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Monday, August 9, 2010

Second Life Saved and Not Feeling Well

 Chilean Cowboys

Letter Received August 2, 2010:

Hey Fam:

Well I have told Dad already but I will tell everyone, I have been sick in my stomach for about three weeks now.  It has been worse within the last week and I have been having like stomach pains and they have told me that I have a colon infection and that I might have a parasite.  Yum, huh?  I will get better but I have to go to the doctor next week, too.  It should be all good.  I am losing weight now, ha,ha.  Well, kinda scary, I have lost about 18 pounds since Thursday, so yeah.

 So Fun

As for the week, other than being sick, I have been having a good week.  We had five people in church this week and we found some really good people that are really excited about the church and I think that they're going to get baptized in like three weeks.  They are solid.  They are really awesome!  Some people just showed up to church, so that was such a blessing for us that is for sure.  We have really been praying hard and working to find people and we have been receiving a lot of help.  We are getting better and now have a little bit to work with.

Everyone Wanted to Take Pictures with Me

Something really interesting, I was on a minitransfer with a Priest in our ward and we were knocking doors and found this guy that is less active.  We shared with him and we have reactivated him.  He, like, had nothing and now he has found work and his girlfriend and his little girl are going to come back and we're working on getting them married so that we can try and baptize his girlfriend.  Later, in another lesson, he told me that if we wouldn't have knocked his door that day that he probably was going to killl himself!  There is one life saved! Crazy, huh?

 Me and Freddy, the Inactive Member I Told You About

I will have to send you guys some pictures this week of an activity that we had the other week.  Also, we have been working super hard and we have been having luck with finding some people.  Me and Elder Clark are getting along great. He is from Mesa, Arizona.  We had changes and we stayed, so we are for sure together for another six weeks.  We are going to be trying some new stuff and it should work out really well.  We quote So I Married an Axe Murderer on a daily basis! Ha, ha, I love it.

Not Looking - Activity

I did get those pictures that you sent, they look awesome.  Those are some bomb Converse!  They are perfect for the colors for the wedding.  Sounds like everyone is really busy with the wedding.  Here it is really cold or pouríng rain or both. The rain gear is awesome!  I love it and it fits perfect. Thank you so much for that. I really love it.  As for this week, that is about it.  For Jace, tell him congrats for me and a big huge hug and that I love him and I would give anything to be there for his wedding.  I love and miss you all so much!

Elder Nelson

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