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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

250 Contacts and Not Much Success

Letter Received June 20, 2011:

Well this week went pretty slow, I am not going to lie. Because for me and companion it was nothing but a week of contacts. It was a real bummer because we did 250 contacts and like two people let us through the door and they were people that aren't really going to progress, you can tell. They are people that were, more than anything, letting us in because it was raining all week and they felt bad that we were so wet. But, what can you do? Just got to keep going till that person that is really going to progress comes along and gets baptized. Nothing like Tyson, who is baptizing 15 people in two weeks.

We did make some progress, though, with the Branch. The Stake came and dropped the stick on the Branch President and gave some goals to us as a Presidency. I am really hoping that they will really make a difference because this Branch is really disanimated. Everyone in the Stake knows it so they are going to be coming to help the Branch more. I am praying hard for everything to work out. I am going to focus a little bit more on the Branch because if I focus more on the Branch, the Lord will bless me with people to baptize.

The thing is that we have transfers next week and I think that my comp is going to change and I will really have to take up the slack by myself because my new comp will not know the Sector at all.  But, just got to keep on the knees.

It has now officially started raining and being really cold here. It makes the work a little harder because everyone goes to sleep and is not all that happy to let people that are dripping from head to toe in there house ha, ha, ha, think about it a little. Me and my comp try to have fun with the rain because it is never fun to be in the rain if the whole time you talk about how wet you are and all that good jazz. So, we just have sword fights with our umbrellas and what not ha, ha, ha. We have been working hard to keep up the animo.

The more and more I am talking with my companion the more I find that in my life I have had a lot of funny experiences and good times with Tyson. I know that me being friends with Tyson really have prepared me to be on a mission and to be with a companion. That is something that I never really had to get used to, ha, ha, ha. But, this week I know is going to be better. Glad to hear that everything is going good for everyone. I love and miss you all.

Elder Nelson 
P.S.- Happy late Anniversary, Mom and Dad, and Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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