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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starting to Find People to Teach

Letter Received November 16, 2010:

Hey Hey My Family:

Well, this week went better than last week. It seems that we are starting to find some people to teach so now we aren't just doing straight up contacts. Now it seems that we are able to teach some lessons. Now the goal is to get those people to church. It seems that all the people that we are teaching all have some problem with getting to church because they are all living in situations where it doesn't permit them to get to church. I know that will all go away because it is obvious that they are not accustomed to going to church. It seems that there is a lot of opposition for all of them. I know that the Lord is going to provide the way for them to get there.

We are still lacking a lot of people to teach. We are always needing to find because if we don't find while we are teaching we will be back to square one again. It sucks, so I don't want to do this again. We had a really awesome idea and that was to take our forms of old investigators to a member that knows a lot of them. He and his wife are returned missionaries and he was assistant so I know that he has a ton of ideas for us and we are putting together a plan so that we will be so busy that we won't know what to do. So, I am super excited for this week. I know that within the next month that we are going to be so busy and that we are going to find so many people to teach and baptize. I know that my sector is one of gold, I just have to dig for it. Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are both on the same page. We can baptize because I know that we teach well but we just have to do some tweaks and find and we will be loaded with people to teach.

That is tight that it is cooling down there. Here it is getting hotter everyday. I am so burnt right now. I am puttting on sunblock but it doesn't seem to do anything because I still get fried. It sure seems that Dad is always out of town now. I hope that it isn't going to be like that because that would suck to spend your whole life away from home. This week is going to be a good one, I have a feeling. I will keep my eyes open for that package. I have been super good this week we didn't have anyone in church but I would consider it a good week other than that. Well, I don't really have much more to tell but everything is going well. Good to hear that every one is staying busy. Love you all.

Elder Nelson

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