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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Splitting My Area Into Two

Letter Received February 21, 2011:


So, that is insane that Matt has got his call. I didn't even have any idea that he had even sent in his letter yet. But that is tight that he is going back to China so he will kinda already know what his mission is going to be like. How long is he going to be in the MTC because he already pretty much knows the language. That means that me and Matt aren't going to see each other for like 4 years. That is bummer! Oh well, I am really glad that he is content with that. I would be content. I know how he feels, being excited. I know that I was.That is going to be an amazing experience. That is going to be so hard there though. That is a whole different animal to wrestle with, for the fact that there is not a very Christian background. That is going to be hard, but I am pumped for him. Tell him congrats for me.

Well, this week, like you all know, I had to go to the dentist, so I will tell you all about that really fast so that we can get that all worked out. Well, I went to the dentist and he told me that there isn't all that much that needs to get done, but it would be a lot cheeper I think to do it here than it would in the states. I have heard that he is a really good dentist. He is a member too, so he is going to only make us pay the minimum. With one of my fillings, there is like a gap underneath it and he needs to reseal it. He said that there are like four other teeth that need some cleaning up but not any extensive work. He told me that the one tooth is going to cost 22 mil which is about 50 dollars but he also told me that to do all five teeth and get them all done that it would cost me 90 mil and that is about 185 dollars, which I believe is a lot cheaper than in the states. He told me that the other teeth would eventually need the work but he told me that they would be fine if I wait till I get home. But he told me that it would be the same as if we did it in the states. So it is your call. For sure the one for fifty dollars I need to get fixed so tell me what you would like me to do and I will do it. I think that it would be good to get them all done so they are done with and if I have insurance info they might be able to work with that, too. I believe that I have some info for my insurance.

Well, I guess that I will tell you about my week. Yes, I do know about transfers. I am getting a new companion and my companion is going to Retiro. They are sending him there to open. They are still going to be participating in our branch, but they are working out the kinks and so finally they will be able to have their own Branch. I definitely have some mixed feelings about it, because I wanted to go out there and they are all my converts and now I have no investigators here in Parral. We are still going to see each other and I am going to have two baptisms this week if not four. That would be so tight!

I am now going to be with Elder Wilhelm. He is from California and he has the same time as me. We roomed together in the MTC. The thing is that he is going to be a Zone Leader, so I am comps with one of the Zone Leaders and the other companionship that I live with there is also a Zone Leader. So, I think that I am going to be going on a lot of mini cambios. I am excited to be with him but that means that we are both going to be Senior Companion but not really because I am going to be with the Zone Leader so that means that pretty much I am Jr. Companion again.

We had a good week, we had Area Conference and through satellite we had conference where we heard President Packer talk and Elder Christofferson. Christofferson did it all in Spanish and Elder Packer did it even in a little Spanish. It was so awesome!  We should be having some baptisms I am kinda sad to see my companion go but that is how it goes sometimes. This week went really well but I am running out of time. Good to hear that everything is good. Love you guys. Talk to you next week. Mom and Dad, if you can write me about the dentist it would be good so that I can get on early on this week some time and see what you want me to do or reply to the mission email and tell them what you want me to do so I can know. Love you. We'll talk to you later.

Elder Nelson

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