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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Mission's Best Kept Secret

Letter Received March 21, 2011:
Alarcon Lopes Familia
Hey Everyone:

Well its kinda weird this week. I was ready for p-day to come. I feel like this week was a long one, but in another way I also feel like this week went a lot faster than I thought. It was not a great week but not that much of a bad one either. Something that was kind of a bummer, is that we lost some investigators, but what can you do? I realized that we really don't have that many investigators to teach. That just means that we need to find but I don't really know where to start or how to do it. 
Me, Luz, and Her Husband Jorge (New Convert)
Something of great news! One of my investigators got baptized from Retiro and so I was able to be there so there is another awesome convert. It was kind of a fight with her but she finally pulled through. I am so glad to be where I am and see success where I am from some of my efforts. Here the baptisms come constantly but we don't know where from. Something about Parral is that it is the mission's best kept secret. Nobody really looks at Parral but we are constantly baptizing in this zone. We're not not like every other zone where it is like baptisms only at the end of the month. I love it here.
Me and Luz's Family
We also had some good success we this week. We had three investigators in church. Two of them being from the same family. Their names are Patricia and Franchesca. They are awesome! They know that the church is true but they just have some things that they have to work on. Before they met us they were planning to bless the baby that they have in their family in the Catholic church. But, then we dropped the stick on that and gave her Moroni 8 that talks how baptizing little kids is an abomination in God's eyes! She really caught that and she was like, I can't get baptized correctly and then baptize my son in the Catholic church, that would be controdicting myself, huh? We were like, yes it would be. She was like, my husband wants to have him be baptized because we already have the Godparents and everything. All we have to do is pick the date. We were like, we want to share with your husband, too. So, we started to share with him and he is coming around. He hasn't come to church yet but he will get there.
Luz, Jorge, and Elder Palta Haws

It was awesome to have them in church. I think that they will be baptized the first or second week of April. They are so fun to share with because they love the gospel and they are progressing so well. We have so much confidence with them and we can tell them straight up how stuff is. They accept it and will just apply it in their lives and progress. I love it.

To answer Mom, on the card that says how long my mission lasts, it says the 20th of September 2011. So, I am pretty sure that would be the day. I am doing well and enjoying the work glad to hear that everything is well. I love you all. Miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

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