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Monday, January 25, 2010

Fath Building Experiences

Letter Received January 11, 2010"

Hey everyone, it was really good to hear from everyone this week. This week was a good one but also had some upsets with some of our investigators. We had a bunch that we expected to have in church that didn't show. So we went to find all the ones that didn't go and none of them were there. So we had some baptismal dates fall which Sucks and it is seeming that a lot of our investigators get to a point and then they won't do the finish work we can only teach them so much, you know what I mean. People here are all down and say that they believe it and everything. But then when you tell them that they have to do something more than just believe, there's your problem. But some of my investigators have been progressing but some not. We are still working hard it is still scorching hot, ha, ha, but still working hard.

Getting more accustomed to eating a ton for lunch.  Also, I had a couple of really bomb experiences faith building ways. One of them being when we had comp changes.  We got a fresh newbie right out of the MTC because my comp. and the other elder that lives with us (he's from Argentina) are both fluent Spanish speakers and are both District Leaders. So, we got a newbie in the house and our sink in the bathroom, you can't put any weight on it at all because it is broken off of the wall and so when the newbie came we forgot to tell him so he put his had on it when he was trying to get undressed to get in the shower and he broke our sink off.  So, water was shooting everywhere and we turned the water off and we didn't have water in the house for two days.  Finally, I was like, I am going to look at this sink so that I can take a shower because I stink and I want a shower. I thought that I could fix it because I worked at Great Western Plumbing Supply before the mish. So, I tore the sink of the pedestal and looked at it and I tried to fix it and it still leaked until I found out that when he pulled the sink off the wall he broke a seal so I am like, okay, so now we have to go look for a seal and at this time we didn't have our monthly money yet so neither one of us had money to go to the store that is the closest thing to a Home Depot and to get there we would have had to take a collectivo which is like a taxi for which we didn't have money.  So we where going to scrap some money some how to get there and I had my emergency money so I was set but my companion didn't have any money so we were scraping.  Then, as we were getting ready to go to the store, I hear a knock at the door and I went and answered it and we as missionarys were blessed because it was a repair man that knocks doors and he happened to be knocking in our area but we couldn't pay him to fix our sink or our heat for our water. But we asked him if he happened to have a seal and sure enough he had one! Who but missionaries would be that lucky.  But that was the Lord right there.

But that is just one story for you guys, then yesterday the Lord blessed us again. Like a month ago, me and my companion had to go on a mini combio which is a mini change of companions. My companion went to the other elder's sector and I stayed with my District Leader from the MTC, Elder Roberts. Elder Roberts and I went contacting when we did the combio and we knocked and knocked and nothing, then this lady named Maria was really nice to us and we gave her a pass along card and she was like thanks, then we had to bounce because we had an appointment and then I never went back to here house until Saturday. When we passed by, we invited her to church and we didn't really expect her to show then she came and went to all the classes and invited us to here house sometime this week.  So we were blessed with her this week.

The rest of this week we have contacted a lot of  people.  But that's the spiritual expieriences this week and I decided not to go to the dentista because I think that I am getting everything taken care of by just making sure that I am flossing and brushing better and I don't have pain anymore so that is good and I definitely want Supercross highlights for sure!

Sounds like it is freezing up there.  I was so glad to hear from all you guys it sounds like you are all doing really well and sounds like a lot of fun. Sounds like a lot of traveling going on and everyone sounds like they are doing good.  Lyndsay, what were those flip flops called that you wanted me to look for?  I might have found them. Well, I don't really have much more new stuff to tell you guys. But here lately I have been having a bunch of like racist people that are like "No, I'm not going to listen to you because you are a gringo." Crappy huh?

But its sounds like everyone is doing well and way to go Jake this year!  I think this is the year that he will take it and I am excited to see what Dungy has for the 450 class so keep the info on that coming. sounds cool about the gto and boyd and what not tell everyone hi for me.

Has Elder Merrill called you about givng you my pictures or anything that way?  Sounds good about school for Justin and Craig. It was so good to hear from you guys and Lyndsay too. thank you. Sounds like everyone is doing great . Glad to hear from all of you keep them coming. Well that is about it.

Miss you guys a ton love you all

Elder Nelson

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