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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grandpa Passes Away

Letter Received March 29, 2010:


I haven’t heard anything from my Mission President or anything. I for some reason lately have been feeling that something was wrong with Grandpa Wayne, that is why I asked a few weeks ago and then this week I was kind of feeling that something was going to happen at home but I didn’t know what. I can’t believe that he is really gone. I knew that he has been really sick this last little while and we all kind of knew that he didn’t have much time left, I am really sad that I couldn’t be there to say goodbye, because I really love him and I really wish that I could have been there to say good bye and tell him how much I loved him. I really wish that my president would have said something, but I am doing okay . I am glad that we have the plan of salvation because I know that he is with Grandma Ruth and that he is happy now and that he isn’t suffering any more. I know that he is in a better place and that I will see him again. I am glad that you all are doing well though and that he went peacefully. How is mom, is she doing ok? I want to know how everyone is doing. I am doing ok I have a really good companion that has been helping me.

Lexie that is awesome news, that you are getting your family going and all. The baby is going to be a year old when I get home, crazy huh? It is crazy am going to have another niece or nephew, everyone is having kids and now I am starting to feel old. This week has been a really busy one and it has been really crazy, since they took the other two elders out of our sector we have inherited all their investigators and we have been just going to all the appointments and not knocking any doors now, because we have so many people to see and we have been really busy, also Emanuel got confirmed this week and it went really well. I have to go, sorry this letter is so small. I will write more next week, because my time is up. I love you all, and hope that all is well.

Love and miss you all, your son and brother,

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