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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Letter from the Mission Field

Letter Received September 17, 2011:


Well, this is going to be my last email to all of you from the mission. I am going to be home on the 26th of September. I just wanted to thank all of you for the love and support throughout the length of my mission. I thank you for helping me through the good times and the bad. I will forever be grateful for the love that you all have shown me. I love you all.

Les Quiero Mucho,
Elder Nelson

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Reality of Coming Home Hits

Letter Received September 12, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

So this is really weird to hear and think that Tyson is on his way home right now. That kinda really does set it in that I am going home. It was kinda the same thing when I left because it was like it was Tyson's farewell then it was mine and that is really what set it in for me. Not only that, but to think that you guys are going to have to get ready for me to come home is weird to think. Right now it just kinda seems like I am just having a new transfer.

I asked the missionaries in my Zone that are in the internet place that i am in and they would all like some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So, if you could bring down a box and maybe a bottle of amazing sauce for Elder Flores because I know that he loves that stuff.

This week went well because Gabriel finally went to church and we are starting to find people. Me and my comp are getting along well. I do think that he is kinda waiting for me to be done because he is really focused and, I am not going to lie, it is hard not to really talk about home. He doesn't want to talk about like anything at home. I think that this last week is going to be a good one because we have a conference and it is the 18th of September and what not. Plus its like a cool time to finish the mission. I don't really have all that much to tell you. I will just see you all next week anyway, ha, ha, ha. I am still staying focused for my last week.

Elder Nelson

Oh yeah, Dad you need to have Kat help you to memorize how to say this in Spanish: Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesu Cristo. Yo te bautiso en el nombre del padre y del hijo y del espiritu santo. Amen.   

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Quick Note

Letter Received September 5, 2011:

Hey Everyone:
Sorry I don't have time today. I am running super late but everything is going well. Nothing new here. I am here in Parral visiting people. I am doing well. I love you all. I will have more time this next week. I love you all. My kid is doing well.
Elder Nelson

Monday, August 29, 2011

Luisa is Confirmed

Letter Received August 29, 2011:

Well, again this letter, I think, is going to be a little short because I am in Concepcion to say hey to people so that I can set up for when Mom and Dad come. But, there isn't really much to tell anyway. Same old business. We did have the confirmation though this week of Luisa. It was cool! My kid did it. It made me so proud, ha, ha, ha! We have been working and it seems like time is going by so fast. We are pretty much just doing contacts because we only really have like 1 investigator, his name is Gabriel and he is really good. It just seems like he has a lot of opposition. I think that I might be able to baptize him the last day of the mission. That would be so awesome. Sorry that this is so incredibly short but not much to say and little time also.

Elder Nelson

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working With a New Investigator

Letter Received August 22, 2011:
A Baptizing Celebrity!

So, this week was a good and a bad one because we baptized and we had horrible numbers. That is two weeks with bad numbers. But, this week is going to be better. We are teaching a guy named Gabriel and he is really good. We just have to help him quit smoking because he smokes like twenty a day so we're going to have to help him a lot. I think that he is going to be baptized my last day in the mission.

Me, Elder White, and Luisa
Sorry this is so short but I was visiting people to set up for when you are coming. I am doing well. Other than Gabriel and the baptism, there is not much new  I am enjoying the last parts of my mission. My kid is awesome and he is helping me focus really well and he is really excited for the work.

Last Pic With Elder Flores
Something I was thinking about is that it is going to be a really good idea if you bring a GPS so that we can navigate well. I heard that here in Chillan the hotels aren't that good. I am not sure where the kid's parents stayed but I heard that it wasn't very nice. Sorry this is so short, I still have to travel back to Bulnes. I love you all. Time is getting short and I am running out of new things to tell you.

Elder Nelson

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time is Flying By

Letter Received August 15, 2011:

Me and my son in Conce just after we met . Cool, huh?

Well, this week was a pretty good one. Me and my companion get a long really well. He is from Salt Lake City and his name is Elder White. Wow! Time as a trainer goes even faster and the time is going by so stinking fast. I feel like I just barely put my head down at night and it is already time for another day.

Everything is going well and we are going to have another baptism on Sunday, so that should be really awesome. Our first week together didn't really go all that well and I am kinda nervous because tomorrow we have interviews with President and I am pretty sure that he is going to give me a pretty good lecture. So we will have to see how that is going to go.

Time is going fast and we are seeing miracles. I am hoping that we find some more people to teach because we are starting to get a little low again and I don't want to leave the Sector without people. That would suck. Me and companion are getting along really well. I am going to send a picture of us. I have three suitcases mom and a backpack. So, whatever you guys think about the car. Sorry this one is kinda short. I am running a little short on time and I want to show a good example to my companion. I love you glad to hear everything is going good.

Elder Nelson

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who's Your Daddy? That's Right, Me!

Letter Received August 8, 2011:
Me and Maria


So, I guess I will start off with the really big news! So, yes I have had a transfer but they threw something that I really didn't expect. Out of the 27 trainers in the mission, I am now going to have a son and train and I also am going to keep being Counselor. So, my last transfer in the mission I am going to be training but I don't know who yet. They are going to tell us tomorrow. Elder Haws also is going to be training and so is everyone else in my District. That is nuts! Not only that but all the missionaries in the world are going to be doing a new training program. It is weird but it is going to be cool.

