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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Transferred, Leaving Jardin del Valle

Letter Received May 3, 2010:

Hey, Hey My Family:

Well, I guess I will first start off with the fact that yes, I am going to change companions and sectors, which was weird!  I was sure that my companion was going to leave, but I guess that I was wrong.  It is kinda bitter sweet because I don't want to leave my investigators and also we have some people that are some for sure soon to be baptisms.  Finally, we are going to have some success here and I am leaving and another Elder that I came with that was in my District in the MTC is going to come and be the companion of Elder Murillo here. At least I know the Elder that is going to come here and baptize the people that we have.  I am also kinda sad that I am not going to be with my comp Elder Murillo for more time because we are getting along so well and teaching really well with each other. But, oh well, that is the mission!

My comp didn't want to stay in this sector, he wanted to leave so bad and he was so mad that he was staying when he found out. It was rather funny. but he is all good because we have some really good people but it just seems that he has been here so long and we have not had a whole lot of baptisms and he says that the people here are harder than his other Sectors. But it is all good.

I am going to be going to the other side of the mission.  I am going to a place called Collao, which is in the city of Concepcion itself so I am going to be right by the office and I can get my packages in like a week or two weeks! Sweet, huh? But I am glad for a change as well.  I kinda feel that it is time for me to go somewhere else. This is going to shock you, but let's just say that I am going to have no choice but to learn Spanish now because I am going to have a straight up Chileano! His name is Elder Rubilar.  I heard that he is really into music and likes English music so I will have something to talk about with him. My comp, Elder Murrillo, has lived with him before and said that he is a really cool, hard working, chill kid. So, that should be good.

I don't have much time today to write because I have to say goodbye to everyone so this letter is going to be kinda short but it is okay because I will be talking to you guys on Sunday. I am excited about the change and it should be really good.  I am kinda excited and really happy for a change.  I am going to run with the change and going to hit the ground running when I get there and try and learn all that I can from my new comp, especially my Spanish.  I don't know what to tell you about you guys calling on Sunday, because I will have to figure that out when I get there and I am sure that I will email you guys on like Wednesday or Thursday about it and you guys can call the person and I will give you more details about it.

This week was a really good one for us.  We really had some success because we had 10 people in church!  So, that was really good.  I don't have time to write but I will write you guys this week about Sunday and we will talk about everything.  Sounds like everyone seems to be doing well and loving life except Lexie with her tooth.  Sounds like everyone is doing well, kinda sucks that dad has had to go out of town so much I hope that he is going to be home to make sure that you guys can call but we will work that out.  I took some money out of the account to buy some memory stuff of Talca.

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good.  Sorry this letter is short and not real informative, but i love you guys and will let you guys know about Sunday. That is crazy about Jace proposing to Kat!  I am glad that he has finally found that someone. I also want to wish Jace a Happy Birthday and I love him.  Got to go, love and miss you all.  I will let you know about Mother's Day.

Elder Austin Nelson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hola Elder Nelson:
A friend of mine who served in Concecpcion mission, told me that the nickname of the mission is:


just in case you wanted to know.

Hna. Paulina Rodríguez de Alveal (Lexie´s former mission companion)

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