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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lots of Work to Do

Letter Received August 23, 2010:

Hey Family:

Well, this letter is going to be short because I don't have much time to write today.  I am doing really well this week I have been able to feel like we have been able to just do some normal work and that we have been able to just teach some lessons like we should be.  I don't really have to get to know more people because I have been able to get to know the basics on pretty much everybody here in the ward and it sems that we have like six people that are really progressing and making the steps towards baptism.

We are going to have two baptisms this coming week and they are golden and they are for sure going to get baptized this next week and we are going to try and have like three others in the next couple weeks.  My companion and I are getting along really well.  Its not that me and Elder Clark didn't work hard, but I am glad that even though that I really enjoyed my time with Clark, I am glad that with the change at least I got a comp that likes to work hard. 

I think that this week is going to be one of the best in my mission because we are looking at the goals that we have set and they are really high.  I know that they are reachable but we are going to have to work our butts off.  I am really doing well and I am enjoying my new sector.  It does seem though that the time is going by really fast but I guess that means that I have been busy so that is a good thing.  I am missing my sector still, but it is all good, I think that I will miss it for a while and I am doing well in my new sector and I really feel that there are a lot of people that are prepared to hear the message that I have for them. 

There are some people that have been waiting for some time to hear what we have to say because the ward here the attendance is really low and I really feel like we could really help that a lot and we need to baptize a lot.  There just is not people in the church and there are a lot of people here looking for the truth and I feel like we have found some of those people in just the little time that I have been here.  I am doing really good.  My comp and I have so much fun together.

That is so tight that Corbit is going to Tyson's mission.  Tell him that I am so proud of him and that I love him and I can't wait to spit Spanish with him when he gets home. When does he leave?  It sounds like you all had a good time in Bear Lake.  I miss Bear Lake, I love boating!  I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well. What is Lyndsay going to do without the kids there?  Ha, ha, ha. Well, I don't have a whole lot of time.  That is really cool that Lexie and Craig have been able to find a car.  I love you all and miss you tons.

Elder Nelson

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