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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cynthia Got Baptized!

Letter Received June 13, 2011:
Me and Cynthia

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I have been having people from my other sectors that have come to see me for my birthday and they took me out to lunch, so my time is a little shorter. This week we had some really interesting events happen. This week I baptized Cynthia and it was really awesome! She is so awesome!

I am happy and having a good time. We had interviews with our President this week. I think that he is trying to make me trunky. I don't know why. But, I am trying to stay focused.

Hey, I forgot to tell you guys that I have been going to physical therapy because I sprained my ankle really bad and tore one of the muscles in my ankle so I might have to use some of the money for my trips to Chillan. For some reason I could only could pull out $160.00, I don't know why. I hurt it playing paint ball. It is like what I did right before the mission but worse and my other ankle tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor.

Well, I found out that they are probably going to change the Branch President. It is a bummer that he is not meeting his obligations and that we need this change but it will be better for the branch and I will actually be able to get some stuff done. I talked to the Stake president and laid it down thick so that he really could get how it has been. The Stake President is 30 minutes away and he rarely comes nor even one of his counselors or anybody. But now they are going to come. The Branch President doesn't go to the meetings that he has with the Stake, so they can't even teach him anything.
Me, Cynthia, and Flores

Thanks Dad for the money for my birthday. Please tell Mom that I am very grateful to you both. I can't imagine the sacrifices that you both make for me. I love you both so much.

I can't wait to ride again, that is one thing that makes me trunky. My dreams are about riding and being home, it is weird. I think that when things pick up here, I won't really feel that way. When things don't go as well as they should, it is easy to think about home.
Just Dunked!

The food that me and my comp make is good but the food from the sector is kind of boring. I have not gone hungry though, that is for sure. I can't wait to eat like some Wingers. If you send a package make sure that there is a lot of Amazing Sauce in there, ha, ha, ha. I want some steak, some Subway, enchiladas. . . oh, what don't I want to eat! I would kill for some Cafe Rio but just without rice! Ha, ha, ha.

Thank you all for all you do and the birthday wishes. I am now old, ha, ha, ha, in two different ways, the mission and in life. Tell Matt that I wish him luck and that I am proud of him and pray for him daily for his preparation. Love you all. Talk to you next week.

Elder Nelson
Me, Cynthia, and Flores 2

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