I am kinda having some mixed feelings about training. I didn't really have the desires to train but I also am excited to teach someone all the things that I know and help someone start out. I am hoping that I get a gringo. We will have to see tomorrow.
Maria and Family and Friends

I am really focused and happy with how my mission is going. I just know that these last six weeks are going to go so fast. I just have always felt that the time goes so fast when you first get a comp and your first cambio always goes so fast. It is so nuts. I don't feel that I am dying off. That is so weird to me.

We had a baptism this week and a confirmation. It was really awesome! Not only that, but she also bore her testimony in church by herself, so that was really awesome! I have realized that all of my converts here are so solid and it makes me so happy to see that they are really converted to the gospel and that they aren't  just going to go inactive after I leave.
Maria Irene Ceballos Rossi

I was thinking about when you guys come that I would love to do some baptisms for the dead here with some of my converts and have them meet up with us in Santiago. I invited them. I hope that is okay. Nothing is for sure that my converts would be able to meet up with us but I would love to do that.

Also, I have confirmed we are all good for somewhere to stay in Santiago. I have talked to the member that was talking to her friends in Santiago, so its good. I was also thinking about General Conference. I would really like for you guys to get some tickets so that we could go to a session, especially the priesthood session. Just something to think about.
Me, Maris and Flores

This is going to be a good change for me because I know that being a trainer is going to be something that is going to make me stay focused. I am hoping that the package will be here tomorrow cause I don't know when I will get if I don't get it tomorrow. Well, I don't really have all that much more to tell. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Got to go. I love you all so much. Talk to you all later.

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Spirit Touches Hearts at Baptism

Letter Received August 1, 2011:

Hey Hey Everyone:

I had a pretty interesting week but I am going to try and put this all in words ha, ha, ha. First off, we had Conference with the President. I don't know if they did this with other missions but they always have all the old dying missionaries and the newbie’s share their testimonies. It was time for me to share my last testimony with the mission and it made me really trunky and it was really hard to share because to tell you the truth it still seems like I have an eternity before I come home. But I also, at other times, am like, I only have like a month and a half left! That is so weird to me. 

For the last couple of weeks we have been teaching this girl named Maria. She is really good but she had some problems and she didn't want to get baptized. She also told us from the beginning that she didn't want to get baptized, but we kept teaching her anyway and this week she accepted a date for baptism. It is for this Saturday.

Last week, my best friend in the mission had 4 baptisms on Saturday and I thought that it would be a good idea to take Maria to the baptism. So, we traveled the forty minutes to get to the baptism and she said that she had something that she would like to talk to us about. We were really worried about what she was going to want to say. But we went to the baptism anyway and she saw the baptisms. I looked over at her during the first baptism and she was fine, then I looked over during the second baptism and she was just bawling and crying her eyes out. You could tell that it was the spirit testifying to her that it is what she needs to do. After that we did a special musical number where I and 4 other elders sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". It was awesome because you just looked at Maria and I could tell that she had made her decision that she is going to be baptized this week. 

The problem that she has been having is that she wants to share this with her parents but they don't want anything to do with it. It bothers her a lot.  After the baptism, we were on the bus and we talked out all of her doubts and she is going to have her interview tomorrow and it is going to be bomb. 

It has been a lot better with this new Branch President. This week I had a good idea that I gave to President to think about my transfer. I asked him if I could finish my mission with one of my old comps, Elder Haws. I think that he would be a bomb counselor and I would love to finish my mission with him. I think that it would be awesome because we wouldn't have to do all the getting to know you stuff and we could just work and I know that he could make sure to make me work hard. But we are going to have to see. 

I know that my companion is now officially ready to leave. Not that anything is going bad just like you can tell that he is kinda zoning out of the area and is really wanting to go to another place. At the conference, President told him that he is going to be changed and someone else is going to kill me off. 

I am super pumped for this week because we are going to baptize and confirm. Man I have missed baptizing, ha, ha, ha. I hope that everything goes good with the trip and miss you all. Time is going quick so got to go. Love you all and miss you a bunch. 

Elder Nelson 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready for Zone Conference

Letter Received July 25, 2011:


I know that this email is going to be really really short. It is because we are really running late and we still have to go back to Bulnes and change because we are here in Chillan. Not only that but I really don’t have a whole lot of news.

It went pretty well this week. My new Branch President is bomb, and this week the Assistants to the President came out and did a mini transfer and one of my best buddies from the mission is Assistant and he came and taught me some things. So, it really helped me out a ton. We also have Conference with President tomorrow and it is going to be really cool. I am really excited.

I also have some bad news. I am completely out of money and I have to go to Concepcion tomorrow and I have to pay with my card because I don’t really have any choice. Sorry. Everything is good with me and my companion. We are working hard and doing well. Our time is getting short together, so we are enjoying it to the max.  I love you all, sorry this is so short, love you all, ciao!

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 18, 2011

God Does Exist and He Loves Me!

Letter Received July 18, 2011:

This week, I have absolutely amazing news! Ha, ha, ha! Are you ready yet? Are you sure? Yeah? Okay, I will tell you, ha, ha!! Well, they have now decided to change the Branch President and the Stake Presidency came last week and changed him out for a member of the High Counsel and it is going to be awesome! The guy is super excited and willing to help and I know that everything is going to turn around. He lives in Chillan but he has a car. It is like a twenty minute drive, if that. He is going to help so much and now I won't have to be babysitting anymore.

