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Thursday, October 8, 2009

General Conference was Great!

Letter Received October 7, 2009:

hey family

everything is going ok here. i got sick this week though, it was no good, when i say sick i mean i got a migraine. it was scary. i don't know why i got one. i haven't even been doin' anything that would bring one on. thanks for the package. it was awesome and i love the pics that taylor and hailey sent, however, they were the wrong shoes. ha, ha, so i will send them back, ha, ha. i need the white and orange toed ones, these ones are two sizes to big. ha ha thanks though. i am glad for the shirts.

conference here was really cool i got a lot more out of it here than i usually do. elder holland's talk was awesome! it did not however feel the same going to priesthood with out all you guys and going to dinner afterwords. i definitely missed that for sure but its all good it was a good weekend think its weird i have already almost been out a month and there is so much work to be done. but my spanish is starting to come a little better. the devotional was really good last night we had ben b banks come and speak to us. he was really good. it seems like everything is changing rapidly at home. i'm not going to recognize anything when i get home. my classes are going good. sorry i haven't written my testimony down yet but i will and i will print out some pics to send home with it in a letter. i am going to send some individual letters.

but the food is still horrible here and i definitely wish we had more gym time. i don't remember if i told you that i get to call home on the 16th of november when i get to the airport if i can get to a pay phone it will be awesome. even though i don't know what time the flight will be so it could be at like three in the morning. classes here are getting kinda stressed here but they will be fine. me and my comp and most of my district are getting along really well. however, there are two of the kids in my district that i want to ring their necks and one got in my face yesterday but i kept my calm. so that's something that i will have to work out. its good to hear from everyone and i love to get the letters and packages.

i cant wait for a apostle to come here and speak to us that would be awesome. i have ten minutes left but i have to switch my laundry i will get on in just a bit...

...but any who everything is going good here and i am miss you all. not really other than conference to report here pretty basic stuff. just class. one thing that i can tell brit and brach is to tell them to help them prepare for their missions is to study the crap out of preach my gospel and the book of mormon and they will for ever be grateful! but not really much to report here i will write more letters to each of you. love you all.

sincerly austin wayne nelson
elder nelson

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