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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Power of the Holy Ghost

Us and Arny
Letter Received February 14, 2011:

Hey Everyone:

Me, Haws, Arny, and Romina
Well, I think that I will first start off by telling you about the experience that I had this week when we were confirming Arny. Well, first off, when I baptized her the water was really low but it, for some reason, was one of the easiest baptisms that I have performed. She was so ready and it makes me so happy. When she got baptized, she didn't want people to hear her full name for the fact that her name is Arnolda. She hates it and she is getting it legally changed because it bugs her so much, but it was cool. There wasn't very many people there, but when we were confirming her, Palta confirmed her, and I was very hot because it was not only hot in the room but I felt that I was on fire literally and I truly did feel the Holy Ghost passing through me to her through the Prieshtood. It was incredible! I can't explain how it felt. I truly felt that from the inside of my body out I was on fire. It was amazing! It is about time that woman got baptized and she finally did it and she jumped in with both feet.
Chillin' After Planning

I am really feeling that the Lord is making miracles here in this sector and I know that I have been blessed in this sector and I feel that here I can become more of the missionary that I can become. This week was so fast, I feel like weeks have now become days and the months are going by so fast.
Taco Time

I am glad to hear that Britt is doing well. This week the letter is going to be really short. We started internet kind of late today and I don't really have that much to tell. I am doing well and I am glad to see that the Lord has been giving us many people to baptize. There is one upset, I think that my companion is going to be getting changed out next week because it is transfers and I don't want him to leave. That seems to be happening a lot with my companions because the Lord has blessed me with good companions. Its good to hear that all have been well. I love you guys, sorry this one is so short.

Happy Valentines Day!

Everyone at Baptism
Elder Nelson

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