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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Less Than a Week Till I Go!

Letter Received November 11, 2009:

hey, how is everything going, family? i got your dear elders yesterday. first off i want to thank you lexie for you letter it helped me so much. thanks. but that's awesome that you got hired on at a company that is close and on top of that i just want to say that is the answer to our prayers. i told you that you would get one if you just hung in there and look what happened. sweet! so, any who, ya i will probably will  be sending a package home with stuff for you to send to me when i get there.

but any who, life at the mtc: you know how we taught the newbies last week? well, it went so good they asked us to do it again this week for our last p day. sweet huh! so still the only elders to do that, so that's cool. but i am definitely ready to leave the mtc but not ready, if you know what i mean. i am actually excited to pack, ha ha. who is ever excited to pack other than missionarys? ha ha. but i am glad that my zune is comin!

but any who, we had a good testimony [meeting] where i bore my testimony probably for the last time to this district and it took me about twenty five minutes which was probably too long but oh well. that is something else that i am going to miss is my district.  here most of them are a good guys, some of the other ones are kinda annoying but i still love them.

but any who, that's pretty much all the news here not much just finishing stuff up here. not anything new. what has been goin' on there? what have you all been doing? its good to hear that everyone is doin' well. but any who i have to go, i will leave enough  time so that i can check this tonight but ya so i got to go but will check at like five fiffteen. love all you guys cant wait to talk to you.

elder austin nelson

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