Not only that, but this week we found 10 new investigators! A lot of them are really good and some aren't so good, but God has all power and can do miracles and you never know.

I don't know why but I really do feel like a new man and feel like renewed and I feel a lot more happy. I think that it is because I have been worried about the Branch and now I don't have that because the new Branch President is going to take care of everything and now I don't really have act as the Branch President but without a title. Now I am a counselor and I can help really how I should. Not only that but me and my comp have been able to make up a new program on how we are going to work and we are going to start on it this week. So, we are going to have a really good week, I know it. My comp is a lot happier but I know that he feels that he is ready to leave Bulnes. He is still working hard and it seems that he has loosened up a little bit.

Today we had a really good p-day. We went and played soccer and had a BBQ. It was awesome and I played well. I put in 8 goals so I was content.

Time is going quick and it seems that no matter what I do it doesn't slow down but goes faster. I know that the time is going to go by quick, but that is the mission. I feel bad for Lyndsay, I hope that she is okay! I am praying for you all all of the time. Some ideas for packages are some Snickers, Fastbreaks, Recess, Amazing Sauce (ha, ha, love it), the Bible and D&C stickers for the scriptures, zingers (the red ones), jerky, whatchamacallit bars, cliff bars (Lexie knows what they are), any kind of candy. I would really love to have the scripture mastery scripture stickers. Yeah, thank you all, I love you so much.

Elder Nelson   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visiting Less Actives Is Bringing People Back to Church

Letter Received July 11, 2011:


This week went by really fast even though we didn't get a whole lot of things done. It seemed that everywhere that I turned, I had something else that I had to do. Something cool is that we are now teaching a professional soccer player. She is so tight! She is in the minor leagues for her age still. She is really cool!

We are not really making all that much progress with the Branch President because he doesn't really have the desire at all to change, so I am thinking that soon they are going to change him out (or at least I am hoping).

Me and my companion are getting along, but I am not going to lie, my comp has been a little bit on edge lately. I think that he is getting bummed about the work a little bit because it is especially hard to be patient in the first part of you mission. Today is his birthday, so I would like to buy him a cake and a little something to cheer him up. We were going to go to the snow in the mountains today but the activity got cancelled because the car was being dumb, so yeah, here we are.

This week was okay but this coming one hopefully will be better. Sorry that I don't really have all that much to tell. This week I was able to have 41 people in church, That is really good for the Branch these days. I know that is thanks to visiting the less actives because they are now coming slowly back to church. That is about it for this week. I love you all, take care. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tough Times, Short Letter

Letter Received July 4, 2011:


So, this week went okay but it didn't go the way that I planned. Me and my companion have come up with a new program to work with the less active members, so we are going to see how that works out for us. Me and my companion are happy to still be together. I know that he is going to be changed soon. If he stays this next transfer he would be with me till I die and then he would have to stay for one more after I leave. I know that the President wouldn't leave someone in the Sector for that long. Especially here in Bulnes, he wouldn't chastise someone for that long, ha, ha, ha.

This week, once again, the President of the Branch did not show up for anything so I am going to have to talk to the Stake because things aren't working and I don't know what to do. We were blessed with some people to teach. That makes me happy! Sorry, once again time is short. I love you all. I promise next week that I will write a lot but there is not a whole lot of news either. I love you and hope that you had a good 4th of July.

Elder Nelson

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short Note

Letter Received June 28, 2011:

Hey, just a quick note because here it is a holiday and there aren't any places open to do Internet. I am doing good. We did some good work with the Branch and me and my companion are going to be together for another transfer. I am happy with that, we get along really well.

I love you all. I am doing well. Sorry that this is so short and that I have no time to write. Glad to hear that everything is going well. Also, glad to hear that Mom for sure has got the time off to come to Chile. I love you all, keep up the good works.

Elder Nelson

Love you all. Talk to you next week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

250 Contacts and Not Much Success

Letter Received June 20, 2011:

Well this week went pretty slow, I am not going to lie. Because for me and companion it was nothing but a week of contacts. It was a real bummer because we did 250 contacts and like two people let us through the door and they were people that aren't really going to progress, you can tell. They are people that were, more than anything, letting us in because it was raining all week and they felt bad that we were so wet. But, what can you do? Just got to keep going till that person that is really going to progress comes along and gets baptized. Nothing like Tyson, who is baptizing 15 people in two weeks.

We did make some progress, though, with the Branch. The Stake came and dropped the stick on the Branch President and gave some goals to us as a Presidency. I am really hoping that they will really make a difference because this Branch is really disanimated. Everyone in the Stake knows it so they are going to be coming to help the Branch more. I am praying hard for everything to work out. I am going to focus a little bit more on the Branch because if I focus more on the Branch, the Lord will bless me with people to baptize.

The thing is that we have transfers next week and I think that my comp is going to change and I will really have to take up the slack by myself because my new comp will not know the Sector at all.  But, just got to keep on the knees.

