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Monday, January 31, 2011

So Close to Another Baptism

New Sick Handmade Jacket That I Bought
Letter Received January 31, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

Well, this week went not so well. Even though we did see some blessings, we didn't have that good of a week. But, the only thing that you can do is do better this week. We didn't have the baptism that we were expecting, but I know that Camila will be baptized. It is just a matter of time. I think that she feels that everything went really fast and that she wasn't quite ready to be baptized even though she passed her interview. I think that she just didn't have that assurance that this is the true church. But, we are going to keep working with her because she is really good and she does know that this is the true church she just needs a little bit of time. I think that she will be baptized this Sunday. 
Me and my companion have been good, we both know that we can do a lot better. We do have some more people that we are teaching but we have a lot of work to do. This week we did see a miracle with Arny, one of the investigators that just didn't want to progress. She finally accepted a date so that she will be baptised but we just have to make sure that we keep good contact with her and she will start to progress well. 
This week there was like a big fesival here in Parral and I bought a really sweet jacket. It's handmade and it is going to be so sweet for snowboarding. This week I am really going to focus myself on trying to manage my time better and make it more effective. 
This week we had a conference with our President. I am not going to lie, it was really long. I did learn some things but I got really bored after sitting there for 8 hours! Here we are starting to make some progress in Retiro but still we lack a little bit. It does seem that President is thinking about it a lot. He has been talking to the leaders here in the area about it a lot. It seems like one of the big problems is that we don't have anywhere to meet so we are really keeping our eyes open. The President also told us that he wants us to have more investigators in Parral so that puts more and more work on us but we will do it because that is what President has asked of us.  
Don't have too much to tell, just doing the basic stuff. Something that is kinda new is that I did my first confirmation on Sunday. I was really nervous but everything turned out well. But that is about it. That would be sick if you guys did build a big garage. That would be so cool. I think that we should put in a pool instead though, ha, ha, ha. Its good to hear that everything is going well. I hope that everything goes well with the baby blessing. Wish I could be there but yeah. I miss and love you so much.
Elder Nelson

Monday, January 24, 2011

13 New Investigators!

Letter Received January 24, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

I think that this week is going to be one that is kinda short because I would like to save some time to rest today because we went and played soccer this morning and I am really tired. I did really good on the court today, I had like 8 goals so I felt really good about that. Today was just one of those days when I felt really good.

Me and my companion are doing really well. This week went really well. Even though we didn't baptize anyone this week we had a confirmation. So, that was good. My comp was the one that confirmed Rosa. I was really proud of him because he has only confirmed like twice and he memorized what he needed to say in so little time.

I have some great news. This week we should have two more baptisms! Barbara and Camila which are the daughter and neice of Rosa have baptism dates this week. They're really awesome and progressing really fast because they're really curious. They're really cool. I love when we leave that house because you just leave with the Spirit every time and just know that they're going to be baptized.

We are being more blessed because this week we had 13 new investigators and 4 progressing investigators and 5 in church! I was pretty happy with the week. I think that we can do better but we are being blessed everyday.

We are going to have a mini conference on Wednesday so we are going to see what President has for us this week. I am doing well. I have been getting really burned from the sun but that is inevitable.  You guys look like you are having so much fun in the snow. Man, if I could be in the snow! Here it is like 90 degrees, but what can you do? It makes you want to swim so bad. Sounds like Mom and Dad had fun in California this week.

I don't have too much to report, but this week was a good one. I wait for this one to be better. Yes, Dad, I have seen some parents that have come down to pick up their kids. I am doing well and am happy where I am. I love and miss you all and look forward to hearing from you next week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Family Coming Together in the Gospel

Pila Pick

Me, Palta, and Rosa
Letter Received January 17, 2011:


Well this week went better but still we have a lot of things that we are needing to work on especially not wasting our time and limiting our time in our appointments. I feel that I am losing a lot of time and then my numbers aren't showing my work. But, I was really pumped this week because I baptized Rosa Elvira Cerna Hernandez. It was so awesome because she just had this really awesome smile on her face the whole time and when we were in the water you could just tell that she was so ready. The awesome thing is that when the missionaries showed up at her house she didn't like them at all and she wouldn't even listen because her husband is a new convert too and their son. Our mission was here once and told her husband that if he gets baptized that him and his whole family would come to know the gospel and be baptized so that they can be an eternal family and now I am seeing the fruits of that and their family is all progressing all so well. Her husband now has the Aaronic Priesthood and we wanted him to baptize her but they couldn't because of size differences and he has a sickness in his legs. But, it was so cool.

