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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Discouraging Week

Letter Received July 19, 2010:


Well, this week was okay.  It didn't really go all that hot for us.  Don't worry, I am fine.  I am just a little disanimated.  Everyone has fallen this week and I haven't been able to find one person this week and this sector is super hard for contacts because everyone here is pretty well off and very prideful.  They don't want to listen to what we have to say to them because they feel like they are doing just fine on their own.  We tell them that they can be more happy, but they look at me like how can you possibly give me more than I already have?  You are just this 20 year old kid that is from a different country that doesn't know anything.  It gets kinda frustrating and I am just ready to start this new week because I am hoping that it is going to go a lot better this week than last.

I am just kinda tired so after internet I am going to take a nap because I feel like I need to rejuvenate my batteries.  One thing that I do know is that the mission is a lot of ups and downs and all I know is that my time is going to come back up when I am going to have success and I have to do all I can and the Lord will bless me with what I need.  This week it just seemed that everything has been falling, because our investigators haven't been keeping their commitments and we can't find anyone and I feel like I am wasting my time knocking doors.  I am hoping that we can kinda change the way that we are working a little bit, but we'll see.

It sounds like everyone is doing well.  I do have something that Dad can help me with and that is I would like to have my line of authority.  That would help me a ton!  So, if you could send me that through email that would be great.  I got my package last week.  Its awesome!  Thank you so much for that!  Iis that tie from Jace's wedding?  I really like that tie! 

I miss you all a ton! How is Kyle doing?  Well, I am pretty much done and I've got to go.  I love you all and miss you a ton

Elder Nelson

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