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Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy with the Work, Tons of Investigators

Letter Received April 12, 2010:

Hey everyone,

I have been really busy this week, sharing with all the people. We have decided to kind of go with the people that we got for now, so that we can focus on them and so that we can give the investigators the proper attention that they need.  We have been working really hard on four people and making sure that we see them every day, so that we can work for special dates this month.  

We had two guys get interviewed for baptisms and it looks like we are supposed to have another baptism this week.  His name is Rodrigo and we have been sharing with him for 3 and a half months now.  He has had a lot of doubts and we have been battling them one by one and finally I found Alma 42:30.  It made him stop looking for doubts. I found that scripture in my personal study and I know that the Lord led me to that scripture to finally show Rodrigo what he needed to do. It just kind of drops the stick on searching for doubts. We also had the other guy named Manuel get interviewed, but we found out that he is living with his girlfriend which we thought was his wife, so we have to get them married before he can get baptized. I know that he knows that it is true so his opposition is going to be his girlfriend. I am sure that he is going to get baptized because he reads like crazy and he is so smart, so he catches everything that we tell him.  Those two are really close to baptism.

We also have another lady that her name is Carola and she is really close to baptism and her doubt is that she doesn’t think that she can go to church every week. We are going to get her over that because she is an awesome lady and she just needs to take the step of faith because when she gets baptized she will know that she will want to go to church every week. She is just worried that sometime in her life that she won’t go to church, she knows that it is true; she just needs a little push. 

We have been really busy this week, but I feel that we could have done a lot better with the use of our time.  I feel that we didn’t work as good as we could have and I think that we just need to plan and work harder and we will have results, because we all get a little lazy sometimes and I need to do better.  I know that we are doing the Lord's work and we will be blessed with these people because they are really close. 

This week we had one of the young men stay at our house.  Right now we have the permission from the president that he can stay at our house, because he is going to be serving a mission in Ecuador and he has been going and sharing with the people that we have so that he can learn.  He stays at our house for 3 days a week.  So, he was sleeping at our house and I am sleeping on the top bunk and he was sleeping on a mattress on the ground, but we were just talking and I leaned over the bed and fell down on him, it was hilarious, but really hurt at the same time.  We have a good time when he comes to the house.

There is not really much news this week, we are just doing the usual stuff teaching and what not, but I am really liking it out here and really trying to better my language.  It has been getting better because I have been focusing on it.  Everyone sounds good and busy and seems ready and waiting to get some stuff done within the next two weeks. I am glad to hear from you all and glad to hear that everyone has been doing well, and is back in the swing of things.  Well, got to hurry.   I love you all and miss you tons.  I want to wish Dad a happy birthday, I love you and wish that I could be there for your b-day but you know I love you and want to you to have a happy b-day.  Glad to hear that you are all doing well, talk to you all next week.


Elder Nelson

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