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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Family Coming Together in the Gospel

Pila Pick

Me, Palta, and Rosa
Letter Received January 17, 2011:


Well this week went better but still we have a lot of things that we are needing to work on especially not wasting our time and limiting our time in our appointments. I feel that I am losing a lot of time and then my numbers aren't showing my work. But, I was really pumped this week because I baptized Rosa Elvira Cerna Hernandez. It was so awesome because she just had this really awesome smile on her face the whole time and when we were in the water you could just tell that she was so ready. The awesome thing is that when the missionaries showed up at her house she didn't like them at all and she wouldn't even listen because her husband is a new convert too and their son. Our mission was here once and told her husband that if he gets baptized that him and his whole family would come to know the gospel and be baptized so that they can be an eternal family and now I am seeing the fruits of that and their family is all progressing all so well. Her husband now has the Aaronic Priesthood and we wanted him to baptize her but they couldn't because of size differences and he has a sickness in his legs. But, it was so cool.

Elders and Family of Rosa

Me and my comp are getting along so well and we are really excited to be working togther and we feel that we are going to do so good this week. We are doing really well but I feel that we are going to be running out of people soon, so we are really focusing on our contacts this week because we are running out of people to baptize for the moment. But, if we get a couple weeks I am pretty sure that we will be able to get some people in the water.
Rosa and Her Family

I am really wanting to open Retiro because we are losing time waiting for buses and colectivos all the time. But, the Lord is blessing that area because there are people that are moving in that are members. You can tell that the Lord is blessing that little town. We have a lot of competition out there. I have seen missionaries of 4 different churches out there. I think that they all have the same idea that we do, ha, ha, ha.
Last Baptism Pick Together

I am doing really well and my bike is working out really well. It is really really hot here but we trying to do all that is possible to keep cool. It is not working too well, ha, ha, ha. Last week was a little long but this one is going to be better. Good to hear that everyone is doing well. I love you guys. I miss you a ton.

Elder Nelson
Elders and Family, Me Bending Down

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