Elders and Family of Rosa

Me and my comp are getting along so well and we are really excited to be working togther and we feel that we are going to do so good this week. We are doing really well but I feel that we are going to be running out of people soon, so we are really focusing on our contacts this week because we are running out of people to baptize for the moment. But, if we get a couple weeks I am pretty sure that we will be able to get some people in the water.
Rosa and Her Family

I am really wanting to open Retiro because we are losing time waiting for buses and colectivos all the time. But, the Lord is blessing that area because there are people that are moving in that are members. You can tell that the Lord is blessing that little town. We have a lot of competition out there. I have seen missionaries of 4 different churches out there. I think that they all have the same idea that we do, ha, ha, ha.
Last Baptism Pick Together

I am doing really well and my bike is working out really well. It is really really hot here but we trying to do all that is possible to keep cool. It is not working too well, ha, ha, ha. Last week was a little long but this one is going to be better. Good to hear that everyone is doing well. I love you guys. I miss you a ton.

Elder Nelson
Elders and Family, Me Bending Down

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Answer to Someone's Prayer

Letter Received January 10, 2011:

Well, this week went well. I do think that there are some things that we can do better but at least we are baptizing. So, that is good.  But, this week was a typical one. We didn't really have a whole lot of things new but at least we worked hard and I got my package. Me and my companion are staying together so that makes me happy, but something that makes me kinda bummed is that one of the Zone Leaders that  I live with is leaving.

We did find a really awesome family named Roberto and Ivon. Something weird is that he is twenty-one and she is forty! And they have been married for 3 years! But, they are good and happy and are really awesome. I know that the Spirit was guiding me as we passed them at their house. For some reason, I was like, we have to turn around talk to them. When we got in their house, Ivon says to us that she is glad that we are there because two days before she had been praying and asking God to send someone to come and change there lives for the better and she sees us as a answer to her prayers and I am thinking so, too! They didn't come to church but we are going to work hard with them this week.

We have found some more people. Every day we are getting closer and closer to opening Retiro. That is only thing that me and my comp are thinking about and that is what we are working towards. I got my package and wanted to tell everyone thank you for everything. We baptized Paulina, Darlin's sister. She is so happy and her mom is content with her and her sister. Her mom is having some family problems but we are still working with her. We are going to be baptizing a lady named Rosa this Sunday and it is going to be legit! 

Even though this is kinda short that is kinda the news for this week. That is tight that you guys got to go the temple in Cali. That trip sounds like fun. I am jealous. Well, that is about it for me. I will talk to you all next week. I love you all and miss you all a ton!

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Worried About Transfers

Letter Received January 3, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

Elders with Fernanda
Fernanda with Everyone

Fernanda with Family Extended
So this one is going to be really short because I still only have a little time and not only that but we pretty much talked about everything on Christmas so I really don't have much to tell you. But anywho, I have been busy this week but I can honestly say that it didn't go quite as planned but it was okay because we did get a baptism. I do think that I could have done better this week and I feel that this week is going to be better. I am kinda worried that the President is goin to change my companion again because you never know and not only that but he is going to be looking at my numbers from this week when he does transfers. I hope that he doesn't change my companion because we are getting better as a companionship and I know that we can do better but we will have to see. But, I did express my concern to the Zone Leaders and told them to tell this to the President today because they have their leadership meeting today with the President. So, we will have to see what happens this next week.  
Legit Bike Photo

Parral Bike Photo

Both Bikes

My New Bike in Front
We did okay this week. Our people that are good this week for baptism should be good for Sunday but I need to talk to them because they went out of town this last weekend and they weren't able to go church so that is a bummer and now the mom can't get baptised together with her daughter because she lacks attendance at church. But, we are going to get them dunked, don't worry about that.

Me and Elder Haws with Darlin
Yeah, I got the bike and it is legit, I love it! It is so comfy and we get everywhere so much faster and with a lot less effort. I bought a lock and everything is well taken care of so you don't need to worry about that.  
Us and Her Family


Her Family with Uribe

Pila Photo Darlin

Me and my comp cut our hair by ourselves and we didn't really realize how short that we cut it so now we are both bald, ha, ha, ha. But oh well, it should grow back. But yeah, it kinda sucks about the packages because they are just sitting there in the office and they told us that we probably aren't going to get them for probably another two weeks. So, that sucks, but oh well, what can you do? That is about it for this week it was really good to talk to you all and I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing good. I love you all and miss you tons.

Elder Nelson 
My New Bike in Back

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