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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Goals for the Coming Week

Letter Received December 28, 2009:

Hello Everyone:

I have been busy after Christmas trying to help a lot of people, but everyone here is starting to become very hard. It seems like this week everyone just decided that they didn’t want to share with us anymore and so we lost a bunch of people. But we are trying hard to find more people, and we have been working hard and it seems like I am needing to work harder because I have expected more success than this but didn’t receive it yet. So, it is time to step it up because the people don’t want to hear us, but they need to hear us so we will do what it takes and we are going to go on a finding streak this week. I want to find at least fifteen new people to teach by the end of this week because I am already here for six weeks and we don’t have anyone ready for baptism yet and so it is time to bump up the progress.

But this week was good because of Christmas and I got my package which was bomb! Thank you so much everyone. That watch is bomb! Thank you mom and dad. I have already had someone offer me 100 dollars for it and he was serious, ha ha ha. But yeah, I got to talk to you guys and that was awesome. I hope that I answered some questions for you guys and told you a little about what you wanted to know. Today I went into centro and bought me some shoes that I needed so that was nice. Elder Craig Merril is leaving to go with his family here for a week and then coming home in January so I gave him a memory card that has all my pictures on it and I am going to give him dad's phone number so that he can call you. I gave him our address so he will be dropping by. He will be able to answer any questions that you have so feel free to ask him. But anywho I talked to you guys on Friday and told you everything for this week. So yeah, I love you guys. It sounds like you all had a really good Christmas and I am glad to hear that. I love you all and will talk to you next week.

Elder Austin Nelson

Miss you all and love you tons.

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