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Monday, April 26, 2010

An Uncomfortable Car Ride!

Letter Received April 26, 2010:

hey hey my family:
Well, this week went by really really fast and it seems like yesterday that I was sittng in this seat writing you guys.  It seems that time is flyin' by and I can't really believe that I have so much time in the mission. It is already time for changes and I am probably going to be getting a new companion.  Part of me doesn't want it to happen, but part of me does only because I think that it would be nice to get a new sector or maybe a new comp.  I think that me and my comp are getting really comfortable and that we haven't been working like we were and we could do better. 
This week we did a lot better and we have been working a lot harder than we did when I was sick.  I am good now, my cold is pretty much gone and I am feeling good.  We had 9 people in church this week so that is good and we have some good people that I am hoping will finish up and get baptized. 
It is getting cold here and so I have broken out the coat.  No rain yet but it is just cold!  I am guessing that is how it is going to be for a little while.  This week I had an expierience that everyone kept telling me that was going to happen and for some reason I didn't really believe that was going to happen. Dad, you are going to laugh becase you told me that it was going to happen. Well, me and my companion were are our way to an interview and we got in a collectivo (which is kinda like a taxi but they just drive the same route the whole time). Anywho, my comp always takes the front seat and I look in the back of this car and there are already two ladies in the back and they both aren't that bad looking women and they are both wearing low cut shirts because that is how it is in Chile and they both have kids on their laps.  I am on one side of the car and looking across the car at the kid on the far end of the car because he had really cool eyes that were really blue and the next thing I know the baby next to me starts to cry.  The lady sittitng next to me (which she was not bad looking and is gifted in the boob area) just flips the baby around and the next thing I know her boob is out and she starts breastfeeding and doesn't use anything to cover herself up for a good five minutes.  Then finally she put something over her, but I am not going to lie, it was the most uncomfortable car ride of my life here in chile! Ha, ha.
This week was really good and I am really trying to focus on talking to everyone and trying to be bold and talk to everyone that passes by.  As Elder Holland says, "Bold we must be!"  Not much more new to tell you guys but that is the expiereince for the week.  It sounds like you all have been doing really well.  That is too bad Lex about your insurance.  How can your insurance just drop you? But I hope that it all works out.  That is tight about Craig's graduation and that it all went well.  It is good to hear about all of you and that you are all doing really well and staying busy.  Is the desk for the office?  I am jealous that you all are going to the  Supercross, it will be awesome!  I will know more about Mother's Day next week because I don't know what is going to happen with changes.  I will let you know.  I love and miss you all a ton! 
Elder Nelson

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