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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sudden Transfer to New Area - Chillan Nuble

Letter Received August 16, 2010:
Momita and Our House in Collao
Well, I guess I will talk about some of the stuff that has happened this week that is kinda sad that I kinda have mixed feelings about. Well, they did an emergency transfer because a missionary in Chillan, which is my new sector, was having some problems ùp here and the President called me after I got of a mini change with one of my Zone Leaders.
 One of the Few Hugs I Gave On My Mission
It is weird because the President doesn't call unless he is going to be making a change in leadership or if you did something really bad because he usually just tells the leaders to talk to you if there really is a problem that is not so big.  Since he was calling, I thought that we did something wrong on the mini change that we did, but the President started talking to my companion, Elder Clark, and I was like, what is going on?  Then the President asked to talk to me. So, I was thinking to myself, what did I do!?  I answered the phone and the President was asking me how am I doing and I was like, I am good just really enjoying the sector and working hard.  He asked me about the change that we did and I was like, it went really well because it really did and I knew that I wasn't doing anything wrong and he was like that is good. He said to me, "Well, Elder Nelson, we have a new assignment for you.  I need you to go to Chillan and change places with an Elder there. You will be in Chillan Nuble and  the missionary there is going to go to your sector."
 Me and My Comp Elder Findlay
 Me and Fins

He said that when I finish with my new comp, Elder Findlay, who is going home in October, that I am going to be Senior Companion.  The thing is, once again I am comp with a District Leader.  Every comp that I have had in Chile has been District Leader.  The President told me that I need to prepare myself to become Senior Companion.  He keeps dropping little hints that I might be getting a leadership position and that my companion right now is going to help me become more ready for more responsibility.
 Me and Moss, We Lived Together in My First Sector

I talked to my Zone Leaders and they said that the President told them that I am preparing for a leadership position, so, we are going to see in October what happens.  The President has definitely been hinting to me about it.  It is weird that out of 156 missionaries that he could have picked, that he could have done this emergency change, he picked me.  I think that it is because we had a Zone Conference with him and it was just our Zone that was in training and I made a good amount of comments and what not and it really seems that the Mission President is happy with the way that things have been going  for us.

 We All Came to Chile On the Same Flight
What makes it even more crappy is when he told me that I was leaving the sector it was noon and he said that you leave at four o'clock. So, that means that I had three hours to eat lunch, pack, and say goodbye to people.  It was really sad because I really didn't want to leave my sector and not only that but I didn't get to say goodbye to like anyone and so I really miss my old sector.  But it will be good.  We for sure have one baptism this week and we could have two more.
 On the Edge
 So Much Water in My Face

Me and my comp are getting along well.  He is from South Jordan and he has 22 months in the mission.  He is really smart and cool.  We get along great.  Now something that is really cool is that I live with four missionaries.  But, I really didn't want to leave the sister that lives behind us because she was so awesome.  I am going to try really hard to stay in touch with her.
Me and Harmer Waterfall
My new sector is like really ganster now and there are a lot of snakes.  (In other words, girls that want missionaries to kiss them and what not.)   It should be good but I just have to get used to it.  I need to buy some supplies, I used my card for lunch but I also need to pick up some things.  I still have some mission money, but sorry, I have been using a lot of money on my card lately.  I have been having a lot of random stuff happen, so I will need to pick up some stuff at the store with my card and I shouldn't have to use more for a while, I hope. I am kinda bummed that I had to leave some of my investigators and that I won't be able to see them baptized.  We will see what happens in this new sector.
 Me and the Whole Falls
 Waterfall Long Shot
Everyone is bummed that the other elder that was here left and so I haven't had all that awesome of a welcome but it should be good. Well, I will get those package ideas to you, but I don't really have very much more news other than that of the changes.  I need to send you some pictures of my other shoes so you can get the slip-on ones, too, because now they have a hole in them.  It seems that everything is going good for you all.  I love you and hope that everything goes good for you this week.  I will try and get you some news next week.  Love you all and I will talk to you all later.
Elder Nelson

1 comment:

Carole Smith said...

I don't know if you are a member of the missionary moms group or not, but one of the members just wrote us a heartwarming letter about how her son had to leave his mission early (after only 15 months) due to serious back problems. He and another elder who was due to leave at the next transfer, came home today. I imagine your son took the place of one of these two elders. So let him know that though it may have been hard to leave his old sector, he is doing a great service in following his mission presidents directions & I am sure he will be blessed for his service.
My daughter, Hermana Smith, is also serving in the Concepcion Mission (currently in Constitucion). Check out her blog (hermanasamantha.blogspot.com) if you want to see the adventures of another Chilean missionary.

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