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Monday, January 25, 2010

Baptism Disappointment

Letter Received January 19, 2010:

Hey Everyone:

Well, I have been pretty good this week but also had a horrible weekend because we were supposed to have two baptisms and they both fell. The first one was Carelina, the daughter of Anna. And the reason why she didn’t get baptized was because Anna wanted to tell the boyfriend in person that she has been sharing with us and that she is to be baptized last Saturday. Because they are going out of town tomorrow to the country to see him.  We told her just to call him but she wouldn’t. Me and my comp both know that she probably won’t get baptized right now because we both know that Anna is too scared to tell him because he has hit her before and she is scared and so we don't know.  They are supposed to be gone for three weeks so we will see.

But then we were also supposed to be baptizing Leondro, he is thirteen and we have been sharing with him for about two months and he was like, no I don't have my answer for like forever. And then we were like well your ready for a baptism interveiw and he was like, I got my answer and so we set up his interview and he passed and was really excited and we were like tell your mom so that we can get her to sign your paper and we told her on like Tuesday that we were preparing him to be baptized and she really didn't say much but we told her.  Then we went back the time after his interview to have her sign his paper saying that he can get baptized and she freaked on him because he had just told her that he wants to get baptized and she has shared on and off with the missionaries for 2 years. She isn’t baptized because she won’t come to church because she chooses work over church and so she yellled at him and wouldn’t even talk to us while we were at the door. So, he lost all faith, doesn’t want to come to church, and doesn’t want to be baptized now, nothing. All because his mom freaked out on him for just barely telling her. So I don’t know what else to do other than just pray for him and do whatever I can.

But the rest of the week was really good other than that because we were making preperations for the baptism and we weren’t able get them baptized. Which sucks because I am ready for that first one you know and they would be such awesome members of the church.  And they could recieve so much help and blessings in their life if only they had the church. But this week was kind off rough so right now we only have like two investigators and we are contacting like crazy but that is this week really. But we are praying a lot and working hard to find some new people.

First off that is awesome to hear that Trey is coming home!  Where did he serve? I am kind of jealous that you guys get to go to Texas.  You don’t know how bad I want to ride but I am in Chile so can’t complain, ha ha. But that is nuts about the Supercross with Stewart and everything!  What’s up with Reed this year?  What is his deal? But that is tight about Dungy and Wiemer though.  This year should be good. But that's awesome that Dad and Jace get to go to Trey's Homecoming.

It has been really really hot here like not standable heat. But it’s all good and I am really looking for some bikes for us somewhere because we need them because our sector is massive. Also it sounds like everyone is busy with life and doing well.  It's bomb that Mom has the day off, but kind of sucks that she has to spend it alone. Sorry Mom!  That is so tight that Dad and Jace get to go to Texas. Sounds like Lexie is busy with work and that is ballin' that you got to talk to another one of your comps and stuff.  But it sounds like everything has been going really well with you guys.  That is tight for Jace that everything is going really awesome with you and Kat and don’t worry about three months because it will be over before you know it and think in those three months I will be out already for seven months!  That is crazy!  That is more than a fourth of my mission. 

Sounds like you guys had fun with Elder Merrill yesterday.  Glad that you guys got to hear about what it’s like here and send some pictures. I am going to try and send some pictures to you guys through this email. Because right now I am in Contitucion which is on the ocean and I took a lot of pictures so I will try and send you some stuff.  So yeah, I love all of you.  Miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

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