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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lois' Baptism and More to Come

 Elder Clark, Lois, and Me

Received July 12, 2010:

Hey My Family:

 Elder Clark, _________, Lois, Renne and Me!

Tthis letter is going to be kinda short but I think that should be okay because you are all on vacation, ha, ha.  This week went really well.  My comp and I had our first baptism together, so it was all good.  We are so happy that he got baptized because he was ready to get baptized from the day that we met him.  He was something that you would call a golden investigator.  We are really getting on a roll here, hopefully we should have another one that should be getting baptized this week.  His name is Matias, but he is thirteen so he has to get permission and his mom is not all quick to let him get baptized.  We are going to work with him this week and we will see.

Lois and Renne

The kid that got baptized this week is named Lois and he is awesome!  We also helped teach this kid for a ward baptism so we technically should have two baptisms this week but he is only 8, so he is a ward baptism. Oh well, it is all good!  Mom the shoes that I need are the lace up ones.  I am going to go to the office right now to see if they will have my package so we will see.

 Elder Clark, Lois, Renne, and Me!

The kid that you are asking about, Lexie, I think, is named Gonzalo and he hasn't been baptised yet.  We had kind of a do or die lesson with him and I told him that I can't come back unless I see him making some proggress and it was really spiritual!  He is really animated and he came to church this week and so we are going to see if he can get baptized on the 25th.  He is awesome but we'll have to see.

Huge Completo that I Ate Today!

You all sound like you are having fun in Lava, I wish I was in Lava, ha, ha.  It's cold here! But, it's all good, that is the mission!  I am doing super good and I miss you all a ton and I will talk to you all next week.  Hope all is well. Love you all!

 First Conference with President Humphrey


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