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Monday, May 24, 2010

Working Hard and Another Baptism Scheduled

Letter Received May 24, 2010:

Well, this week I have been busy and we had the confirmation of Carmen to receive the Holy Ghost and all. The pictures are of me and my comp and the family, well, the sister of Carmen. It was really awesome. This week we put another date with one of our investigators. This is the guy that we had the lesson with that I wrote about last week. His name is Gonzalo and his date is for the 13th of June. He is really awesome and I think that he just needs a little time but he will get baptized. He just needs a little push.
 This week we had Ward Conference and it sucked! I am not going to lie, it did not go well. For one, our Bishop wasn’t there, and just as bad, the Stake President wasn’t there because they are both in the military and had to leave on Saturday. I am really getting to know the families here and I am really liking this ward, they all seem like they want to help us a lot.

This week was a basic week of lessons and not really anything super special but everything is going good here. This week we got some references and met some new people. It seems that we need to drop some people because they just really aren’t progressing and haven’t been for a while but my comp doesn’t want to drop them. I think that he just wants to use the time to tell you the truth. I hope that they will progress, but the thing is that we can’t use our time with someone that isn’t going to progress at all because there are people out there waiting for us. If we are using our time with people that aren’t going anywhere it isn’t doing us any good. My companion has become a little lazy and it’s because he is trunky. He goes home in September and he is thinking a lot about home. I tell him that he is trunky, but he is like, “I am not.” He doesn’t like to hear it, but he is. It is kind of frustrating, but it is all good, I can deal. But yeah, that is about the news for the week. I am doing well and I have been really praying hard for the people that I have to progress and I know that it is going to work.

Sounds like you are all doing really good. That is awesome Lex, that you guys think that it’s a boy! I would be happy either way, but that is awesome. I hope that everything really goes well with you guys and that Craig finds something that he really enjoys. What has he been up too? I haven’t heard from him in a bit but I imagine that he has been busy and doing well. That is kind of a bummer that Dad has been out of town so much. Dad what do you mean KTM 350 do you mean KTM 250? Jace sounds really busy with wedding stuff but sounds like it is going well with all planning and what not. Mom you sound good and seem to be staying really busy. Lyns and Just, I hope that all is going well with you guys. I have been thinking about you all a lot and hope that all is going well you. I have been especially been thinking about Justin a lot. How has he been doing? I miss you all a ton and think about you all the time.

As for my birthday, I think that I would like you guys to send my jacket and some long sleeve shirts because I think that is the thing that I need to the most, new white long sleeve shirts. The jacket that I would like is my brown liquid jacket it’s not really hefty but water resistant and perfect for what I want I would really like that. Also, some rain pants. You can get those at like golf stores I have heard. I think that it is an awesome idea a smaller package and some money because I think that I could find some stuff here that I would like. I can’t think of much in the moment, but that is my ideas.

Everyone here is seeing my EFX bracelet and wants some so if you could tell me how much they are and send me some of those I could sell about 8 of them right off the bat so I don’t know if that is feasible but let me know. Also one of my investigators has been asking me if I could get another watch like mine and he would pay for it and he just wanted me to ask and see but if not about the bracelets or watch its ok but let me know. But yeah, the things for the package my jacket, rain pants, shirts and money would be awesome but that is about it for now I love and miss you all a ton.

Elder Nelson

P.S. - Well I tried to send pictures but yeah, it doesn’t look like it is going to work, sorry.

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