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Friday, May 27, 2011

Learning from My Companion

Letter Received May 23, 2011:


First off, I want to wish Lyndsay a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Well, this week didn't really go so hot but all you can do is go on with the next week. It just seems that nobody cares any more in the branch. I am just going to have to keep working with it because there is nothing else that you can do.

This week I have really learned a lot from my companion and I have really realized how strong of a person that he is. I really have realized that I can rely on him and that he is a great missionary and he is such a great teacher. I can imagine the kind of missionary that he is going to be when he gets to a sector that helps him. He is going to baptize a ton, I know it. This week, the girl that we found, Cynthia, wasn't able to come to church because her family had some problems and she couldn't come. She is really cool, she is making a lot of progress and she is just awesome!

I really don't have much to tell. It kinda seems like just another week in the mission, all the same buisness. I have been working hard trying to get some stuff going, but now I know why everyone thinks that Bulnes is so hard. That's because it is, ha, ha, ha, ha! But, for some reason, I am here and I am learning a lot.

Sorry for the kinda short letters but not much new. I love you all so much, that is a bummer about the garage that it has been delayed so much. Glad to hear that everthing went well for Lyndsay's b-day and that everything is good.

This is what I am thinking for the schedule for when you come:

20 Tuesday: Go see the people that I have in Concepecion in the morning till like two. Then go to Chillan and see some people there and come back to Concepecion to stay for the night.

21 Wednesday: See the rest of the people from Chillan in the morning, head to Parral and spend the day there and go and I think stay in Talca for the night.

22 Thursday: See the people from Talca in the morning then off too Santiago in the afternoon around 4-ish then spend the rest of the time in Santiago.

That is what I have been thinking but you will have to keep thinking about it but that is what I would like to do. The place that I want to spend the most time is in my sectors in the Parral/Retiro area. We could easily do Chillan and Bulnes quickly. Are we thinking that I am going to be able to be released when you come? That is something that we need to look into.

Sorry that this is so short, not much to say. Love you all.

Elder Nelson

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