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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hot and Happy in January

Letter Received January 25, 2010:

Hey Everyone:

Thanks for all the letters and it is really good to hear from all of you. I have been doing a little better this week.  We have found some really good people and we have been staying really busy. We had a lot of people in church.  We had 6 people!  That is a record for me for people in church. But the thing is, is that my ward is really irreverent and everyone is talking and doing anything but what they are supposed to be doing. It's frustrating because investigators are saying that they don’t like it because there is no respect. And it is kind of true, so we need to say something to the Bishop because it is really bad but other than that it has been going really good.

But it has been really hot and I had to go to the dermatologist this morning because I had some stuff on my arm from the sun apparently, so yeah.  But we have been doing really well except for the heat, I feel like I am in St. George or Vegas. But it sounds like it has been really cold there and sounds like everyone has been having some fun with Lexie and Craig going snowboarding and all and Dad and Jace going riding down in Texas and talking to Trey.  Where did he go again?

That is crazy that everyone is coming home that actually doesn’t sound that far away to me because time is going by so fast here and we are already almost to changes again and I am really hoping for that first baptism soon.  We should have one next week so we will see about this one.

I am going to send some pictures this time because I have a little extra time this week, so yeah. But not really much new here I love you all and miss you tons.  I miss the kids tell them I love them and hope that Lyndsay and Justin and the kids are all doing well. Good to hear that mom that you have been staying busy and are well.  Sounds kinda quiet this week. So, I don't know about that because that’s not our family style, ha ha ha.   But I love you all can't wait to hear from you guys next week.  Hopefully I can tell you about a baptism this next week.

Love and miss you all,
Love Elder Nelson

Cool cave shot.

Cool cave.


Gringo beach.

Just on the streets.

My new best friend.


Yeah, I fell in after that.

Yeah,  Yeah!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Baptism Disappointment

Letter Received January 19, 2010:

Hey Everyone:

Well, I have been pretty good this week but also had a horrible weekend because we were supposed to have two baptisms and they both fell. The first one was Carelina, the daughter of Anna. And the reason why she didn’t get baptized was because Anna wanted to tell the boyfriend in person that she has been sharing with us and that she is to be baptized last Saturday. Because they are going out of town tomorrow to the country to see him.  We told her just to call him but she wouldn’t. Me and my comp both know that she probably won’t get baptized right now because we both know that Anna is too scared to tell him because he has hit her before and she is scared and so we don't know.  They are supposed to be gone for three weeks so we will see.

But then we were also supposed to be baptizing Leondro, he is thirteen and we have been sharing with him for about two months and he was like, no I don't have my answer for like forever. And then we were like well your ready for a baptism interveiw and he was like, I got my answer and so we set up his interview and he passed and was really excited and we were like tell your mom so that we can get her to sign your paper and we told her on like Tuesday that we were preparing him to be baptized and she really didn't say much but we told her.  Then we went back the time after his interview to have her sign his paper saying that he can get baptized and she freaked on him because he had just told her that he wants to get baptized and she has shared on and off with the missionaries for 2 years. She isn’t baptized because she won’t come to church because she chooses work over church and so she yellled at him and wouldn’t even talk to us while we were at the door. So, he lost all faith, doesn’t want to come to church, and doesn’t want to be baptized now, nothing. All because his mom freaked out on him for just barely telling her. So I don’t know what else to do other than just pray for him and do whatever I can.

But the rest of the week was really good other than that because we were making preperations for the baptism and we weren’t able get them baptized. Which sucks because I am ready for that first one you know and they would be such awesome members of the church.  And they could recieve so much help and blessings in their life if only they had the church. But this week was kind off rough so right now we only have like two investigators and we are contacting like crazy but that is this week really. But we are praying a lot and working hard to find some new people.

First off that is awesome to hear that Trey is coming home!  Where did he serve? I am kind of jealous that you guys get to go to Texas.  You don’t know how bad I want to ride but I am in Chile so can’t complain, ha ha. But that is nuts about the Supercross with Stewart and everything!  What’s up with Reed this year?  What is his deal? But that is tight about Dungy and Wiemer though.  This year should be good. But that's awesome that Dad and Jace get to go to Trey's Homecoming.

It has been really really hot here like not standable heat. But it’s all good and I am really looking for some bikes for us somewhere because we need them because our sector is massive. Also it sounds like everyone is busy with life and doing well.  It's bomb that Mom has the day off, but kind of sucks that she has to spend it alone. Sorry Mom!  That is so tight that Dad and Jace get to go to Texas. Sounds like Lexie is busy with work and that is ballin' that you got to talk to another one of your comps and stuff.  But it sounds like everything has been going really well with you guys.  That is tight for Jace that everything is going really awesome with you and Kat and don’t worry about three months because it will be over before you know it and think in those three months I will be out already for seven months!  That is crazy!  That is more than a fourth of my mission. 

