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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Working With a New Investigator

Letter Received August 22, 2011:
A Baptizing Celebrity!

So, this week was a good and a bad one because we baptized and we had horrible numbers. That is two weeks with bad numbers. But, this week is going to be better. We are teaching a guy named Gabriel and he is really good. We just have to help him quit smoking because he smokes like twenty a day so we're going to have to help him a lot. I think that he is going to be baptized my last day in the mission.

Me, Elder White, and Luisa
Sorry this is so short but I was visiting people to set up for when you are coming. I am doing well. Other than Gabriel and the baptism, there is not much new  I am enjoying the last parts of my mission. My kid is awesome and he is helping me focus really well and he is really excited for the work.

Last Pic With Elder Flores
Something I was thinking about is that it is going to be a really good idea if you bring a GPS so that we can navigate well. I heard that here in Chillan the hotels aren't that good. I am not sure where the kid's parents stayed but I heard that it wasn't very nice. Sorry this is so short, I still have to travel back to Bulnes. I love you all. Time is getting short and I am running out of new things to tell you.

Elder Nelson

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