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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stranded in Talca

Letter Received October 11, 2010:

Hey My Family:
Well, this is an interesting experience, being stranded, ha, ha, ha. I am in Talca, where my first sector was sitting in the bus terminal waiting to get on a bus so that I can go back to my sector and that is why I am writing late. We came here so that my comp could say bye to his sector here and so we got up early so that we could go and I could say hi to some people that are in my old sector in Talca. But, then we went to his so that he could do his thing then we came back to try and get a bus to go back to our sector and we found out that there is nothing going south. So, now were screwed waiting for a bus and so here I am. But, what can I do? The only thing that I can do is wait. I can't change what I didn't do before. I think that I should have checked on the bus, but what can you do? It is a holiday here and it isn't really a big one, but yeah, so all the busses are full because everyone, if they are going anywhere, they go by bus. Nobody has cars, only the people that have money. But, we now have a bus so it is all good. I haven't told the president, but I did call my zone leaders like they tell us to. I hope that he doesn't get mad at me but what can you do? The only thing that you can do is try and do your best to get done what you have to.

As for this week, it went really awesome because finally Enrique got baptized and it was such an awesome baptismal service! He bore his tesitmony and I did two musical numbers with a sister missionary and it all turned out really awesome and not only that but the other two elders that live with us had two baptisms, too, and so we did them together. It was really awesome! That made his family complete now. They are a family of straight up new converts, so it made me so happy.
But as for this week, it seemed that we just made sure that we took care of him so that we could make sure that everything was good for baptism and then also we went out to San Carlos so that we could help out the Hermanas (sisters, so that you now know what that means). They have some really awesome investigators and they are all going to be getting baptized on either the 17th or the 24th. 
The thing is, that we are going to have cambios (transfers) next monday so we are hoping to get some more baptisms before then so that the missionaries can see there investigators get baptized before they leave. But as for me, I know that I am not going anywhere and I know for sure that I am going to become senior companion because the President told me so in my interview that I had with him. He is kinda putting me in the dark because he is like, I talked with Zone Leaders to work with you so that you can prepare yourself. He is like, they will help you become a better missionary not that you are a bad missionary but the fact is that we all can become better. And then he says to me, are you ready for some more responsibility? I was thinking to myself, no, but then my mouth without thinking about it was like, yes. So, we are going to have to see what comes.
Still, I don't know what is going to happen with cambios. We are going to work hard until Findlay leaves trying to find people, but we are also going to be doing some saying goodbye for him so it will be an interesting week.  This week went really well in preparing for the baptism. o and my comps home coming is going to be on the 24th at 9 am.  So yeah ,hope that you could go, that would be really awesome. Well, that is about it for this week. This compy sucks so I will have to send you pics next week. I love and miss you lots.
Love You,
Elder Nelson

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