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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love My New Companion

Letter Received October 25, 2010:


So, first off, I will tell you all about my new companion. I freaking love my new companion! He is so tight! I was so wrong to say that I didn't want a Latino. He is from Viña del Mar and he is so awesome. He is so much like me and we get along so well. He loves sports and motorcycles just like me and music and all that what not. He likes to say the things straight how they are and I like that because that is how I am. I love to say the things how they really are. He is something that you would call a buena onda! Which means a relaxed and cool person that everyone likes. He has a lot of talents. He is someone that I really want to invite to the house after the mission to stay for a bit. He is one of my latino comps that I think that would actually be able to do it. He is really tight! He loves sports and motorcycles just like me. He has a girlfriend that is on a mission and she is in Argentina and so that is some thing really cool.

This week, as in for the work, was pretty much my comp getting to know all the people. We get along super well and it seems that everyone loves him and I know that this sector is going to change a lot in the next little bit. We are out of people to teach, so we have to find people this week.

We have been working hard and it seems now being senior comp that people give me a little bit more respect because they need to talk to me to make things work. Not only that, but everything seems to be more chill. All the people seem to be showing more love to me for some reason and I really like it. I really feel that there is a lot of work that needs to be done here and that me and my companion are going to get it all done.

As for me, mom, I think that would be just fine about the shoes if you wanted to send them this week and send the other ones later, I think that I would want the slip-ons. I can't believe that it is Halloween already. That is so nuts think about that it is going to be Christmas in just a little bit and we are going to be talking on the phone. I thought of something that Dad said to me while I was in the MTC that he thought that he could send me that little white printer to print photos that would be really awesome if i could get that. Just an idea. Sorry that this one is so short but yeah, I am doing good. Everyone sounds really good. Hope everything goes well, Lex, and I want to see pics later. I love you all and I will talk to you next week.


Elder Nelson

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