feel a lot more happy. I think that it is because I have been worried about the Branch and now I don't have that because the new Branch President is going to take care of everything and now I don't really have act as the Branch President but without a title. Now I am a counselor and I can help really how I should. Not only that but me and my comp have been able to make up a new program on how we are going to work and we are going to start on it this week. So, we are going to have a really good week, I know it. My comp is a lot happier but I know that he feels that he is ready to leave Bulnes. He is still working hard and it seems that he has loosened up a little bit.

Today we had a really good p-day. We went and played soccer and had a BBQ. It was awesome and I played well. I put in 8 goals so I was content.

Time is going quick and it seems that no matter what I do it doesn't slow down but goes faster. I know that the time is going to go by quick, but that is the mission. I feel bad for Lyndsay, I hope that she is okay! I am praying for you all all of the time. Some ideas for packages are some Snickers, Fastbreaks, Recess, Amazing Sauce (ha, ha, love it), the Bible and D&C stickers for the scriptures, zingers (the red ones), jerky, whatchamacallit bars, cliff bars (Lexie knows what they are), any kind of candy. I would really love to have the scripture mastery scripture stickers. Yeah, thank you all, I love you so much.

Elder Nelson   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visiting Less Actives Is Bringing People Back to Church

Letter Received July 11, 2011:


This week went by really fast even though we didn't get a whole lot of things done. It seemed that everywhere that I turned, I had something else that I had to do. Something cool is that we are now teaching a professional soccer player. She is so tight! She is in the minor leagues for her age still. She is really cool!

We are not really making all that much progress with the Branch President because he doesn't really have the desire at all to change, so I am thinking that soon they are going to change him out (or at least I am hoping).

Me and my companion are getting along, but I am not going to lie, my comp has been a little bit on edge lately. I think that he is getting bummed about the work a little bit because it is especially hard to be patient in the first part of you mission. Today is his birthday, so I would like to buy him a cake and a little something to cheer him up. We were going to go to the snow in the mountains today but the activity got cancelled because the car was being dumb, so yeah, here we are.

This week was okay but this coming one hopefully will be better. Sorry that I don't really have all that much to tell. This week I was able to have 41 people in church, That is really good for the Branch these days. I know that is thanks to visiting the less actives because they are now coming slowly back to church. That is about it for this week. I love you all, take care. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tough Times, Short Letter

Letter Received July 4, 2011:


So, this week went okay but it didn't go the way that I planned. Me and my companion have come up with a new program to work with the less active members, so we are going to see how that works out for us. Me and my companion are happy to still be together. I know that he is going to be changed soon. If he stays this next transfer he would be with me till I die and then he would have to stay for one more after I leave. I know that the President wouldn't leave someone in the Sector for that long. Especially here in Bulnes, he wouldn't chastise someone for that long, ha, ha, ha.

This week, once again, the President of the Branch did not show up for anything so I am going to have to talk to the Stake because things aren't working and I don't know what to do. We were blessed with some people to teach. That makes me happy! Sorry, once again time is short. I love you all. I promise next week that I will write a lot but there is not a whole lot of news either. I love you and hope that you had a good 4th of July.

Elder Nelson
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