It has now officially started raining and being really cold here. It makes the work a little harder because everyone goes to sleep and is not all that happy to let people that are dripping from head to toe in there house ha, ha, ha, think about it a little. Me and my comp try to have fun with the rain because it is never fun to be in the rain if the whole time you talk about how wet you are and all that good jazz. So, we just have sword fights with our umbrellas and what not ha, ha, ha. We have been working hard to keep up the animo.

The more and more I am talking with my companion the more I find that in my life I have had a lot of funny experiences and good times with Tyson. I know that me being friends with Tyson really have prepared me to be on a mission and to be with a companion. That is something that I never really had to get used to, ha, ha, ha. But, this week I know is going to be better. Glad to hear that everything is going good for everyone. I love and miss you all.

Elder Nelson 
P.S.- Happy late Anniversary, Mom and Dad, and Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cynthia Got Baptized!

Letter Received June 13, 2011:
Me and Cynthia

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have been having people from my other sectors that have come to see me for my birthday and they took me out to lunch, so my time is a little shorter. This week we had some really interesting events happen. This week I baptized Cynthia and it was really awesome! She is so awesome!

I am happy and having a good time. We had interviews with our President this week. I think that he is trying to make me trunky. I don't know why. But, I am trying to stay focused.

Hey, I forgot to tell you guys that I have been going to physical therapy because I sprained my ankle really bad and tore one of the muscles in my ankle so I might have to use some of the money for my trips to Chillan. For some reason I could only could pull out $160.00, I don't know why. I hurt it playing paint ball. It is like what I did right before the mission but worse and my other ankle tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor.

Well, I found out that they are probably going to change the Branch President. It is a bummer that he is not meeting his obligations and that we need this change but it will be better for the branch and I will actually be able to get some stuff done. I talked to the Stake president and laid it down thick so that he really could get how it has been. The Stake President is 30 minutes away and he rarely comes nor even one of his counselors or anybody. But now they are going to come. The Branch President doesn't go to the meetings that he has with the Stake, so they can't even teach him anything.
Me, Cynthia, and Flores

Thanks Dad for the money for my birthday. Please tell Mom that I am very grateful to you both. I can't imagine the sacrifices that you both make for me. I love you both so much.

I can't wait to ride again, that is one thing that makes me trunky. My dreams are about riding and being home, it is weird. I think that when things pick up here, I won't really feel that way. When things don't go as well as they should, it is easy to think about home.
Just Dunked!

The food that me and my comp make is good but the food from the sector is kind of boring. I have not gone hungry though, that is for sure. I can't wait to eat like some Wingers. If you send a package make sure that there is a lot of Amazing Sauce in there, ha, ha, ha. I want some steak, some Subway, enchiladas. . . oh, what don't I want to eat! I would kill for some Cafe Rio but just without rice! Ha, ha, ha.

Thank you all for all you do and the birthday wishes. I am now old, ha, ha, ha, in two different ways, the mission and in life. Tell Matt that I wish him luck and that I am proud of him and pray for him daily for his preparation. Love you all. Talk to you next week.

Elder Nelson
Me, Cynthia, and Flores 2

Monday, June 6, 2011

Seeing a Little Progress

Letter Received June 6, 2011:
Like Bullet Proof Vests

This week this letter is going to be short, sorry. We went with our zone to an activity and we are running a little late. Also, I don't really have that much to tell. We went paintballing. I will send some pics.
So yeah, this week went really fast. This week we had Cynthia in church for the second time and so that means that she can be baptized any week now because she has all the lessons that she needs and everything. She is so awesome! I have not seen anyone convert so fast and easy in such a hard time of her life and place that she lives. That is the really good news for the week.
Lone Soldier
Its weird, I have been having weird dreams about home and the mission. I think that means that I am old here now, ha, ha, ha. It is weird that I am going to be turning 21 this next Monday. That to me is really weird.

Everything is good here. It is getting cold but I am trying to stay warm. I am hoping that it doesn't rain to much here in Bulnes. We are starting to find people to teach. I am starting to see a little progression here in my branch. We have interviews tomorrow with our President and I'm kinda wondering what he is going to ask me. Being a counselor, I think that he is going ask about the branch more than about me. Time is going by fast and I am starting to realize it. But I am enjoying my mission to the fullest still. Although, I do kinda wish that I was in a different sector to finish because Bulnes isn't all that awesome but I know that the Lord has put me here for a reason and that we are going to baptize maybe this week makes me even more sure.
Me and My Partner
I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that the shed is almost done is tight. That means less lawn to mow when I get home, ha, ha, ha. I've got to go. Thanks for everything. Let me know as soon as possible if Mom gets the time off please because the mission has called me today and I told them that I would let them know as soon as possible. I love you all. Sorry that this one is so short.

