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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Turned a Corner in the New Year

Letter Received January 4, 2010:

hey everyone

Well, here it has been extremely hot even more than when I talked to you at Christmas.  It's good to hear that everything seems to be going well with you guys. I am starting to really like the mission now, it seems like I have taken a step up in my mission. I feel that I have the Lord's help more it seems and we seem to be finding more people that the Lord has prepared for us.  But on top of that, everiything seems to be just clicking.  Other times its not, but it is all about how you look at it you know.  But i am just going to keep my head down and keep pushing because I know we are about to find some people that are ready.  I think we should have a baptism in about two weeks or so. So keep your fingers crossed for me ok.

But yeah, everything is going well here. New Years was pretty good, we had to be in at ten thirty and we had dinner at a members house, which was really good.  Then we listened to the fireworks at our house but we couldn't see them. I cant believe that this year is over already, you know. It is 2010!  That is crazy to me. I am already close to having 4 months in my mission.  That is crazy!  I feel like I just started. 

Everyone there seems good but busy. Which, here is the same, ha ha. But yeah, Tyson sent me some pictures of the food that he has to eat and it makes the food here that I have to eat not so bad.  I was glad to hear from him. I have been having some good expieriences here and everthing seems to be flying by. The shoes I  am wearing are tens and they fit well but I haven't seen anyone with those other shoes, but i have just been wearing my Propets.  I think that I am going to have to go to a dentista here because I have been having pain in two up my teath on the top and I need to get them fixed but we'll see. But I am like out of time, it is good to hear from you all.  I love you and miss you.  I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Miss you all and send much love,
Elder Nelson

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