Sounds like you guys had fun with Elder Merrill yesterday.  Glad that you guys got to hear about what it’s like here and send some pictures. I am going to try and send some pictures to you guys through this email. Because right now I am in Contitucion which is on the ocean and I took a lot of pictures so I will try and send you some stuff.  So yeah, I love all of you.  Miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

Fath Building Experiences

Letter Received January 11, 2010"

Hey everyone, it was really good to hear from everyone this week. This week was a good one but also had some upsets with some of our investigators. We had a bunch that we expected to have in church that didn't show. So we went to find all the ones that didn't go and none of them were there. So we had some baptismal dates fall which Sucks and it is seeming that a lot of our investigators get to a point and then they won't do the finish work we can only teach them so much, you know what I mean. People here are all down and say that they believe it and everything. But then when you tell them that they have to do something more than just believe, there's your problem. But some of my investigators have been progressing but some not. We are still working hard it is still scorching hot, ha, ha, but still working hard.

Getting more accustomed to eating a ton for lunch.  Also, I had a couple of really bomb experiences faith building ways. One of them being when we had comp changes.  We got a fresh newbie right out of the MTC because my comp. and the other elder that lives with us (he's from Argentina) are both fluent Spanish speakers and are both District Leaders. So, we got a newbie in the house and our sink in the bathroom, you can't put any weight on it at all because it is broken off of the wall and so when the newbie came we forgot to tell him so he put his had on it when he was trying to get undressed to get in the shower and he broke our sink off.  So, water was shooting everywhere and we turned the water off and we didn't have water in the house for two days.  Finally, I was like, I am going to look at this sink so that I can take a shower because I stink and I want a shower. I thought that I could fix it because I worked at Great Western Plumbing Supply before the mish. So, I tore the sink of the pedestal and looked at it and I tried to fix it and it still leaked until I found out that when he pulled the sink off the wall he broke a seal so I am like, okay, so now we have to go look for a seal and at this time we didn't have our monthly money yet so neither one of us had money to go to the store that is the closest thing to a Home Depot and to get there we would have had to take a collectivo which is like a taxi for which we didn't have money.  So we where going to scrap some money some how to get there and I had my emergency money so I was set but my companion didn't have any money so we were scraping.  Then, as we were getting ready to go to the store, I hear a knock at the door and I went and answered it and we as missionarys were blessed because it was a repair man that knocks doors and he happened to be knocking in our area but we couldn't pay him to fix our sink or our heat for our water. But we asked him if he happened to have a seal and sure enough he had one! Who but missionaries would be that lucky.  But that was the Lord right there.

But that is just one story for you guys, then yesterday the Lord blessed us again. Like a month ago, me and my companion had to go on a mini combio which is a mini change of companions. My companion went to the other elder's sector and I stayed with my District Leader from the MTC, Elder Roberts. Elder Roberts and I went contacting when we did the combio and we knocked and knocked and nothing, then this lady named Maria was really nice to us and we gave her a pass along card and she was like thanks, then we had to bounce because we had an appointment and then I never went back to here house until Saturday. When we passed by, we invited her to church and we didn't really expect her to show then she came and went to all the classes and invited us to here house sometime this week.  So we were blessed with her this week.

The rest of this week we have contacted a lot of  people.  But that's the spiritual expieriences this week and I decided not to go to the dentista because I think that I am getting everything taken care of by just making sure that I am flossing and brushing better and I don't have pain anymore so that is good and I definitely want Supercross highlights for sure!

Sounds like it is freezing up there.  I was so glad to hear from all you guys it sounds like you are all doing really well and sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like a lot of traveling going on and everyone sounds like they are doing good.  Lyndsay, what were those flip flops called that you wanted me to look for?  I might have found them. Well, I don't really have much more new stuff to tell you guys. But here lately I have been having a bunch of like racist people that are like "No, I'm not going to listen to you because you are a gringo." Crappy huh?

But its sounds like everyone is doing well and way to go Jake this year!  I think this is the year that he will take it and I am excited to see what Dungy has for the 450 class so keep the info on that coming. sounds cool about the gto and boyd and what not tell everyone hi for me.

Has Elder Merrill called you about givng you my pictures or anything that way?  Sounds good about school for Justin and Craig. It was so good to hear from you guys and Lyndsay too. thank you. Sounds like everyone is doing great . Glad to hear from all of you keep them coming. Well that is about it.

Miss you guys a ton love you all

Elder Nelson

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turned a Corner in the New Year

Letter Received January 4, 2010:

hey everyone

Well, here it has been extremely hot even more than when I talked to you at Christmas.  It's good to hear that everything seems to be going well with you guys. I am starting to really like the mission now, it seems like I have taken a step up in my mission. I feel that I have the Lord's help more it seems and we seem to be finding more people that the Lord has prepared for us.  But on top of that, everiything seems to be just clicking.  Other times its not, but it is all about how you look at it you know.  But i am just going to keep my head down and keep pushing because I know we are about to find some people that are ready.  I think we should have a baptism in about two weeks or so. So keep your fingers crossed for me ok.

But yeah, everything is going well here. New Years was pretty good, we had to be in at ten thirty and we had dinner at a members house, which was really good.  Then we listened to the fireworks at our house but we couldn't see them. I cant believe that this year is over already, you know. It is 2010!  That is crazy to me. I am already close to having 4 months in my mission.  That is crazy!  I feel like I just started. 