Elder Nelson
There Were Really Cereal Boxes in Those Vests

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Horsin' Around

Try and Find Me

Letter Received May 30, 2011:

Wow! It really looks like the garage is going to be huge. I looks like it is going to be about the same size as the house. That is nuts! I am really doubting that I am going to recognize anything about the house when I get there. Yeah, so I am down for staying in Chillan, too. I just have heard that the best place to stay is probably going to be in Concepcion but I am down for staying in Chillan. Nothing is going to be that bad about the hotel. I am sure that they're going to be a lot nicer than the houses that the missionaries live in! I think that there should be a pretty nice place to stay here in Chillan. Other than Concepecion, Chillan is the nicest city that I have been in.
Hanging in Bulnes

This week we had a really awesome conference with our President and he showed us a talk from Elder Holland and it was amazing. It seemed that the whole mission was really affected by what he said. I know that everything that Elder Hollland said was exactly what I needed to hear to rededicate myself to the work. I am doing well with my companion. I don't think that I am going to be with him till I die. I think that he is going to be here for this transfer and then he is going to head out. I think that he is going to baptize a ton when he leaves this sector because Bulnes is a hard sector to start in. He is going to be such a bomb comp mayor when he leaves. I now have some new ideas on how to do my work and to help the Branch President progress.
Me and the Fishbecks, they are going home soon.
Time is going so fast I can't even believe it. It is already June! Man, that is a real bummer about the weather there. Hope that everything clears up really soon. Here it is getting colder than ever. Ha, ha, ha. So, I guess I know how you are feeling right now. Last night we had a really random thing happen. we were walking donw the street last night and all the sudden we see a horse come running by on the street by itself. It had a rope around its neck and we were like, "What the heck!" There was no one that was chasing it or anything, so we did, ha, ha, ha. We got a hold of the rope and we didn't find the owner so we took it to the police, ha, ha, ha. It was a really cool experience. I mean, how often do you run to catch a horse as a missionary, ha, ha, ha. Everyone was looking at us like, "What in the heck are you doing with a horse?" But, it was a good deed because what if this thing got hit by a car or something? It almoust got hit by a semi when we were chasing it. So yeah, that is the cool story for the week, ha, ha.
Hanging Close in Bulnes

I need some info because I got the email from the office of the mission that I am going to be dying soon. Sad!! I need the following info: I need the name of our Stake and the ward. It is Poplar still, right? I need a phone number that they can call, but I doubt it that they are going to call. They are asking if you guys are going to come, but I will call the sister that does that information.
Me and Yeakley

Oh yeah, are you going to leave the shed that we built in the yard? Okay, well I think that is about it for me this week. Love you, miss you all a ton, but time is going fast.

Elder Nelson

P.S.- Mom, what did you serve the missionaries when they came to the house?
Thumbs Up Bulnes

Friday, May 27, 2011

Learning from My Companion

Letter Received May 23, 2011:


First off, I want to wish Lyndsay a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Well, this week didn't really go so hot but all you can do is go on with the next week. It just seems that nobody cares any more in the branch. I am just going to have to keep working with it because there is nothing else that you can do.

This week I have really learned a lot from my companion and I have really realized how strong of a person that he is. I really have realized that I can rely on him and that he is a great missionary and he is such a great teacher. I can imagine the kind of missionary that he is going to be when he gets to a sector that helps him. He is going to baptize a ton, I know it. This week, the girl that we found, Cynthia, wasn't able to come to church because her family had some problems and she couldn't come. She is really cool, she is making a lot of progress and she is just awesome!

I really don't have much to tell. It kinda seems like just another week in the mission, all the same buisness. I have been working hard trying to get some stuff going, but now I know why everyone thinks that Bulnes is so hard. That's because it is, ha, ha, ha, ha! But, for some reason, I am here and I am learning a lot.

Sorry for the kinda short letters but not much new. I love you all so much, that is a bummer about the garage that it has been delayed so much. Glad to hear that everthing went well for Lyndsay's b-day and that everything is good.

This is what I am thinking for the schedule for when you come:

20 Tuesday: Go see the people that I have in Concepecion in the morning till like two. Then go to Chillan and see some people there and come back to Concepecion to stay for the night.

21 Wednesday: See the rest of the people from Chillan in the morning, head to Parral and spend the day there and go and I think stay in Talca for the night.

22 Thursday: See the people from Talca in the morning then off too Santiago in the afternoon around 4-ish then spend the rest of the time in Santiago.

That is what I have been thinking but you will have to keep thinking about it but that is what I would like to do. The place that I want to spend the most time is in my sectors in the Parral/Retiro area. We could easily do Chillan and Bulnes quickly. Are we thinking that I am going to be able to be released when you come? That is something that we need to look into.

Sorry that this is so short, not much to say. Love you all.

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Working with the Branch President

Letter Received May 16, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

So, I think that this letter is going to be rather short because I don't really have all that much time to write today and not only that but there really isn't that much to tell. This week was okay, better because we had some investigators in church, but if you were to look at my numbers you would say, "What the heck?!" I am thinking that here that things are going to be picking up.

I have been struggling and working hard to help my Branch President understand his role, but I feel that I have found the way to help him read the manuals. That way is by me sitting down with him in his house once a week and reading with him. I think that way, he will recognize that it is important to be where he is supposed to be when he says that he is going to be there.

This week we have found a girl that is 17 and she is really interested. She is really smart and I really feel that she is going to progress really fast but I need to have patience.

That would be really cool for Dad if he could just stay the time after the trip, if he comes. Don't worry about the message, Lexie, he is a convert that misses me is all and I think that he thinks that we can look at our Facebook. If you do rent a car, we would definitely get around a lot faster but that is something that you will have to look at. Glad to hear about Wyatt and that he is doing well. It was really good to hear from you all last week. I miss you and love you all. That is a bummer about the garage, that it got delayed. But, that is how it goes. Well, I will talk to you all later. I love you.

