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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Letter Received May 31, 2010:

Hey, Hey My Family:

This week we got some really awesome news! We can now play soccer! And almost all the sports, so what is the first thing that we did today?... Played soccer, ha, ha!  It was awesome!  It was so fun; it felt so good to finally start doing something physical again and to actually do something that I enjoyed on a P-day.  I am actually better than I was when I left, I don’t know why.  I scored 4 goals and it was so awesome!

For this week we are planning on having a baptism on Saturday and I really feel that the Lord is guiding us more and that we are really starting to find those choice people for us. We are going to baptize this kid on Saturday.  We have been working with him forever and he just wouldn’t do what we told him.  He finally decided to do it and we were like, “When do you want to be baptized?”  When we put the date it didn’t work, so we asked him when he wanted to be baptized.  He said, “Tomorrow.”  That was yesterday, but he needs time for us to talk to his dad.  It should be good for Saturday. 

We should have four baptisms this month so it should be really good.  As for this last week, we really tried to focus on three key people and it is really working out well so we are going to do the same this week. 

It was crazy here this week because everyone is getting all excited about the World Soccer Tournament in South Africa and Chile is going and they are playing to prepare for that.  The main team for the World Tournament came to play Israel and the stadium where they played is in my sector. You could hear the cheers from miles away.  It was crazy and the people here are going crazy for the tournament to start.  

Everything is going good and I really like this ward. They really seem to love the missionaries and I don’t know why, but me in particular.  Time is going by so fast!  My comp and I will have a full change together on the fourteenth and it has gone by so fast and time is going crazy because it seems that I could do so much more than I have.  I am going to try and step it up a notch.

That is a bummer about the weather; I hope that it gets better.  It sounds like everyone is staying busy and that is good.  I’ve g2g but I love and miss you all.


Elder Nelson

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