Everyone there seems good but busy. Which, here is the same, ha ha. But yeah, Tyson sent me some pictures of the food that he has to eat and it makes the food here that I have to eat not so bad.  I was glad to hear from him. I have been having some good expieriences here and everthing seems to be flying by. The shoes I  am wearing are tens and they fit well but I haven't seen anyone with those other shoes, but i have just been wearing my Propets.  I think that I am going to have to go to a dentista here because I have been having pain in two up my teath on the top and I need to get them fixed but we'll see. But I am like out of time, it is good to hear from you all.  I love you and miss you.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Miss you all and send much love,
Elder Nelson

Big Goals for the Coming Week

Letter Received December 28, 2009:

Hello Everyone:

I have been busy after Christmas trying to help a lot of people, but everyone here is starting to become very hard. It seems like this week everyone just decided that they didn’t want to share with us anymore and so we lost a bunch of people. But we are trying hard to find more people, and we have been working hard and it seems like I am needing to work harder because I have expected more success than this but didn’t receive it yet. So, it is time to step it up because the people don’t want to hear us, but they need to hear us so we will do what it takes and we are going to go on a finding streak this week. I want to find at least fifteen new people to teach by the end of this week because I am already here for six weeks and we don’t have anyone ready for baptism yet and so it is time to bump up the progress.

But this week was good because of Christmas and I got my package which was bomb! Thank you so much everyone. That watch is bomb! Thank you mom and dad. I have already had someone offer me 100 dollars for it and he was serious, ha ha ha. But yeah, I got to talk to you guys and that was awesome. I hope that I answered some questions for you guys and told you a little about what you wanted to know. Today I went into centro and bought me some shoes that I needed so that was nice. Elder Craig Merril is leaving to go with his family here for a week and then coming home in January so I gave him a memory card that has all my pictures on it and I am going to give him dad's phone number so that he can call you. I gave him our address so he will be dropping by. He will be able to answer any questions that you have so feel free to ask him. But anywho I talked to you guys on Friday and told you everything for this week. So yeah, I love you guys. It sounds like you all had a really good Christmas and I am glad to hear that. I love you all and will talk to you next week.

Elder Austin Nelson

Miss you all and love you tons.

Christmas 2009

We talked to Elder Nelson on Christmas day and he is doing great.  It seems he has a good and obedient Trainer who is teaching him to be a great missionary.  Elder Nelson explained that they are opening up a new area and therefore have started from scratch on finding people to teach about the gospel.  They have been teaching a few families and have begun to love them very much but it appears that many are not ready to change their lives and be baptized.

Elder Nelson is serving in what he describes as a small ward.  The members there take good care of the missionaries and feed them more than they can swallow.  We found out why he doesn't like the food:  tomatoes.  Elder Nelson does not like tomatoes and they are served to him very frequently.  Apparently, people in Jardin de Valle rely on tomatoes as a mainstay in their diet.

We are so proud of Elder Nelson and the tremendous growth we can see taking place in his life.  We are very pleased to see other's lives being blessed by his service.

Christmas Eve at a member's home.  Here we see Elder Nelson, his companion Elder Murillo, Elder Merrill, Elder Mayberry, and the nice host of the house.  In Chile, the big celebrations take place all day on Christmas Eve with a big dinner and presents opened at midnight.

Christmas Eve dinner at the home of a member.  Big crowd!

The Elders received special pillows with Christian sayings on them from their friendly host.

Christmas Day at Elder Nelson's apartment.

Opening presents from home.  We are surprised they waited to open them.  Check out the Christmas Tree!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Christmas Away From Home

Letter Received December 21, 2009:

Hey family:

So i will start off with all the phone stuff ... But anywho the rest of everything else:

This week has not been such a great week.  Most of our investigators fell and we haven't had a whole lot of luck finding people because everyone is hard right now but we have been working hard and have been praying a lot for our investigators. And some stuff has been happening, nothing major, I will explain more on Friday when I talk to you guys and stuff cause I can explain better when I talk then I can when I type. But yeah, we have been working really hard and hoping for some help.

It definitely doesn't feel like christmas here becaue it is like100 degrees outside and there are like no decorations. Of the houses I have seen, there are like 10 houses with decorations on them, that is it. So, yeah, no snow, ha ha, but also like no one here talks about Christmas at all. It is weird! Me and my comp should be getting our packages tomorrow. I am hoping at district meeting, but we will see. We have been cleaning our apartment all day because it was a mess. I forgot my cables to my camera today so yeah no pictures again, sorry. But thanks for all the stuff for Christmas and I am excited to talk to you all. I don't have much time. I will talk to you all on Friday, much love but make sure that you call today or tomorrow and see if it works. I've got to go. I will let you know if I get the package tomorrow and I took out one twenty so I can get something for my comp and thank Grandpa for the gift. Love you all. Can't wait to talk to you.

Love Elder Nelson

P.S. - Happy Birthday Karstin and Merry Christmas!
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