P.S.- Do we know if Mom is going to be able to change her time of vacation at work?

Oh yeah, well this month I didn't do so well with my money, so I may need to take some out this week for the month, sorry. I will try and do better.

Love you so much.
Your son and brother Austin

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adjusting to Life in Bulnes

Letter Received April 25, 2011:

Good to hear from you all. Sorry that my letter was so short last week. For some reason I just was kinda drawing blanks and I didn't really know what to write. This week isn't really going to be a whole lot different because this week not a whole lot of things have happened.
Me and my companion are getting along really well. We don't really want to do mini cambios because our Zone is kinda not all that great and our Zone Leaders aren't cool at all. All they care about is numbers. I am kinda stressed out with the President of the Branch a little but I know that I just have to have patience with him because he needs to mature spiritually and I am going to be the person that helps him along with that.  I have been talking to President and he has been giving me some advice so that I can help him but know that I have to have patience.
We have to find some people. This week I made like a million phone calls. I organized so that we could go to Chillan and play soccer so that we all could relax and get out of our sector for a little bit of time.

We do have some good news. We went with some of our investigators so that they could get a date for them to get married and they are going to get married on the 19 of May. So, it is going to be tight. We have been having some opposition with them but we are going to beat it.

I don't have any info about the phone call but I am going to see what I can do. It is going be kinda hard because like no one here has internet in Bulnes because it is in the country but I am working on it. What I might end up doing is getting the keys to the Secretary's office and have to buy a camera for the computer so that we can see each other. I will work with that a little and see what I can do.

That is cool for Craig that he is done with school for good. Man, I wish I could go to the Supercross. I am craving riding so much. I feel so lazy for not being able to do practically any sports. I feel fat! Glad to hear that everyone had a good Easter. I completely forgot that it was Easter. Here everyone is Catholic and they have a whole week called the Semana Santa which is the Passover. Such apostacy! But, what can you do. They don't know any better. Here we have been working really hard to find new people because we really don't have that many people to teach. We just have to be patient and the Lord will bless us. I am doing fine, don't worry about me. Love you guys. Glad to hear that everything  is good. Love you guys. Talk to you next week.
Elder Nelson

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Baptism and a New Family Investigating the Church

Letter Received April 18, 2011:

Me, Boris, and Elder Flores
This week went okay. I wish that it would have gone a little better, but what can you do? You have good weeks and bad ones. We had a decent week. We saw some good things happen but we also saw some things that we can do better with. We had  the baptism of Boris. He was kinda tough to start with when we shared with him before. But, he started to go to Seminary and it made all the difference and he finally made the decision that he was going to be baptized.  
Before the Cake
This week we are going to be going with a new family that we found to take out a date that they are going to be married so that they can be baptized. How exciting, huh! They might even think about doing the wedding in the church. They are really excited about the gospel. 
After I Pushed Him In
I never really knew how stressful it is to be in a bishopric. I know that Dad knows how that feels. There is so much to do and I don't really know where to start. But, I am working hard and trying to get this branch moving better. I feel that I have started on a good foot though. Me and my companion are getting along really well. It is good because he is helping my Spanish really well. 
We are in the process of finding a lot more people to teach. A lot of people have said that this is kind of a dead sector but I think that is a lie because I can see a lot of potential here. 
Me and Boris
I did get my package. Thank you, Mom and Dad. This week, I am looking forward to the work. It seems that every Monday I am able to start new and work harder the next week.  This week we also had a Conference with the President and it seemed that I got a lot out of it and truly enjoyed it. The Spirit was so strong there.  Sorry this letter is kinda short. I am doing good. I love you all. For some reason I am trying  to think about what to write but I am kinda drawing a blank.
Elder Nelson
Elder Nelson

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More on the Move to Bulnes ... A Great New Challenge

Letter Received April 11, 2011:

Sorry that I wasn't able to talk a ton last week. I was saying goodbye to people and we were running really late, so I wasn't able to tell you all about what is going on. I really liked Conference. It seemed that I felt like a lot of things were aimed towards me. I really liked Priesthood. The First Presidency was like just laying it down. It was awesome! Conference is like the vacation for missionaries here because you really can't work all that much. You can invite people to come to Conference and it is really easy to invite people because there are four different sessions that you can invite people to. Not only that but we baptized that day so it made it even better. 
I was really sad to come to find that it was my turn to leave Parral, but I was kinda expecting it. What can you do? The thing is that President invited me to the Zone Leader Conference because he had decided that he was going to make me the Second Counslor of the branch here in Bulnes. Bulnes is known in the mission for being a hard sector and not functioning very well. It is about forty minutes away from everything. I am excited but nervous all at the same time because there is a lot of work to do and not only that but I also have the Zone Leaders breathing down my neck. 
Me, Elder Wilhelm, Franchesca, and Pati
There is a lot of work to do. I am going to be here till the end of my mission because I have 4 transfers left including the one that I am in right now. and he said being a counslor makes sure that I am going to be here for at least three and he isn't going to send me somewhere for one cambio especially because afterward I would be leaving and that wouldn't let me get used to the sector and what not. So yeah, I am going to die in Bulnes. 
Once again I am finishing training, but this time I don't have to teach Spanish but English to my companion and he is teaching me Spanish. Ha, ha, ha, win-win situation. We get along really well. I'm not going to lie, I don't really get along with my Zone Leaders all that much because they are 100% focused on numbers and not the people. That isn't the way that it should be. 
I am going to do my best and my goal is to baptize ten people here in my new sector. I already have baptized two and I know that this sector has some potential. It just needs a lot of work and that I know I can do. Me and Elder Flores get along really well. He is from Santiago. I am the counslor of the branch and I have a lot of things to teach him so that this branch can progress. It is weird because we had forty-seven people in church and that is really high for this ward. My goal coming into the branch was to have more than fifty so that means that we are close to getting that. The baptism goal for the branch for the year is to baptize six and now the branch has baptized five, so we're going really really good there. I really think that if you took the missionaries out of the branch that they would have to close it. So, there is Bulnes. I am excited. It means that we are going to be very busy and that I like. 
Me, Elder Flores, Digna, Barbara at the Baptism
I do know that my package is here and I am going to be getting it on Wednesday, so yeah. Did you end up sending one box or two? Well, I guess I will kinda find out on Wednesday, huh? Oh well, ha, ha. Glad to hear that everything is good at home. Kinda sad that it is still snowing at all. It is still really nice here. Some days are warmer than others but it is starting to get cold. 
Well, I love you all. I especially wanted to wish Dad a very Happy Birthday! I love you so much Dad! I pray and think about you everyday. Now you're over the hill but still young at heart and that is what's important! I love you so much Papi. Hope that you have a very good b-day. I am doing good. I miss you all a lot. 
Elder Nelson

Monday, April 4, 2011

Transferred, New Calling

Letter Received on April 4, 2011:
Bulnes (Map by Google)
I thank all of you guys for writing this week. I have some big news! I am being changed to a little country sector. It is even more country than the one that I am in right now. I am going to be with an elder named Elder Flores. He is Chileno again! Ha, ha, another one, can you believe it. Not only that, but I am going to be a 2nd Counselor in the branch. I have a lot to tell you guys but I am going to have to do it next week because I have to go and say goodbye to people. Thank you for everything and I am sorry that I am making you wait to hear all that has happened but I don't have any time. I love you all and will talk next week. My next sector is called Bulnes. I will be finishing my mission there because I only have five months left. I am going to be the shadow leader of the ward by being a counselor. I will tell you all a whole lot more next week. I love you. Sorry.
Elder Nelson

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Great Baptism!

Letter Received March 28, 2011:
Funny Pic With Pati
Glad to hear that everyone is doing good. That is cool to hear that the trip down to Vegas went well. Something that I don't understand is where all this success is coming from. This week went so well at church I couldn't believe it. We obviously had some people that didn't come that we were counting on come to church. That is the mission, having some upsets but also having blessings on another end. Well we definitely had some blessings that came from no where. We have Patricia that made the decision on Thursday that she wanted to be baptized on Sunday. So we did it. It was awesome! She was so golden and her dautghter is hopefully getting baptized in between conference sessions. That would be so awesome, huh?  
Me, Elder Wilhelm, and Patricia Monica Llonton Carrion
 Me and my companion once again weren't together all that much but we had a decent week If you looked at our numbers you would say that we had a really crappy week but then you can then see that we baptized. So, I am happy and she is going to be such a awesome member of the Church. She just loves to learn about the gospel. She just seemed to catch everything so quickly. When you teach some things, you would think that she would be like, why? But, she just didn't. She is so interested in the temple and an eternal family. Her husband is coming along. He is going to be a little bit more of a task, but it will be good. I can already tell that she is going to be a powerhouse member in this ward.  
Full Body Pic With Pati
I am doing well but it is weird. I don't know what to think about what is going to happen with cambios this time. I am like 90% sure that I am going to be changed from this sector but something else is telling me that I might stay. I am okay with either one. I think that I will miss this sector a lot becaue this is the place that I have had more success. Not only that, but I just love the feel of Parral. I am in another way going to be bummed when I leave because I am living with a really good friend named Elder Isom. He is really cool and is from Bear Lake. He has made me feel so at home so I will be sad to see him go when I leave. 
Me, Elder Wilhelm, and Patricia Family Tambien
I just thought that I would inform you guys that there is a convert that is coming to Utah in September right after I come home. I have invited him to be able to come to the house and possibly stay at our house for a couple days. I hope that is okay but nothing is sure. It is something that he is looking at but he is really serious. He is a good guy and I've never met anyone that is so interested in the gospel. I thought that I would let you know. 
Zone Activity in Parral
 I was also thinking, what is the thought on if you guys are coming in September. The sister that organizes our flights is going to be calling me any day now and asking about where I want to sit and what not. I don't want to preassure you guys but yeah.  I am doing well. I have been missing you all very much. There isn't a day that I don't think about you all. I am really excited about Conference. I feel that Conference is a way that I connect with home because it is all so close to home, the Conference Center and all. I am also really excited for what the prophet has to say to us. I miss Priesthood Session with Dad so much, too! I miss and love you all so much. Talk next week.
Love You,
Elder Nelson

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Mission's Best Kept Secret

Letter Received March 21, 2011:
Alarcon Lopes Familia
Hey Everyone:

Well its kinda weird this week. I was ready for p-day to come. I feel like this week was a long one, but in another way I also feel like this week went a lot faster than I thought. It was not a great week but not that much of a bad one either. Something that was kind of a bummer, is that we lost some investigators, but what can you do? I realized that we really don't have that many investigators to teach. That just means that we need to find but I don't really know where to start or how to do it. 
Me, Luz, and Her Husband Jorge (New Convert)
Something of great news! One of my investigators got baptized from Retiro and so I was able to be there so there is another awesome convert. It was kind of a fight with her but she finally pulled through. I am so glad to be where I am and see success where I am from some of my efforts. Here the baptisms come constantly but we don't know where from. Something about Parral is that it is the mission's best kept secret. Nobody really looks at Parral but we are constantly baptizing in this zone. We're not not like every other zone where it is like baptisms only at the end of the month. I love it here.
Me and Luz's Family
We also had some good success we this week. We had three investigators in church. Two of them being from the same family. Their names are Patricia and Franchesca. They are awesome! They know that the church is true but they just have some things that they have to work on. Before they met us they were planning to bless the baby that they have in their family in the Catholic church. But, then we dropped the stick on that and gave her Moroni 8 that talks how baptizing little kids is an abomination in God's eyes! She really caught that and she was like, I can't get baptized correctly and then baptize my son in the Catholic church, that would be controdicting myself, huh? We were like, yes it would be. She was like, my husband wants to have him be baptized because we already have the Godparents and everything. All we have to do is pick the date. We were like, we want to share with your husband, too. So, we started to share with him and he is coming around. He hasn't come to church yet but he will get there.
Luz, Jorge, and Elder Palta Haws

It was awesome to have them in church. I think that they will be baptized the first or second week of April. They are so fun to share with because they love the gospel and they are progressing so well. We have so much confidence with them and we can tell them straight up how stuff is. They accept it and will just apply it in their lives and progress. I love it.

To answer Mom, on the card that says how long my mission lasts, it says the 20th of September 2011. So, I am pretty sure that would be the day. I am doing well and enjoying the work glad to hear that everything is well. I love you all. Miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Double Dunk!

Letter Received March 14, 2011:

Funny Everyone Pic at Barbara and Camilas Baptism

Hey Hey:

This week went okay, we had some really cool experiences. We were at the baptism of Camila and her cousin Babara, another one of my investigators from Retiro was there and she wanted to be baptized too, but her mom and dad didn't want to give her permission. Then we called them while at the baptism because they live in Santiago. They said that she could get baptized so we called and got another tunica and she passed her interview and I baptized her right there on the spot because she wanted me to baptize her. So that was kinda cool, it was a miracle that it happened but it was a really awesome day. That was my first time baptizing two people in a row at a baptism. So, I sent you guys some pics so that you could check them out.
Camila Pila Pic
This week was a better one. We had three people in church. There were two people there that we didn't expect to come, but I am not going to complain that they came to church, ha ha ha. That is kinda the idea, huh? This week went better with me and my companion because we have worked out some teaching issues that we have had. Another thing is that we have been able to have some more time together so that we could work some things out. This week is also going to be another tough one, we because it is his turn to go and take care of the zone and do the mini cambios (which means mini transfers so that you all know now what that means). But, I think that it will be a good week, I am just going to have to stay on my toes and keep up on updating my companion on what is happening with our investigators and keep working hard to make sure that I stay diligent.
Barbara Pila Pic

We had interviews with our President this week and I feel like it has been my best interview that I have had with him and that he spent some more time just getting to know me and show me more that he cares for me and he likes the work that I have been doing. He said that he needs me to progress to become my potential that I have so that he can make me a trainer or put me in a leadership position but I don't really want to be any of those things a, district leader, zone leader, or training. I don't think that I would like to do those positions, but obviously I would do them if he asked me to. But, it went well and I am happy.
Barbara and Camila
Our branch is crazy! You would think that with six missionaries that it would be easy to manage everything but it has made it that much more loco! My ex comp and I have the most time here and everyone comes and wants us two to do everything and it is so much work! I don't have time to do all the ward things and be a missionary at the same time. I will just have to manage my time better, I guess.
Complete Family From Retiro
We have been doing a lot better on our teaching and it seems that a lot more people are progressing than when me and my companion started together. We are all getting along as a house so it is going a lot better. It has started to cool down here and now we are starting to get rain. The other day I got soaked. I couldn't believe it, I hydroplaned a bike! It was awesome! The streets were rivers. It was cool, i have never ridden a bike in so much water before. I also don't think that I have ever been that wet in clothing before. It was coming down so hard. I enjoyed it a lot for some reason. It was cold but I was just like screw it. At the end of the night, I just started to nail all of the puddles. My comp thought that I was nuts but I was like, well we are already wet, man, what's the difference. So we started to spray each other. It was awesome and it made me and my companion have some bonding time so we started to relax a little.
Everyone at the Baptism

I am glad to hear that everything is going well with you all. Did you guys send that package so I can keep an eye open for it? Well, I think that is about it this week. I kinda just rambled on, sorry. I hope that it all makes sense. Love and miss you all. There isn't a day that I don't think of you all.

Elder Nelson
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