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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Working with the Branch President

Letter Received May 16, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

So, I think that this letter is going to be rather short because I don't really have all that much time to write today and not only that but there really isn't that much to tell. This week was okay, better because we had some investigators in church, but if you were to look at my numbers you would say, "What the heck?!" I am thinking that here that things are going to be picking up.

I have been struggling and working hard to help my Branch President understand his role, but I feel that I have found the way to help him read the manuals. That way is by me sitting down with him in his house once a week and reading with him. I think that way, he will recognize that it is important to be where he is supposed to be when he says that he is going to be there.

This week we have found a girl that is 17 and she is really interested. She is really smart and I really feel that she is going to progress really fast but I need to have patience.

That would be really cool for Dad if he could just stay the time after the trip, if he comes. Don't worry about the message, Lexie, he is a convert that misses me is all and I think that he thinks that we can look at our Facebook. If you do rent a car, we would definitely get around a lot faster but that is something that you will have to look at. Glad to hear about Wyatt and that he is doing well. It was really good to hear from you all last week. I miss you and love you all. That is a bummer about the garage, that it got delayed. But, that is how it goes. Well, I will talk to you all later. I love you.

P.S.- Do we know if Mom is going to be able to change her time of vacation at work?

Oh yeah, well this month I didn't do so well with my money, so I may need to take some out this week for the month, sorry. I will try and do better.

Love you so much.
Your son and brother Austin

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